Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Even MORE Crap the FBI Pulls

Long story short:  an FBI informant in the Michigan/Whitmer "kidnap" case tells the jury that the FBI deliberately requested that the Michigan State Police allow armed protesters into the Michigan Capitol building 'to calm things down.'

Gee.  That kinda reminds us of how the US Capitol magnetic-locked doors sprung open while CapCops ushered people into the building on J6.

Just by coincidence, the FBI agent-in-charge at D.C. and in the Michigan case is the same guy.

Nothing to see here.  Move along.

What Was Garland Actually Doing?

This one is far too easy to interpret.

Attorney General Merrick Garland deliberated for weeks over whether to approve the application for a warrant to search former President Donald Trump’s Florida home  --WSJ quoted at Red State

The Perfidious Garland was negotiating his quid-pro-quo with Hillary and Obama (etc.) over seizing the documents Trump needed in his lawsuit against her over Russiagate.

We know what they got.  Now the question: what did the Perfidious Garland get?

Weapons!! Right Here!!!


What the FEEBS Grabbed

The raid on the President's house resulted in confiscation of attorney-client protected items.

...Sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News Saturday that the former president’s team was informed that boxes labeled A-14, A-26, A-43, A-13, A-33, and a set of documents—all seen on the final page of the FBI’s property receipt —contained information covered by attorney-client privilege....

Now what COULD that be?  Hmmmm.  (Scratches head....)

Oh, yes!!  The material Trump was using in his lawsuit against Hillary Clinton.

Just a wild guess, of course.

New Class of Coders Coming!!

Bryant and Stratton should be bulking up its computer-coding classroom space.

Media conglomerate Gannett announced on Friday that it would lay off staff at local news outlets across the United States following a dismal earnings report.The company, which owns USA Today and more than 250 local outlets, reported total revenues of $748.7 million and a net loss of $53.7 million in its second quarter...

Those "local outlets" include Milwaukee's Journal-Sentinel Pravda

Get Woke, Go Broke!!

It's "Pecksniff" Barr, not "Bob" Barr

Bob Barr, desperate for acceptance from the Right People:

... Republicans are raising legitimate questions about the manner by which the FBI and the Justice Department are proceeding so vigorously against other Trump supporters such as Peter Navarro, and why officials at those agencies are not pursuing at all substantial evidence of gross misconduct by President Biden’s son Hunter.

But while such queries properly are raised in the context of a “double standard” of justice, they are irrelevant to the important questions underpinning the Mar-A-Lago search – has the former president violated federal laws since leaving office, were those violations of a serious nature, and was the timing of the search crucial?...

Oh, really, Bob?  Good of you to mention that!  So in your alleged mind, the Hillary treatment is "out" and the Trump treatment is "in"?  Since the FBI has lied about every.  damn.  thing.  related to Trump since 2017 or so, it's now time to pretend that they are NOT lying? 

 ...Calls to “defund” the FBI are irresponsible....

Wouldn't dirty your dainty hands with that sort of stuff, would you?

Hey, Bob:  there is little-to-zero credibility attached to the FBI, no matter what your favorite TeeVee show may tell you, nor no matter what FEEBs' press-releases may say.  They need a good 50% budget haircut if not more.

But you, Bob, may get a nice love-note from Liz Cheney.  Is that what you wanted?

It's BACON!!!!

 Bacon, chocolate ice cream, McDonald's pancakes!!

Researchers from the US have created the Food Compass which turns common assumptions about snacking on their heads. The results are bad if you thought you were being good to your body by opting for a granola bar over sugary chocolate ice cream in a cone. And couscous - also promoted as a health food for years - scores lower than bacon - which has previously been linked to cancer. The team at Tufts University in Boston spent three years looking at more than 8,000 foods and drinks, from melon to a McDonald's, and used cutting-edge science to rank them according to 54 different attributes.,,,

There you are.  Case closed.

Evers Now in Flop-sweat Mode

Apparently an election is near.

The Evers administration has reversed course on the recent appointment of a convicted felon, who is awaiting trial on four additional felony and misdemeanor charges, to the Governor's Juvenile Justice Commission.

Aundray Evans, 24, of Milwaukee, was a member of the 19-member commission. He was charged in September 2019 with five criminal counts including armed robbery, motor vehicle theft, possession of a firearm by a felon, cocaine possession and obstructing an officer. 

His trial is set for October 2022. 

After questions from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the appointment, the governor's office said Monday that the appointment was withdrawn....

In other words, the Democrat Tagblatt reminded Evers of his utter stupidity, allowing him to un-stupidify this appointment.

They Fear the Rosary, Just Like They Fear Trump

Fear of real justice produces strange reactions; the Raid on Trump was one of them.

Here's another.

...“Just as the AR-15 rifle has become a sacred object for Christian nationalists in general, the rosary has acquired a militaristic meaning for radical-traditional (or ‘rad trad’) Catholics,” writes Toronto-based Daniel Panneton in an Atlantic article released the day before the Catholic feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (August 15)....

In defense of the writer, he cites someone who has been writing from the funny-farm for years.

 ...The writer cites progressive Church historian and commentator Massimo Faggioli in describing conservative Catholic bloggers as a “Catholic cyber-militia” that actively campaigns against LGBTQ acceptance in the Church and for whom “rosary-as-weapon memes represent a social-media diffusion of such messaging.”...

Faggioli gets away with his bulls**t because he has a European name and accent; many Americans erroneously conclude that that means he's highly intelligent.  (It's why many European conductors land large US orchestra contracts, by the way.)

The Rosary is, indeed, a spiritual weapon, and it is far more powerful than a mere AR.  Faggioli knows that, and (like the perfidious A.G. Garland and his Court Jester FEEB Wray in another context) display their fears with perverse mockery.  This is known as "whistling past the graveyard."

At least they know enough to fear.

They Have Gone Mad

They have gone mad.

The Boston Children’s Hospital is associated with Harvard University and was the first to establish a clinic that specifically focused on “transgender health” in a pediatric setting. 

In the video, Carswell makes the startling claim that “A child will often know that they are transgender from the moment that they have any ability to express themselves.” She continues and doubles down, remarking, “They knew from the minute they were born, practically.”...

This "doctor" is on the payroll of the chemo-puberty-blocker outfit IG Farben Endo Pharma. 

How many dollars does it take for one to say the things she says?

Monday, August 15, 2022

T-Test Explains a Lot

You always knew this.

Administering testosterone to Lefty males turns them Conservative.


Why the Raid?

Kash Patel--a former DoJ prosecutor specializing in National Security matters--explains why The Raid's warrant demanded ALL papers and records generated during the ENTIRE Trump Presidency.

Go to minute 10 or so in this interview.

(Noteworthy Fox News does not have this interview available on its own website for replay.)

Why The Raid?

To keep all the documents buried in an "ongoing investigation".  Trump had the goods on the Treason Bunch from the Obama and Clinton regimes, plus the ones burrowed into his Administration.  That's what The Raid was after.

