Sunday, March 28, 2021

Francis v. Dallas Vincentians

Canon 212 presents a lot of Catholic-world news.  Today it carries two items of interest.

Pp. Francis spoke briefly after today's Mass:

 ...What should we do? The one who shows us is the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who is also his first disciple. She followed her Son. She took upon herself her own portion of suffering, of darkness, of confusion, and she walked the way of the passion keeping the lamp of faith lit in her heart. With God’s grace, we too can make that journey....

He suggested that Catholics should aid the poor and downtrodden. 

But that's not all he said in that snippet.

He reminded us that Mary attended the first Sacrifice of Calvary, the one which is re-presented at every Mass.  And he said that we "should" take that walk with Mary to that Sacrifice.

But not if you're in Dallas at the Vincentian Holy Trinity parish.  

There, per the video at this link, Mary (and John, and Mary Magdalene) would have to be wearing a mask or she would have been dragged into jail.

The Vincentians think they know better than the Governor of Texas and his health staffers about "health."  There is no 'mask mandate' in Texas, nor was there such a travesty at Calvary.

All there was was the "should".

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