Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Woke's Race Against Time

It's a maxim that the Left eats its own children.  Ask Trotsky, for example--or Kennedy Democrats--or even LBJ Democrats.

It may be happening to the Woke Wackos, too--and not a minute too soon.

...Weiss [a NYT reporter] discovered that the very same families who helped to invent and promote “wokism” are now starting to recoil, at least privately, as they are beginning to see the results of their ideals reflected in their own children’s education....

Weiss' narrative covers both NYC and LA families.

It appears that some people are peeling off the Woke/Racist Blob.  But will the Woke/Racist (and LBGTSJQWXYZ) Blob 'disappear' them before the children are completely ruined?


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