They know that Trump knows, and they know that will be REAL trouble for them.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

You Bet You're Biden-Taxed!

There are a lot of ways to tax someone without raising their personal rates.

Bai-Den, Nancy, and Schumer have a lot of them in the "Inflation Lowering" bill.

...The bill imposes a regressive tax on American oil and gas development. The tax will drive up the cost of household energy bills. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the natural gas tax will increase taxes by roughly $6.5 billion....

...With gas averaging more than $4.00  per gallon across the country and only weeks removed from record-high prices, Democrats have included a 16.4 cents-per-barrel tax on crude oil and imported petroleum products that will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher gas prices....

...The bill would more than double current excise taxes on coal production. Under the Democrat proposal, the tax rate on coal from subsurface mining would increase from $0.50 per ton to $1.10 per ton while the tax rate on coal from surface mining would increase from $0.25 per ton to $0.55 per ton....

...JCT estimates that this will raise $1.2 billion in taxes that will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher electricity bills....

 ...Democrats imposed a 15 percent corporate alternative minimum tax on the financial statement income of American businesses reporting $1 billion in profits for the past three years. These American companies employ millions of Americans.

The cost of this tax increase will be borne by working families in the form of higher prices, fewer jobs, and lower wages....

You aren't stupid enough to believe that those corporations are going to pay that tax, are  you??

 ...When Americans choose to sell shares of stock back to a company, Democrats will impose a new federal excise tax which will reduce the value of household nest eggs. Raising taxes and restricting stock buybacks harms the retirement savings of any individual with a 401(k), IRA or pension plan.

Union retirement plans will also be hit....

... Democrats would impose a 95 percent excise tax on prescription drugs unless drug manufacturers accept government price controls.

 Price controls never work because they cause supply shortages. CBO warned the reduction in manufacturers’ revenue could be as high as $1 trillion over the next ten years...

 ...Democrats are including a tax hike on passthrough businesses with declared losses. This provision widens the net of taxable income. Preliminary cost estimates from the Joint Committee on Taxation show the provision will increase taxes by $52 billion.

This provision would raise taxes on a manufacturer, retailer or other capital-intensive business that sees significant business losses in any year due to the cost of wages, rent, new equipment, inventory, and interest payments. 

The loss limitation was originally created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congressional Republicans but was used to offset the creation of the 20 percent deduction for passthrough businesses, resulting in a net tax cut for these businesses. Senate Democrats have now extended this loss limitation for two additional years to pay for their reckless tax and spend spree. They did not extend the 20 percent deduction for passthrough businesses....

That erases Ron Johnson's tax cuts for small business--which probably employs YOU.

And finally, the IRS muscle-up which will add FOUR Army DIVISIONS' worth of personnel, most of which will be carrying sidearms.

...The bill would spend $80 billion to supersize IRS with 87,000 new agents and auditors and ramp up audits on working households and small businesses. The IRS would perform an additional 1.2 million annual audits under the plan. Democrats claim the increased spending on enforcement would net $124 billion.

The bill spends 14 times as much money for “enforcement” — such as small business audits — than for “taxpayer services” — such as answering the phone. IRS employees only answer the phone “19 or 20 percent” of the time....

Because seeing you shit your pants when they hit your door with the battering-ram is SO much more satisfying than answering the damn phone.

Fr. Rutler on Conscience

Fr. Rutler makes distinctions which are necessary.

The capacity of consciences for freedom is realized when they conclude in what the universal conscience of the Church has been inspired to teach.  Were the Church "it", and nothing but an institution, "it" would be arbitrarily didactic and "its" wisdom would be like the rabbinical debates in the porches of earthly Jerusalem.  Because the Church is "she," a life-giving mother, she is the means of freedom by virtue of an authority higher than her earthly licenses and systems; the Church is "Jerusalem from on high, which is free, our mother" (Gal 4:26).  Conscience is never conscientious when it is isolated and accountable only to the self; then it would be a pseudo-science but not a conscience.  I can follow my own conscience.  I may not follow it wherever I want.  Should pride persuade me that what I can do is what I should do, or that I cannot do what I do not want to do, I will follow my own conscience straight to Hell.

--The Seven Wonders of the World/Temple of Diana

Do NOT Tell Mayor "Corvair" Johnson!

Since Milwaukee cannot afford more cops and firemen, it would not be smart to tell Mayor Cavalier Corvair Johnson about this, would it?

San Francisco has commissioned a company to make the “perfect trash can” to clean up the city streets — and one of the prototypes cost taxpayers $20,000.

Along with the $20,000 model, the city also commissioned two other prototypes that cost $19,000 and $11,000 each....


Apparently the 'production run' of that $20K prototype will only--ONLY--cost about $3,000.

Well, without cops, Milwaukee will need more receptacles for taking out the trash, I suppose.

Mgr John Ryan and +Rembert Weakland vs. Pope Leo XIII

It should not surprise you to learn that +Rembert Weakland, OSB, opposed Leo XIII in the matter of  'just wage.'  What should surprise you is that all the other US Bishops fell into line with Weakland.

In an essay published in Catholic World Report, Theo. Misiak outlines the history of Catholic teaching on the matter of wage-justice.  Recall that Catholic teaching on "justice"--going back to Thomas Aquinas--has two threads: 

...The conservative and liberal sides (“conservative” and “liberal” are used here for lack of better terms) stressed different aspects of justice. The Church defines justice as rendering each his due (CCC, 1807). In the case of wages, the Church holds to the distinction between distributive justice (that workers receive the resources they need in order to live their vocation) and commutative justice (equality in exchange) (CCC, 2411; also see Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae, II, II, 61). Commutative justice protects both parties of an exchange because it requires that each gives up something of the same value. If one receives more than what is given up, then one gains at the expense of the other and the exchange contract is unjust. Put another way, it honors the dignity of both parties to the transaction. As reported by RenĂ© Holaind, Cardinal Zigliara responded to a dubia regarding Rerum Novarum and confirmed that the employer is required to pay according to commutative justice. Any amount above that is paid out of the virtue of charity. (By the way, Zigliara took part in the drafting of Rerum Novarum.) Pope Pius XI reiterated this teaching when he stated, “Relations of one to the other must be made to conform to the laws of strictest justice – commutative justice, as it is called – with the support, however, of Christian charity.” (Quadragesimo Anno [(QA], 110)....

In other words, "commutative justice" is 'a fair day's work for a fair day's pay.'

Then there's "distributive justice," which calls for MORE than 'commutative justice' in the immediate contract; it is the foundation for 'family wage.'  The Church does not deny the necessity of 'commutative justice,' but acknowledges that it cannot rest solely on a wage.

...the Church teaches on faith and morals but their application to specific policies is a matter of prudential judgment left to the properly formed conscience (see Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, 41; CCC, 68, 563). There are many ways of tackling worker poverty, such as the negative income tax, vocational associations [guilds or sometimes unions], occupation-specific wage boards, training workers for better-paying jobs, social insurance programs, or creating industry funds to supplement workers’ incomes. These proposals, including the minimum wage, have benefits, costs, and unintended consequences. The magisterium never defined the minimum wage as morally superior to the alternatives....
So how did this understanding that the Church blesses a 'minimum wage' come about?

