Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Tyranny: Be Prepared. That May Mean Guns.

A few days back we mentioned The Tyrant.   MOST important:  the definition of "Tyrant" can include a group of people who act tyrannically in concert.

So Grim's lead took us to this post.

 ...When you are at the table with some of the top criminal profilers in the world, talking about industrial scale election fraud, you do more listening than talking.  And the listening was interesting.  The profilers have zero interest in U.S. elections.  Two of them did not vote and had unflattering opinions about both presidential candidates.  Their comments were most insightful because they saw the current questions about election fraud so differently than the American media.

To them, 2020 election fraud was an industrial level crime.  It was of such magnitude that it moved from the category of an election crime to a sovereign crime....

 ...Sovereign crime means your government was a participant, active or passive, enabling vote fraud. 

Governors and secretaries of state refusing to cleanse voter rolls, refusing to check signatures for mail-in ballots – even during recounts, changing the voting rules weeks before an election, qualifies as your government messing with your vote....

He gives a few more of the egregious, highly-visible, examples.  Then:

 ...The team, educated in some of the most sophisticated organized fraud tactics, posited that this was not a dry run.  Their thesis is that if one were to seriously evaluate the balloting in many states for 2014, 2016 and 2018, one will find traces of what happened in 2020.  That project is under discussion.

Their second thesis is that this is not over by any means.  This kind of election fraud was hugely successful.  If one even questions the 2020 election, one can be banned from social media and labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by sovereign governmental agencies. ...

...Your government, at the state and federal level, the FBI, government agencies can be in on the scam.  That is the realization slowly being accepted by millions of Americans.

We have technologies that can identify dead voters the moment they cast a ballot.  We can identify people who are out-of-state, voted twice, are underage, live in a vacant lot or a UPS or FedEx postal box.  We can even show a photo of that vacant lot so you can see where your fake neighbor claims to live.

Literally, the second their ballot is counted, they can be flagged as a likely fraud.

Yes, we can deploy that technology today.  We have done it in the insurance industry for decades.

We can predict where election fraud is going to happen.  We can predict how it is going to be done.  We can deploy technologies to identify likely fraud within seconds of when it happens.

The question is, if the government is pretty much in on the election fraud, does it really matter?

Meantime, Gov. Walker (yes, he won too) and the Republicants in the Legislature snipe at Black History Month and play with Christmas Trees in the Capitol Dome, bleating "SEND US MONEY!!"


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