Monday, March 15, 2021

"Covid Relief" for MKE? Not Really

That 91% that's NOT "Covid-related"?  Here it is!!

...Cities received allocations based on a formula that incorporates how population growth compares to other cities of similar size, poverty rates and the amount of overcrowded housing....

Since Tommy Barrett runs a poverty palace, MKE gets 12th-largest per-cap allocation of "Free" Money.  Note well:  that part has nothing to do with "Covid."  It's just welfare.

But there's more!

....Funding for counties was determined largely by population and unemployment rates were a factor in how much state governments received....

"Unemployment rates".  

You know why there was massive unemployment in Wisconsin?

Tin-Pot Tony Evers' shut-down.  And in the City of Milwaukee, Barrett's Health-Nazi shut-downs.  The VAST majority of unemployment in this State is concentrated in hospitality:  restaurants, bars, and hotels.  Just ask the Marcus Corp., which saw a SEVENTY PERCENT drop in gross revenues last year. 

All those resorts Up North?  Tin-Pot closed them.  The Dells?  How about Summerfest?  State Fair?

Overall, however, you'll note that 'red counties' in Wisconsin got less per-cap than 'blue' ones--because red counties were not saddled with tin-pot twerps like Barrett and his power-mad Health Nazis.

Since you're reading this, you're one of the 99.4% who survived the Chinese Bio-Weapon attack.

Now you have to survive the Biden*-Pelosi attack.  That will be far more difficult.

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