Good old Monsignor John A. Ryan--and Rembert Weakland.

...Msgr. John A. Ryan was the primary proponent of the liberal view. He interpreted the papal teaching on wages through the lens of progressivism. Downplaying the need for commutative justice in wage contracts, he believed wages must satisfy distributive justice. The virtue of charity puts an obligation on the employer for the welfare of the workers. However, since distributive justice is what a community owes its citizens (CCC, 2411), replacing charity with distributive justice implies that business owners have the moral burden to fix social problems regardless of whether they contributed to creating them or even have the ability to address them...

 (N.B.:  Ryan was ordained by +John Ireland, who held "Americanist" views condemned by Leo XIII.  Ryan was--apparently--influenced by his Bishop.)

Moving on:

...Ryan got a chance to promote his ideas at the conclusion of World War I when the Administrative Committee of the National Catholic War Council (a predecessor of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) asked him to write the 1919 Bishops’ Program of Social Reconstruction. The document contains a wish list of the progressive platform, including a call for minimum wage laws. The Program was controversial, even within the Church, as noted in The Catholic University of America’s American Catholic History Classroom. Ryan later became head of the Administrative Committee’s Social Action Department (SAD), where he formulated the bishops’ response to economic issues. The following decades saw a tug-of-war between the liberals and conservatives within the hierarchy....

Mgr. Ryan persistently lobbied and lectured Congress, going so far as to 'forget about' parts of Catholic teaching while doing so.  Although he did not officially represent the US Bishops, he worked in a bureau of theirs and was never officially restrained from his vigorous advocacy of Liberal (quasi-Socialist) wage policy disguised as 'justice.'

...In the post-Vatican II era, the bishops deemphasized vocational groups [guilds] and fully embraced the legislated minimum wage. In their 1969 Labor Day Statement, the concern about evangelization, the development of virtues and the salvation of souls is gone and replaced by social programs. In their 1986 pastoral letter, “Economic Justice for All”, the definition of justice was changed to be something measured by “the treatment of the poor” (16), leaving no room for commutative justice. Ryan’s replacement of charity with distributive justice is now the teaching of the US bishops....

The 1968 letter was principally written by +Rembert Weakland, Archbishop of Milwaukee.  Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  But it is ironic in the extreme that the Catholic Church typically under-pays its workers in comparison to civil (or other-denomination) employees with comparable duties.  

"Social Justice" only goes so far, you know.

Who Is "John Ross" and What Did He Know?

Peter points to a novel which is apocalyptic.

...An author using the name John Ross (which I'm told was a pseudonym, although I don't know for sure) wrote a novel back in the 1990's called "Unintended Consequences".  It dealt with the increasing overreach of the Federal government, particularly concerning firearms and gun rights, and described a citizen's revolt against them.  It was fiction, of course, but very heavily based on historical fact. ...

Imagine that!

In the foreword which Peter copied, "Ross" uses the same phrase a few times:

"Stripping motivated people of their dignity and rubbing their noses in it is a very bad idea."


Chesterton on Party Politics

 GKChesterton is not a fan of the party system.

The real danger of the two parties with their two policies is that they unduly limit the outlook of the ordinary citizen.  They make him barren instead of creative, because he is never allowed to do anything except prefer one existing policy to another.  We have not got real democracy when the decision depends on the people.  We shall have real democracy when the problem depends on the people. The ordinary man will decide not only how he will vote, but what he is going to vote about.  

One small example involves Social Security taxes.  We've heard for the last 20 years or so that SS is going broke.  But there has NEVER been serious consideration of applying the Social Security tax to income above $147K (this year's limit).  While there are several hundred thousand people who earn more than that, they will not have an equal tax exposure/liability as do those earning less than that.

What happens instead of that discussion?  Republicans claim that SS's upcoming bankruptcy is due to Democrat overspending and go to their corner and pout.  Democrats are happy to fold their hands and walk away from the question at the earliest convenient moment--after all, most of their contributors come from the $147K+++-earning class.

We are NEVER going to vote about that, as GKC could have told us. 

While we're at it:  which national referendum voted FOR sending $80 BILLION to Ukraine?

No, you'll never vote on that, either.

The Unbearable Lightness of Kamala

Kammy Harris has exposed the insanity of 'equity.'  It wasn't hard for her to do in a 33-second clip;  it's second nature to her. 

HT:  Zippers

Getting Broke: Arts in MKE

The performing arts bunch in Milwaukee has a problem.  No money.

Lousy attendance, cancelled shows, and then there's the extra expense involved with hiring understudies to take over in case of "breakthrough" Red Chinese Death disease.  And Obedience Masks.  (Should we call them the "Masks of the Red Chinese Death"?)

...Milwaukee Repertory Theater had to cancel 68 performances, or nearly 10% of the 700 it had scheduled last season, due to positive COVID-19 tests. The most painful loss: two weeks of sold-out performances of "Titanic the Musical." ...

Not good.

The Symphony migrated to a new venue on West Wisconsin Avenue.  They never cancelled a show, but they DID require masks for audience members until March (or so) this year.  Results?

...With the Bradley venue having a smaller capacity than the MSO's former home, the Marcus Performing Arts Center's Uihlein Hall, the MSO anticipated 90% attendance last season. But average attendance turned out to be 54%, according to Niehaus. 

"Yes, it is true that more popular programming continues to pull people in, however the programs that were on the margins but would still do well in the past were not as well attended," he wrote. "People will go out for a 'must see' performance, but not for a 'may want to see' performance." ...

Note well:  no mention of the Obedience Mask requirement, nor the more-spicy West Wisconsin neighborhood and parking locations.  But it's good for Niehaus to mention 'marginal' programs which are (usually) "woke" music--stuff that nobody really wants to hear, but "woke!!"

Moreover, when the Red Death hit, virtual work arrived, meaning Downtown offices were empty.  That raises a 'convenience' problem; if you're already Downtown--where the arts are--it's a lot easier to go to the show, especially if you usually work until 6-7 PM.  That 'work-late' bunch is the bread-and-butter audience for the arts, and it was absent.

Finally, the typical arts audience was frightened by over-consumption of and over-credence in Fauci-lies and -distortions, echoed by all the local "experts." 

Oh well.  Klaus Schwab's Great Reset/New World Order doesn't need the arts, which are filled with all that dead Western Culture stuff like Shakespeare and Bach.  That's stuff which is antithetical to the concept of the New Man of Artificial Intelligence, anyway.

Screw 'em.    

Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Raid: Pure Theatrics

It's become clear that the FBI's Democrat Storm-Troopers' raid on Trump's residence was pure theater.  That was necessary after the utter failure of the theater presented by the J6 Committee.

So they turned it up to eleventy!

