Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Problems With the Vax?

This is...........interesting.

...The fact COVID cases are spiking in a dozen States with high vaccination rates may indicate vaccination is spawning viral mutations that turn vaccinated individuals into superspreaders.  The vaccine suppresses symptoms but fails to halt transmission.https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/03/no_author/portentous-sign-covid-cases-spike-in-a-dozen-states-with-high-vaccination-rates-which-may-signal-a-feared-health-catastrophe/

A vaccine-induced health catastrophe may be unfolding.  It is something journalist Mike Whitney recently called “Satan’s Poker.”  It is what mathematicians in France recently feared in their analysis of the future course of the COVID pandemic.

COVID-19 is likely mutating and is turning on younger age groups.  As the mathematicians stated in October of 2020 in the journal of Mathematical Biosciences, health authorities need to monitor, very early on, if a significant number of younger people are affected by a severe form of the disease.  That would be a shift from the frail elderly to middle-age adults, which is what is occurring in Israel where 50% of the population has been inoculated with an RNA vaccine....

Israel is the country to watch on this; they have gone all-in on the vax.  (However, the Arabs in Israel are not as enthused--and do not have the same infection rate as do Israelis.)


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