Friday, June 30, 2023

Can One Be "Wise" and "Really Stupid" at the Same Time?

 The Wise Latina draws fire--a lot of fire--from Gorsuch.

Here's the best part:

...“In some places, [Sotomayor] gets so turned around about the facts that it opens fire on its own position. For instance: While stressing that a Colorado company cannot refuse “the full and equal enjoyment of [its] services” based on a customer’s protected status, post, at 27, the dissent assures us that a company selling creative services “to the public” does have a right “to decide what messages to include or not to include,” post, at 28. But if that is true, what are we even debating?” Gorsuch wrote....

That 'religious freedom' thing is really, really, hard, I guess.  Sotomayor expressly endorses compelled speech contrary to religious belief.  Doesn't look like 'freedom' to me.

So really:  is Sotomayor "wise"?  Or is she just another hack-in-black?

Level 3 Shoplifting

Somewhat more sophisticated than 'smash-and-grab.'

A fire was set inside big box retailers to distract as a carefully orchestrated team walks out of the store with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise. The shoplifting trend is on the rise in Sacramento County with incidents happening more frequently....

It's a result of raaaaaaaaaacism.  Or climate change.

Bidenomics Is Bankrupting You

It's very important to remember that "average weekly earnings" are composed of TWO elements:  the wage itself, and the number of hours worked at that wage.

Using both factors, not merely the wage, things are a Giant Bowl of Not Good for US workers.

... CNSNews/MRCTV’s Craig Bannister reported June 13 on newly released data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As usual under the Biden presidency, it wasn’t good news. Based on the Bureau’s data, the real average weekly earnings for May 2023 went down, once inflation is factored in. That’s a straight 26 months of decrease....

... Real average hourly earnings increased a seasonally adjusted 0.2% from May 2022 to May 2023. But, since the average number of hours worked per week fell by 0.9%, real wages earned were 0.7% lower....

 ...Real average weekly earnings declined 0.1% from April to May of this year, Bannister noted. While real average hourly earnings did go up in terms of the numbers, he added that there was “a 0.3% decrease in the average number of hours” worked every week. Thus, overall, American workers lost money....

Yah, but but but what about Joe telling us that 'inflation is down', hey?

Compared to what, pal?

...“Everything costs more under Biden no matter how many times he tries to say it doesn’t,” MRCTV insisted. The graphic showed that the average inflation during the Trump presidency was only 1.9%, whereas, under Biden, average inflation is a whopping 6.4%....

Biden will be blowing foo-foo dust into your eyes every day until November of '24, when Trump will defeat him for the second time.

Eighty-one million votes, my ass!

How It Worked

Although SCOTUS has thoughts, the reality below is not likely to change.

The Blessed Pence: Wrong Again

As we all know, Mike Pence furthered the LBGTQ+1SJ movement in Indiana by eviscerating Indiana's religious-freedom law.

But Mike Pence is a holy man.

Now Mike Pence, the holy man, is the arbiter of 'who belongs' to the Republican Party!

...“I know the difference between a genius and a war criminal, and I know who needs to win this war in Ukraine, and it’s the people fighting for their freedom and fighting to restore their national sovereignty. There is no room in our party for apologists for Putin. There is only room for champions of freedom.”...

We will ignore Pence's arrogant false dichotomy; he knows he's lying.

With people like Pence IN the party, there's good reason for many to LEAVE the party. 

And vote, again, for Trump.

Paying Off Biden's ChiCom Pals

YOU paid off Biden's Chinese Communist friends.  And you paid them a lot.

...A fan of my national radio and TV shows contacted me. He is in the business of importing medical supplies. More specifically he imported Covid test kits from a Chinese company. He paid $1 per test kit for 100,000 kits at a time....

OK, so what?

Well, here's what:

 ...Biden bought the EXACT same test kits from the EXACT same Chinese company as my fan in the import business did. We are talking apples to apples. This is an exact match.

So even if you assume $1 per kit…the same price my fan paid for 100,000 kits…the bill for 400 million kits would be $400 million dollars.

Well, the entire contract and price was disclosed in the media last year. Guess what the Biden administration paid for 400 million test kits? $1.3 billion dollars....

Wayne Allen Root may be pushing the envelope with his clam that "....all Government officials [and politicians] are paying off their pals...." but in this instance, it's a stone truth.

So did the Big Guy settle for only 10%?

Statins Solve What Problem, Exactly?

Perhaps the prescription of statins for cholesterol is hunting for a ghost.

...Why, in other words, is cholesterol considered to be bad enough that doctors would prescribe more drugs for the side effects of statins rather than returning to the root? 

The history of high cholesterol as a medical bogeyman is a long one, too long to be chronicled here. It is enough, for now, to note that standard medical practice today links high cholesterol to heart disease and stroke. 

But one of the few long-term, controlled studies on the health effects of vegetable oils done in 1968–73, the Minnesota Coronary Experiment, casts doubt on this bedrock belief, as I have previously reported. The experiment was one of the most rigorous ever conducted on vegetable oils and cholesterol in the human diet, and included 9,423 participants in state mental hospitals and nursing homes, between the ages of 20 and 97 years old. Participants were studied for 56 months, both groups eating the same healthy diet, with the exception of fats: one group’s fats came exclusively from corn oil, the others from animal fats. ...