Why "theater" instead of substance?  First, understand this:  the President has total and complete authority to de-classify anything.  Any recording, papers, photos.......whatever.  If the President says "Declassify", it's done.  Period.  No exceptions.  Therefore, there were no "classified" materials in Trump's possession, as he issued orders to that effect before his term expired.


Two months before his Florida home was raided by the FBI, former President Donald Trump secretly received a grand jury subpoena for classified documents belonging to the National Archives, and voluntarily cooperated by turning over responsive evidence, surrendering security surveillance footage and allowing federal agents and a senior Justice Department lawyer to tour his private storage locker, according to a half dozen people familiar with the incident....

 ...Trump signaled his full cooperation, telling the agents and prosecutor, "Look, whatever you need let us know," according to two eyewitnesses. The federal team was surprised by the president's invitation and asked for an immediate favor: to see the 6-foot-by-10-foot storage locker where his clothes, shoes, documents and mementos from his presidency were stored at the compound. 

Given Trump's instruction, the president's lawyers complied and allowed the search by the FBI before the entourage left cordially. Five days later, DOJ officials sent a letter to Trump's lawyers asking them to secure the storage locker with more than the lock they had seen. The Secret Service installed a more robust security lock to comply.

Around the same time, the Trump Organization, which owns Mar-a-Lago, received a request for surveillance video footage covering the locker and volunteered the footage to federal authorities, sources disclosed....

They already had everything--and more--that they asked for.  They had it two months ago.  And it was NOT "classified," no matter what the perfidious Merrick Garland and "Mr. Vacay" FEEB say.

This is obviously leading up to a "Constitutional Crisis" (a favorite term among the resident Enemies of the United States); they are going to try pitching a high fastball selling the idea that Trump cannot run again because................SECRETS!!

And if he runs?  

They have plans for that, too.  What they're thinking is that the US population is too damned fat, dumb, and happy to notice or care.

They are wrong.

MKE: Useless Hop YES!!! Cops? No.

Mayor Cavalier Corvair Johnson cries that Milwaukee doesn't have the money for more cops, (nor for more firemen.)  Corvair blames that on the State, of course. 

But hey!!  Milwaukee will spend on a useless trolley-car.  Feds won't, but Milwaukee will  Even "Mayor" Buttplug knows better than to dump dollars into that rathole.

Exit question:  Will Milwaukee collapse before or after 2025?

"Interpret the Law As Understood When Written"??


In a startling 180-degree turn from its usual Progressive Sacred Mantra, the Wisconsin Broadcasters and Wisconsin Newspapers demand that:

...the court should interpret the meaning of "prevail" as it was understood by the Wisconsin lawmakers who adopted it in 1982, "not what the U.S. Supreme Court held nearly twenty years later," in a case about the federal records law....

Does this mean that the meaning of the Constitution--and the Second Amendment--should be interpreted as it was understood by the Framers, not what Our Progressive Betters would prefer 200++ years later?

Nah.  Can't be.

'Embarrassing Vos' vs. Voters and Integrity

Here's the way it played out.

Vos, realizing that the '20 election WAS stolen due to Wisconsin Election Commission Democrat-Electing Machine manipulations, deceits, and illegal activities, and under severe pressure over the issue, appoints a Man with Integrity to nose around a bit.

Vos knows that 1)  the Man with Integrity is not a political animal so is likely to commit political errors, and 2) the Man with Integrity will be strafed and bombed daily by the Democrat Party's tools press.  Meantime, Vos steps back from the line of fire, having pretended to address the issue.

Vos also knows that the Man with Integrity will never obtain the records necessary to prove the Election Fraud due to bad-faith lawsuits filed by Democrat Party stalking-horses dressed up in pretty-sounding names and due to election clerks in Milwaukee and Madison stonewalling.

Projected Results:  Vos suffers minor damage because the Man with Integrity took all the flak.  Vos (and Scott Fitzgerald, and Scott Walker) escape blame for their horribly flawed Wisconsin Election Commission experiment.  Vos fires the Man with Integrity (don't need any more of that stuff around here) in an attempt to prove his bona fides to the Democrat Party's tools press. 

Actual ResultsVos--now more an embarrassment than ever--nearly loses his seat over his duplicity.  Man with Integrity is out of the immediate loop, but willing to talk.  (R) caucus notes that Vos is vulnerable because of his total lack of integrity.  Republican voters increase their utter dislike and contempt for Vos.

Voters Lose!!  Election Fraud is preserved!!!

Friday, August 12, 2022

Surber Strikes Again!

Surber--as you'll see--is a hard-bitten journalist who retains a sense of humor.

ITEM 1: The Washington Post said, "FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents."

Who knew that three bins of newspapers are nuclear documents?

The media wants to hide the brooms in this witch hunt.

ITEM 2: Other items the FBI said it searched for at Mar-A-Lago were Jimmy Hoffa's body, Hillary's graduate paper on Saul Alinsky and Obama's birth certificate.

They also wanted to pick up some nice shoes for Richard "Rachel" Levine in Melania's closet.

Surber forgot that they were also looking for pictures of J Edgar Hoover in drag and the videos of Lon Horiuchi assassinating the mom holding her baby at Ruby Ridge--not to mention the 4 GUARANTEED treasure maps (Caribbean) Trump snatched from the Oval Office.

"Nuclear", indeed.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Fed! Fed! Fed!!

Attendees at the J6 event now in summer fashions.

Warming? None, Sorry. But Volcanos!!

This morning's Pravda brings a story about how Green Bay (the water) is going to Hell with 'dead spots' and green stuff on the water, fish dying, and yadayadaydadyadablahblah all of which MAY be a result of warming and that COULD result in DOOOOOOM!!!  DOOOOM!!!

IOW, somebody's looking for an increase in their budget.  See:  Lawrence University, e.g.

There's only one problem.

...There has been no temperature warming for at least 17 years across the United States, according to results from a rarely referenced dataset that was designed to remove all urban heat distortions. The dataset, compiled by the Natural Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the U.S., shows oscillating temperature changes, but very little evidence to indicate a warming trend. In fact, the above graph clearly shows the United States to be cooler in May 2022 compared to May 2005....quoted at Ticker

Remember Vince Condella wailing about the "Wisconsin savanna" upcoming in our lifetime?  Yah, well........it ain't happening.

But things do happen!

 ...The violent eruption of Tonga's Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano on Jan. 15, 2022, injected an unprecedented amount of water directly into the stratosphere - enough to fill more than 58,000 Olympic-size swimming pools....also quoted at Ticker.

The guy from Lawrence should go study that volcano for 10 years or so.  From the top.

Robin Vos, the Back-and-Forthright Slime

Vos, fresh from a very close shave (260 votes) slams Gabelman.

The Rochester Republican also called Michael Gableman – hired by Vos to review the 2020 election only to see the former Supreme Court justice endorse his opponent — “an embarrassment to Wisconsin.”

Vos appointed him.

So who's the "embarrassment"?  The guy who explicitly allowed ILLEGAL DROP-BOX voting through his lawyer (that be Vos), or the guy who found out that Vos is a creepy back-and-forthright politician and called a spade a spade (that be Gabelman)?

