Thursday, March 25, 2021

Biden* Wants Lying Sack in AG Office

Apparently Vanita Gupta has serious problems with "truth", which makes her just perfect for Potato's* Attorney General's office.

 ...Republican senators are raising concerns about Vanita Gupta, a Biden nominee for a top position in the Justice Department, claiming she "misled" them while under oath this month.

President Joe Biden nominated Gupta, the CEO of the left-of-center Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and former head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division during the Obama administration, to be his associate attorney general....

 ...“Vanita Gupta repeatedly misled the Judiciary Committee during her hearing, refused to answer our written questions, and now it appears she wasn’t forthcoming with even her initial paperwork,” Republican Sen. Tom Cotton told the Washington Examiner. “Her nomination should not move forward until she answers for this misconduct under oath.”...

Like I said:  perfect for a Biden* appointee.

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