...What the experimenters found was remarkable: While substituting vegetable oils for animal fats lowered the total level of cholesterol in the participants’ blood, this lowered cholesterol did not result in longer life. In fact, as cholesterol fell lower, the risk of death increased—22 percent for each thirty-point fall. Incidence of heart attacks, most notably, was unchanged in the first group, despite their eating what is still today considered to be the gold standard of a “heart healthy” diet....

Part of the problem is the "expert" class's fallacy of "progress."  We're told that we are making "progress" with pharmaceuticals, "progress" in education, "progress" against crime, and "progress" in the environment.  All that "progress" will enable ...........something........mumblemumblefartmumble........good.

And all of those claims are made without evidence, as journalists love to say.

We don't need to recite the actualities in the above categories, do we?

Clarence Thomas' Most Excellent Insight

What Justice Thomas had to say about Justice Jackson's dissent was epic.

But here's the line that is super-epic:

 ...Make no mistake: Her dissent is not a vanguard of the innnocent and helpless. It is instead a call to empower privileged elites, who will “tell us [what] is required to level the playing field” among castes and classifications that they alone can divine. ...--quoted at AOSHQ

Thomas just shot an arrow at the "managerial/expert" class which has arrogated to itself the right to govern this country and its several States.

You could start with Fauci, but don't stop there; look at (e.g.) your State's Department of "Education" whose "experts" now order homosexual and trans indoctrination.  Don't forget the "experts" who told us that Iraq had WMD's, or the "experts" at FBI who swore that Trump was a tool of Putin, or the "experts" in CIA who have arranged countless assassinations and government overthrows for the benefit of US arms-makers.  Or the "experts" who told us that eviscerating industry in the Rust Belt would be good for you because made-in-China is cheap-to-buy!

Oh, yes, they are "experts"; expert at hoovering taxpayer money in order to screw those very same  taxpayers.

Thank you, Justice Thomas!!

Back to Deficits: Vos' Budget

Surprisingly, the Usual RadioMouths haven't mentioned this.

...Sen. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, was one of two Republicans to vote against the new budget. He said it simply spends too much.

“The 2023-25 budget … will total more than $99 billion in spending (All Funds) for a state of only 5.9 million people.  This is a $10.3 billion increase over the current budget (ALL Funds) or about an 11.7% growth in spending,” Nass said. “The budget submitted by the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) will take this state from a $7 billion structural balance to a $2.5 billion structural deficit at the start of the next budget period on July 1, 2025.”...

'Structural Deficit' was a 'Diamond Jim' Doyle specialty.

Robin's hero?

Ringtone Suggestion!

If someone can figure out how to do it, they could make a small fortune.

Make "81 Million Votes, My Ass" into a ringtone.

"Extremely Proud" Americans Near Low, For Good Reasons!!

Gallup asks silly questions........

At 39%, the share of U.S. adults who are “extremely proud” to be American is essentially unchanged from last year’s 38% record low. The combined 67% of Americans who are now extremely or “very proud” (28%) also aligns with the historically subdued 65% reading one year ago....

The Right-leaning "nooz boys" take this as a horrible thing, that only 39% are "extremely proud" to be Americans.

They're not thinking clearly, are they?

America is forcing positive homosexual and abortion policies through its "foreign aid" program.  America's President is 95% cognitively disabled.  American elections are grievously flawed, to the point of being frauds.  American children are being indoctrinated into the Marx/Hegelian "DEI"/CRT distortions--and being told that homosexual practices, teenage sexual promiscuity, and the butchery called "transition care" are normal and good.

Proud of that, are you?

Another Lying Francis-Cardinal

We'll just say it:  this Cardinal is lying to your face.

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin has denied a correlation between homosexuality and clerical sex abuse, calling it a “serious and scientifically untenable association.”

“Homosexual orientation cannot be considered as either cause or aspect typical of the abuser, even more so when it is decoupled from the general arrangement of the person,” Cardinal Parolin wrote in the forward to a new book on sex abuse....

Oh, really, Eminence?

In the US, roughly 80% of the sex abuse cases were homosexual attacks on teen-aged boys.  That's called "ephebophila."  It is impossible that a Vatican-based Cardinal 'is unaware' of that study, as the Vatican paid a lot of attention to the US scandal.   As you'll see below, it is also impossible for the Cardinal to have been "unaware" of the report from Spain.

...The most extensive study ever undertaken of clerical sex abuse, conducted by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, found that a full 81 percent of victims of sexual abuse by priests were males....

It is extremely charitable to say that the Cardinal is "mistaken."  We don't think it's a "mistake," given the heavily-homosexual composition of the Vatican's bureaucracy and the pressure to regularize homosexual ordinations in the degenerate West.  