260 votes, Robin.

Wray Gets the Respect He Gives

FEEB Liar-in-Chief Christopher Wray, fresh from his vacay in New York (and his lying to the Senate)....

...Christopher Wray seemed to deflect a question about allegations that his agents planted evidence during the raid of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate but said he was "concerned" about threats to agents....

Wray and his goons, the victims?  

The FEEBS owe the citizens (not 'subjects') a detailed explanation of The Raid, and Wray ought to provide recordings of these "threats".....how many?  how serious?  and to whom?  

He deserves all the respect he's given to us, which is none, until he provides the goods.

And after he provides the goods, he should resignBut hara-kiri is an acceptable alternative.

Killing Coal, Killing Jobs

Saving the planet costs money, and that costs jobs.

In June, Century Aluminum Co. executives announced that they would idle the Hawesville, Kentucky aluminum mill for about 9 to 12 months as a result of skyrocketing prices to merely keep the plant’s lights on.

That's 600 jobs down the drain in Hawesville.

That 'cost of electricity' hike results from turning off coal-fired generators.  

The Sierra Club has stepped up and will cover the costs of living for the 600 laid-off workers and their families until the plant re-opens.

The Sierra Club doesn't give a shit about the workers and their families.

Who's "We", Yuval?

Reminds me of an old Lone Ranger joke.

Yuval Noah Harari, historian, futurist, and World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser, said, “We just don’t need the vast majority of the population” in the early 21st century given modern technologies’ rendering human labor economically and militarily “redundant.”...

The punchline of that old joke was "Who's We?" 

We're sure that Yuval's answer differs from ours.  But we have weapons.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

THE Reason to Vote Tomey

Pillsbury Dough-Boy, apprentice to ethics-challenged Marc Elias, selective-law enforcer, de-funder of Wisconsin's Criminal Investigative Division and total screwup in DNA testing lab.  Who could accomplish so much in only 4 years?

Josh Kaul!

Attorney General Josh Kaul's budget priorities: improving testing at ...

GM Gets Grabby With OnStar

Hoo boy.  GM wants more of your money and they'll just take it.

If you don't want to pay for in-car subscriptions every month, no problem: Just pay it all upfront. That's the line from General Motors today after news spread that it's making a three-year, $1,500 OnStar connected services subscription a mandatory "option" for new Buick, GMC, and Cadillac Escalade models....

So what do you get for this minor extortion?

 ...The subscription, which enables things like using your phone as a key fob, data-enabled navigation, audio streaming, and Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant...

Oh, goodie goodie!!  GM forces you to pay them for what's already available on your phone!

And it's coming to Chevy, too.

Inflation "Retreating"? Not By a Long Shot

You can bet a raid or two that the Sponge Brain Poopy-Pants regime will declare that 'inflation is retreating' based on the July report, in which the inflation rate (Y-O-Y) is down to a mere 8.5% compared to June's 9.1%.

They'll be lying, of course.

That's because it's Y-O-Y.  But if you look at LAST July's inflation rate of 5.4%........well, that makes a difference, no?  Because with a 5.4% 'head start,' this July's number almost had to be less than June's.  Reality?  Price inflation is up FOURTEEN POINT FIVE++ percent over 2020.

But the Gestapo-and-Giveaway bunch will lie like Hell about it.

It's what they do.

Another News 'Memory Hole' Coming Up

For nearly a week, the "nooz" beat the drums about 'Muslim hate-killing' going on in New Mexico.  They were setting the stage for another WHITE SUPREMACIST CHRISTIAN HATERRRRRR.


...Newly filed court documents detail the steps police took to find and arrest the suspect Muhammad Atif Syed....

So that's the last of that white supremacist Christian haterrrrrrrr story.

Vos Acts Natural: Snippy and Dismissive

This is amusing.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who narrowly won a primary Tuesday night, called Michael Gableman, the man he hired to investigate the 2020 presidential election, “an embarrassment.”

Vos thought he had a patsy that he could twist and maneuver.

Then Gableman found out what Vos is really all about--which is political shine-and-shuffle--and called the spade a spade.

So Vos, who narrowly survived a primary, goes to his nature:  snippy, dismissive, and authoritarian.

But he's weaker.  Far weaker.  That's good.

Watters Is Right

 We dislike Watters--intensely--for the same reason that we dislike Dan O'Donnell intensely.  It's NOT 'all about me', pal.

Nonetheless, Watters is right on the Gestapo Raid.

They probably DID plant evidence, and most likely perjured themselves to obtain the warrant.

It's what the FBI does.

Trump Wrong on One Major Point

Donald Trump issued a statement about The Raid.

...It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024...

He forgot to mention Mitch McConnell and the NeverTrump scumsucking Republicans who also 'desperately don't want' him to run for President in 2024.


Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Results of Mar-a-Lago Raid

Announcement made today:

Goldman & Chase's Big Score

Not politics, but close.....

Goldman and JPMorgan Chase flogged and sold $600MM in notes from Avaya.  Proceeds were supposed to pay off $350MM in notes due mid-next year.

Unfortunately, Avaya is burning cash waaaaayyyy too fast to last until mid-2023 AND there's the matter of a whistleblower triggering an audit of its financial reporting.......

The CEO 'was removed.'

But Goldie and JPMChase got their fees!

Speculative Scenario From Z-Man

After reviewing the general outlines surrounding the French and Bolshie Revolutions, Z-Man observes:

...One strange difference between the current age and those revolutionary ages is the roles are reversed. In 18th century France, it was the people at the top defending the old order and the people  [at the bottom] challenging it. The same was true in Russia. In America, the people at the top see themselves as the revolutionaries and the people view themselves as the defenders of the old order. A big part of this crisis is the ruling class mocking the history and tradition of the people.

What makes it even more bizarre is that if the ruling class is successful in discrediting the old system, the people will no longer have restraint. It is the lingering trust in the system, the desire to vote harder, that prevents January 6th from spreading to every state capital in the country. These efforts by the ruling class to burn it all down can only lead to one end for them. The FBI raiding Trump’s house convinced a lot of people that the system is now too far gone to save with an election....

That 'desire to vote harder' is exactly what Mark Belling voiced early in his show today.  But Z-Man sees it differently--thus the last two sentences above.

I dunno.  I'm too damn busy buying ammo.

Some Perjury Involved

Surber provided thisRemember that perjury is What Democrats Do.

Get Vaxxed, Then Write Your Will

Gee.  It's almost like The Vaxx is dangerous or something.

An official report published by the UK Government confirms the mortality rates per 100,000 are the lowest among the unvaccinated population in every single age group in England. And the data reveals the gap between the unvaccinated and vaccinated population in terms of mortality rates is widening by the month.

This has resulted in the partly vaccinated, double vaccinated, and triple vaccinated populations being more likely to die of any single cause than the unvaccinated population among all age groups in England as of May 2022, the most recent month with data made available by the UK Government. --quoted at Vox

But but but but Fauci and Biden said............but but......

Then There's the Secret Service Emails.....

As usual, Julie Kelly is the firstest with the mostest.  Here's the money graf:

...To recap: Joe Biden’s DHS allowed a purge of Secret Service cell phone data without mandating and archiving content, is stonewalling an internal investigation into what Joe Biden insists is a terrorist attack comparable to 9/11, and now shrugs off the fact that texts from 24 Secret Service employees including the head of agency over a crucial one-month period might be gone for good....

So naturally, the Extreme Left J6 Committee blames the Inspector General, a fellow named Cuffari.


Anton's Eerie Prediction

This was written before the Deep State raided Mar-a-Lago.  It's even more germane today.

The people who really run the United States of America have made it clear that they can’t, and won’t, if they can help it, allow Donald Trump to be president again. In fact, they made this clear in 2020, in a series of public statements. Simply for quoting their words in an essay for The American Mind, I was mercilessly mocked and attacked. But they were quite clear. Trump won’t be president at noon, Jan. 20, 2021, even if we have to use the military to drag him out of there.

“Anti-Trump hysteria is in the final analysis not about Trump...[Skip a lot of case-building text.] ...Plan B is for the Jan. 6 committee to lay the groundwork for an indictment of Trump. The Justice Department is already leaking that “seditious conspiracy” might be the charge....It’s just a fact—perhaps, to many, a baleful fact—but nevertheless a fact that somewhere between a third and half the country is going to find this totally illegitimate and be outraged by it.... 


State Government Typified by Evers

Over the last 30 years or so, Wisconsin Governors have added thousands of full-time-equivalent employees to the State payroll.  (Those Governors include Thompson and Walker, by the way.) 

Are you better-served by this horde of tax-takers typified by such as Tony Evers, who rarely misses his afternoon nap, having completed a couple hours' "work" at the office.

You will recall the horrific 'response' of the Unemployment bureaucrats, which nearly bankrupted hundreds--if not thousands--of citizens during Covid.

Now, we have the Division of Licensing leading the way in lazy, inept, and dumbass "service".

...Sources tell Empower Wisconsin that less than a third of Wisconsin’s respiratory therapist graduates this year had received their licenses. That’s inexcusable in a pandemic caused by an upper respiratory disease,  when so many healthcare providers are struggling to fill positions. A review of online job site Indeed.com showed 392 respiratory therapist job postings in Wisconsin as of Monday....

 ...State Sen. Mary Felzkowski (R-Tomahawk) asked why Evers didn’t quickly move other state government employees to DSPS to deal with the backlog, or why the agency’s Madison office has reduced its hours open to the public. Felzkowski chairs the Senate Insurance, Licensing and Forestry Committee, which is expected to hold a public hearing on DSPS in the coming weeks. She said there has been no urgency in the administration to meet the state’s myriad crises over the past two-plus years.

“All you have to do is go to downtown Madison and you’ll see these agencies are empty,” Felzkowski said. “Why aren’t these people in their offices? Why isn’t there mandatory overtime? How can people go home at 12:30 p.m.?”...

Hint:  Tony Evers is a Union Man from the get-go.  That's why the Unemployment Comp 'workers' shut off their phones at 4:00 PM, and that's why there never will be mandatory overtime in Madison.

Will Rebecca fix that?  We know she and her boss added about 1,000 F-T-E tax-takers during their time "conservatively" running the State.

Past actions are the best indicator of future actions, like Rebecca says often.  


Another Assault on the Church

Since the last time Pravda tried to assault the Catholic Church on its position that 'you're either male or female,' nothing has changed.

The rag hasn't found one more tranny child to screech about and hasn't cowed the Archdiocese.  They only have one to write about, and to no one's surprise he/she/whatever is a North Shore kid.

Not to worry.  They'll have a good cry and try again later this year.

The Impoverished Public Schools

Pravda Wisconsin's stenographers print what they're told by the poor, poor, poor, Public Schools officials.

Until you get to this paragraph, you almost feel sorry for them.

...The state has also fallen behind nationally on how much funding it provides per student. It spends $12,740 per student...

But (we assume the stenographers got it right) the State's spending is only PART of the school total spend.  Remember property taxes??

Poor, poor, poor, Public Schools.

Reich Eagle Well-Placed

Some White House moron created the icon just in time for the Mar-a-Lago raid.  It's supposed to make us all frightened of Sponge-Brain Poops Pants.

That's a Reich Adler in the background in the right-hand pic.  Coincidence?

J. Sachs: 'CoVid Was Invented in USA'

Jeffrey Sachs is a Lefty icon.  For him to admit that CoVid was developed here (actually, U of North Carolina at Charlotte) is a very big step.

The chair of the Lancet’s COVID-19 commission revealed in a recent interview that he is “pretty convinced” that COVID-19 came out of extremely dangerous lab biotechnology research that was supported by the United States.

Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and the President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, told the left-wing journal Current Affairs that through his investigations as the head of the COVID-19 commission, he has concluded that “there is extremely dangerous biotechnology research being kept from public view, that the United States was supporting much of this research, and that it is very possible that SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, originated through dangerous virus research gone awry.”...

The work was funded by Anthony Fauci's NIAID and its parent NIH and after UNC-Charlotte was moved to Red China.  Likely as not Ukraine labs were also in on the scheme--the ones the Deep State denied knowing about.

Monday, August 08, 2022

The FEEBS Raided Mar-a-Lago

Some people don't know their place.

Apparently they're looking for spice.

You'll Have Visitors!!

How the New, Bulked-Up IRS will spend its time!  Be sure to have plenty of extra food and a nice place for someone to sleep, shower, etc.  They'll be spending lots of time with you.

Especially if you have a Gadsden flag, or Betsy Ross flag, or a ThreePer hat. 


EV Problems: Re-Charging Edition

Aside from the fires (infrequent but devastating), and the un-sustainable power demand through an electric infrastructure not built for that load (coming soon), there's another little problem with EV's:  re-charging on the road.

...Finding a charger isn't actually the problem, though, even if it adds another 50 miles to your road trip. According to the Department of Energy's Alternative Fueling Station Locator, there are 1,433 Tesla Supercharger locations and another 4,564 public DC fast charger locations that use the CCS plug, which will charge basically every EV on sale other than a Tesla or a Nissan Leaf.

Between networks like Electrify America and plans from the White House, as a nation, we're spending billions on expanding EV charging infrastructure.

No, the problem is whether or not any of the chargers will be working when you arrive. (Unless you're driving a Tesla, since Superchargers are painless to use and appear to be extremely reliable.)...

Good for Tesla!  Not for others.

... A few weeks later, it was time to drive from DC to Watkins Glen in the Finger Lakes region of New York, this time in a BMW iX. And despite plenty of planning, I still spent almost as much time stationary, arguing with charging machinery, as I did actually pulling electrons into the car's battery pack throughout the 600-mile journey.

At each charging stop, in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York, I ran into problems. A five-minute wait to see if the car and charger would establish communications was invariably the case. Waiting 10 minutes was not uncommon. Even then, there was no time to relax; more than once, an error somewhere in the loop shut everything down after just a few kWh.

Only one of six charging stops was painless, and I found similar problems whether the station was operated by Electrify America or Shell Recharge. Frustration often got the better of me and I berated the white monoliths, channeling the spirit of Basil Fawlty to summon down all manner of ills upon them and their circuitry, to my shame. (But seriously, it's all just so opaque. Why don't they just bloody work?)

Then there was the problem of whether or not all of the chargers at a given location were even functional. At one EA station with a Plugshare rating of 9.8, two of four chargers were completely inoperable and a third was reduced to just 50 kW....

The AlGore Future is HERE!!  You can tell he's a Democrat; the f****ng systems don't work.

Requiescat in Pace


Health Warning on Visiting Chicago

Remember the old "health warning" required for tobacco products?  You know, "danger of death or disability due to cancer", yadayadaydayada......

They should put one on Chicago.  But this one won't mention cancer.  Just death or disability or sudden loss of wallet, jewelry, your car......

"Supply Side" Inflation?

Government Gaslighters insisted over the weekend that there is a "supply side" inflation pull--that is, that a shortage of goods available is pushing up prices.

That's possible with some items such as new cars and creampuff used cars, Jif creamy peanut butter, and other goods with chips.

But it's certainly not the case with MOST stuff.  Here's the graph (PowerLine source)

Corrupt Is As Corrupt Does, Ukraine Edition

Scott Fitzgerald and Ron Johnson should approve another $40 BILLION!!  That'll fix it.

An estimated 30% of all Ukrainian military aid reportedly reaches its final destination, despite the fact that the United States has committed billions in aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded at the end of February. 

U.S. and NATO officials bring weapons and supplies to the Polish border, where Ukrainian officials take control and U.S. oversight ends.

"All of this stuff goes across the border, and then something happens, kind of like 30% of it reaches its final destination," said Jonas Ohman, founder and CEO of the Ukraine aid organization Blue-Yellow, which is based in Lithuania....

Maybe the War-War Republicans didn't know that Ukraine is utterly corrupt, eh?  Or maybe they should ask Hunter Biden to intervene.  If the Big Guy gets 10%, he'll probably help out.

AssPress Blows an Easy One

The Associated Press (AssPress) writer in Madistan doesn't know much--or more likely, has an agenda, like trying to scare Wisconsin voters about Boogey-Man Republicans.

In order to do that, the AssPress "reporter" has to bury certain facts.

...Although the stakes are high, the Wisconsin primary for secretary of state has been mostly quietly. The incumbent, Democrat Doug La Follette, has barely been campaigning. In June, the 81-year-old, who was first elected to the position in 1974, opted to take a two-week trip to Africa.

La Follette has raised about $21,000, according to the most recent campaign finance reports. That’s not unusual because the office’s only duties are to sit on a state timber board and to verify certain travel documents....

Oh, really?  That's ALL??

The SoS also is obliged to publish enacted legislation in a timely fashion--something that LaFollette does not do, but only in certain cases.

... “He blew the one important job duty he had a decade ago. La Follette played politics and delayed the publication of Act 10, the Walker-era reform bill that ended the outsized power of Wisconsin’s public sector unions. A bill passed in 2013 stripped the Secretary of State of the power to delay publication of new laws.” – Empower Wisconsin, March 21, 2022 Matt Kittle....

Huh.  Oldster LaFollette didn't publish Act 10 in a timely manner.  He didn't like the bill, and decided to pout about it.  But that's not the only one.

AJR 9, related to the Convention of States, was passed (1/25) and enrolled (1/27), then sent to LaFollette for additional administrative work which consisted of mailing copies of the Resolution to various Federal and (other) State officials.

As of May 1st, LaFollette has not completed the work.  He doesn't like the Resolution and is pouting.

Some Republicans running for that office have thoughts about moving election-related activities there, taking them away from the utterly corrupt Wisconsin Election Commission Democrat-Electing Machine.  (Another solution to the WEC problem would be to relocate the office to Three Lakes,  thereby shedding the ultra-Lefty staffers who won't move there, preferring their warm, cozy, Madison location.)

The point is election reform, a necessity even to Democrat voters.

Having a reasonably-informative "free press" might help, too.

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Chesterton on the Latin Mass and Tradition

G K Chesterton was prophetic because he knew history.  (All are from The Quotable Chesterton/Ignatius Press.)

When we are pressed and taunted upon our obstinacy in saying the Mass in a dead language, we are tempted to reply to our questioners by telling them that they are apparently not fit to be trusted with a living language.  When we consider what they have done with the noble English language, as compared with the English of the Anglican Prayer-Book, let alone the Latin of the Mass, we feel that their development may well be called degenerate.

Degenerate.  That's a word that fits rather well, does it not?

For those in Rome and Chicago who will not see, G K C had thoughts....

Tradition may be defined as an extension of the franchise.  Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors.  It is the democracy of the dead.


Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about.

How did he know about Massimo?


All democrats object to men being disqualified by the accident of birth; tradition objects to their being disqualified by the accident of death.

It is no wonder at all that the current Pope did not take the name Pius.

Saturday, August 06, 2022



Blubbering WRN Wails Over Mean Tweets

MOMMY!!  MOMMY!!!   The Orange Man said NASTIES!!!

...we found Trump’s thrashing of Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch and her husband in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Friday to be unnecessary, unhelpful, and, frankly, disgusting.

Leave Kleefisch’s family alone....

Play in the Big Leagues, take Big League shots.  Joel's a big boy; rides a Harley, usually looks like an Outlaw (but he cleans up nice for campaigns, no?)

He can take it.  Jessica?  Not so much.

Deep State Dreams: IRS As Nat'l Police Force

Since the US has no sizeable national police force--the Constitution prevents that--Democrat-Totalitarian dreams of a Cheka-like suppression gang will have to be realized with a muscled-up IRS.

If Democrats have their way, one of the most detested federal agencies—the Internal Revenue Service—will employ more bureaucrats than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol combined.

Under the Inflation Reduction Act negotiated by Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.), the agency would receive $80 billion in funding to hire as many as 87,000 additional employees. The increase would more than double the size of the IRS workforce, which currently has 78,661 full-time staffers, according to federal data....

Those agents--and their 5 million rounds of ammo--will not be pointing their guns at The Rich, who have hordes of lawyers and who 'influenced' lawmakers to insert loopholes favoring The Rich.


They'll be looking at people earning less than $200K, starting with a thorough review of your social media and networking activities (maybe you're a domestic terrorist!!!), then checking on your deductions, looking for un-reported income, and--of course--placing liens.  Remember that to the IRS, there is no such thing as 'a mistake.'  And they don't take IOU's without placing a lien on your home, or snatching your entire bank account.

Object to that?

What do you think that 5 million rounds of ammo is really for?  Duck hunting?

Oh, and by the way:  the Republicans will NOT reverse this funding if they gain a majority.  They, too, like having shock troops handy, in case someone displays a Gadsden flag someplace.  Deep State is bi-partisan.

And Now....GANG Shoots in MKE

John Chisholm is building a legacy.

Four Milwaukee men were injured in a quadruple shooting * near Allyn and Swan Friday evening.

The shooting happened shortly before 6 p.m.

Milwaukee police say the victims are ages 31, 30, 28, and 27. All the victims were taken to a local hospital and expected to survive....

Some random "Blak Blok" Lefty extremist said that the upcoming Pubbie convention has 'made people fearful.'

Well, pal, it wasn't Republicans that did the shooting here. 

*That's actually a MASS SHOOTING

Friday, August 05, 2022

"Don't Have Resources"??

You'll love this.

...The [illegal alien] criminals, often part of cartels, often go to cities and ply drugs, which has deepened the addiction problems there.

“They get organized, and they get brought into the cities, they get brought into the urban areas, and they get some money into their pockets, and they’re in there, and they get some orders to get out there and sort of flood the zone with drugs,” Flynn said. “They’re killing this country with the likes of fentanyl, and opioids and heroin. And they’re getting away with it.”

While some convicted criminals are deported, others are being allowed to remain in the United States under orders from top Biden administration officials, who have asserted that there is not enough manpower to deport all illegal immigrants that are convicted of additional crimes in addition to entering or remaining illegally....

What?  Did we run out of helicopters in the military?

Big Job Gains? Not So Fast!

While Sponge Brain Poopy-Pants attempts to read his teleprompter and congratulates himself on the +528K jobs number, there is reason to believe that maybe it's. not. all.  that.

There are two different job indexes published by the Government.  One is "establishment" which surveys businesses to get its stats, and the other is "household" which surveys ...ahh......households!

There's a serious gap between the two reports.  (Charts and graphs at the link here)

...we find that this drop in Household Survey employment is the result of both full-time and part-time jobs. In fact, as shown below, since March, the US has lost 141K full-time employees and 78K part-time employees....

 ...This trend has persisted into June, when according to the BLS, the US labor force saw a 71K drop in full-time workers offset by a 384K gain in far lower paying part-timers (source). The offset? Multiple jobholders, or people who have more than one job.

As shown below, while  the number of total employees (per the Household Survey) has stagnated, the number of multiple jobholders has been growing steadily, hitting a new post-covid high in June of 7,541 million.

Oh.  So that +548K may include a bunch of part-time jobs taken.  A BIG bunch of them.

And that's not the most astonishing factoid.

...And even more remarkable: the number of multiple jobholders whose primary and secondary jobs are both full-time just hit a record high! Hardly the sign of a strong job market, one where people can afford to quit jobs at will....

TWO full-time jobs! 

...So what's going on here? The simple answer: Fewer people working, but more people working more than one job, a rotation which picked up in earnest some time in March and which has only been captured by the Household survey....

And maybe--just maybe--the Administration is massaging the numbers and won't reconcile them with reality until.........say............December, a month after the mid-terms.

But that's only "maybe," right? 

Same stuff here, Fox News making the points.

Orban Knows. So They Hate Him.

The Hungarian leader incurs the wrath of Progressives everywhere.

That's because he tells the real story:

'Politics, my friends is not enough,' he told his audience. 'This war is a culture war.'


And he knows who the players really are:

 ...'We have to be brave enough to address even the most sensitive questions, migration, gender and the clash of civilizations,' he told the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas.

'Don't worry, a Christian politician cannot be racist.

'So we should never hesitate to heavily challenge our opponents on these issues. Be sure Christian values protect us from going too far.'...

That's why you'll notice the High Dudgeon permeating the Daily Mail's story.  The world hates Christian values, actually-Christian politicians, and most of all, they hate someone who calls a spade a spade.


Government Class Rebecca vs. Private-Sector Class Tim

 In the final analysis--for me--it's a question of whether the "Government Class" should be running things (such as Rebecca Kleefisch) or whether it should be the Private-Sector class (such as Tim Michels).

Admittedly, it's a very, very, narrow margin.  Either would be far better than the blatantly Government-Loving Evers.

While Kleefisch rails on (unjustly) about Michels 'enriching himself' by winning competitive Government contracts, forgetting all about the 8,000 Michels employees who had damn good jobs because of that, Kleefisch conveeeeeeeniently forgets that she and Scottie grew Wisconsin's Government Class by nearly 1,000 full-time equivalent employees during their terms.

In a way, that's no different from what Michels did in growing the company--except Michels also had to justify each and every employee.  Did Kleefisch?  Tax revenues are easy to get.  Just point the gun and make your demand.

Does Wisconsin's government need a good shake-up?  Yes.  

Michels is more likely to do that.  Vote Michels.

AlfalfaBurgers? Nope.

Looks like AlfalfaBurgers are either A Thing of the past or just a boutique curiosity.

The “Beyond Meat” fad came in fast and furious and is now leaving with its leafy tail tucked firmly between its legs. The company isn’t generating revenue, and they’re now laying people off, as the fast food giants, who gave the plant-based idea a good run, say, “no thanks.” The whole thing is a total flop, and I guess someone should go check on Bill Gates and make sure he and his “lab meat” are okay. Sales of the fake meat have gone dry. The fast-food trials may have gotten some curiosity and a few taste tests here and there, but it was nothing to write home about, so they pulled the plug....

 ...McDonald’s Corp last week became the latest chain to not go through with an immediate broader launch of Beyond Meat products, after concluding its U.S. test of a burger made with the plant-based meat without confirming future plans.

Tests at Panda Express and Yum Brands Inc’s KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell have also yet to lead to a permanent or U.S.-wide launch, while Dunkin, Hardee’s and A&W have discontinued products after launching, according to brokerage Piper Sandler....

Of course, the mystery-meat stuff will remain on the menu at the Microsoft company cafeteria.  Given Gates' temperament, he may make AlfalfaBurgers a requirement for continued employment.


Thursday, August 04, 2022

(In)action, Consequences

Pinal County gets it right FIRE the sumbitch if he doesn't do the job!

The elections director in Pinal County, AZ has resigned due to monkey business during the recent primary where GOP voters did not have enough ballots, among other strange malfunctions....

...“As a result of discussions with the Board of Supervisors and County Leadership, and in order to restore confidence for voters in the November Election, Recorder Virginia Ross has resigned from her elected office and has been appointed Elections Director effective immediately,” the county said in a statement emailed Thursday to media outlets, reported ABC15 in Arizona.

“As a Board, we are deeply embarrassed and frustrated by the mistakes that have been made in this primary election, and as such, we are taking immediate steps to ensure the November election runs smoothly, as elections in Pinal County have historically done prior to this primary,” said Jeffrey McClure, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors....

Another example is what DeSantis did to the Super-Lefto DA in Tampa.  FIRED the sumbitch.

This is something that both Michels and Kleefisch should be writing down.