Another instance in the very recent past:

 The Catholic bishops of Spain released a clerical sex abuse report at the beginning of the month,[June, 2023] based on testimony from nearly a thousand abuse victims and revealing a staggering 728 predators, over 99 percent of whom were male. The report also revealed that nearly 82 percent of victims were male....

If you know anything, you know the phrase "follow the money."

Germany.  The USA.  The moneyQED, as Aquinas would say.

DeSantis' Mouth Is Writing Checks.....

 ....that he's totally unable to cash.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” 2024 presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said that he wants to eliminate the Departments of Education, Commerce, and Energy, along with the IRS and if Congress won’t do so, “I’m going to use those agencies to push back against woke ideology and against the leftism that we see creeping into all institutions of American life.”...

The Chamber of Commerce (read:  Americans for Prosperity), along with Koch, is throwing money at DeSantis by the barrelful.  He will not "eliminate" the Department of Commerce, which is joined at the hip with big business--the people who exported drug-manufacturing to China, India, and VietNam, as part of their drive to eliminate blue-collar American jobs.

But that's not all.  Notice how DeSantis phrases it:

 “So, we would do Education, we would do Commerce, we’d do Energy, and we would do IRS. And so, if Congress will work with me on doing that, we’ll be able to reduce the size and scope of government.”

Just in case you didn't get the hint, here's more:

...if Congress won’t go that far, I’m going to use those agencies to push back against woke ideology and against the leftism that we see creeping into all institutions of American life....

You know, I know, and DeSantis knows that unless ALL of the bureaucrats in "those agencies" are summarily fired or 'retired,' he's pissing on your boots and telling you it's rain.

How does he know that?

He watched what happened to Donald J. Trump.  Do you seriously think DeSantis wants that for himself and his own family?



 Republican Presidential hopeful Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story” that his administration would use deadly force on drug dealers at the U.S. border....

Wanna bet?  DeSantis--to his credit--has cojones.  But this is merely bravado.  The people running across the border with drugs in a backpack are NOT cartel bosses, nor "dealers."  They're couriers.  Here's what will happen if DeSantis changes the ROE:  the cartels will send children with backpacks.

Killing children didn't work out well in VietNam, either.


The Race-Hustler Defeats Are Just Starting

Pretty much what we thought when we heard about the decision.

...companies are also watching nervously, fearing that the decision could expose their race-based hiring and training programs to civil rights lawsuits....

 ...“It’s become very popular, especially in the last three or four years, to have these race-based initiatives, and they are only beginning to be tested against the Civil Rights Act or against the Constitution,” Erin Wilcox, an attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, told The Epoch Times. Wilcox is representing students who claim that admissions policies at Thomas Jefferson High School in Virginia are discriminatory, in a case being appealed to the Supreme Court.

“I think it was really caused by a certain boldness on the part of our public officials and corporate America in believing that these rules didn’t apply to them, or that what they were doing is more important,” she said. “I think we’re seeing a proliferation that’s going to be reined in, starting probably with the Harvard and UNC cases, and I think certainly others down the pike.”...

The decision will also impact State and local governments, not only in hiring, but also in race-based discrimination which is called "preferential contracting."  For example, under Wisconsin state policy, a racial minority will get a 5% "credit" on their bid to sell cars and trucks to the State and its subdivisions.  Although they bid the same price (say, $10,000.00), their bid is deemed to be $9,500.00 under State policy.  Yes, the buyer will still pay $10,000.00, but the buyer can feel so much better knowing that they legally discriminated against Whitey.


That crap is history after the lawsuits are won.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Totalitarianism Did In Tucker

Very good insight here, and a warning.

...consider, as Eric Voegelin taught us, that the common feature of all totalitarian systems is neither concentration camps, nor secret police, nor mass surveillance—as horrifying as all these are. The common feature of all totalitarian systems is the prohibition of questions: every totalitarian regime first monopolizes what counts as rationality and determines what questions you are allowed to ask. 

At the risk of offending my audience I will suggest: if you don’t see that precisely this is happening on an unprecedented scale globally, you have not been paying close attention. If you still remain skeptical, consider Polish philosopher Leszek Kolakowski’s brilliant formulation to describe the totalitarian method of imposing unity on an entire population: perfect integration through perfect fragmentation. Mull over this phrase while you watch T.V. or scroll social media: perfect integration through perfect fragmentation. ...

Now, with clearer vision, you can look again at what happened to Tucker Carlson (and now, his entire staff.)

Sen. Kennedy: Comically Wrong

 It's fun to watch Sen. Kennedy until he says that it is imperative for the US to take down Putin (and Xi) because it's obvious that Putin (and Xi) are wounded.  

He also declares that those wars are 'in the national interest.'

He should stick to comedy.

OTOH, maybe that WAS comedy.  We can hope.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

He's Right, You Know....


Why Belling's Take on Wagner Is Wrong

Yesterday, Belling told us that he has the answer(s) about the Wagner Group/Prigozhin "revolt."

Well, he doesn't, and one major item proves it:

...Prigozhin was sent out of Russia in custody and is being held incommunicado. Any communicating he’s doing will be to what Andrei Martyanov describes as “hard faced men.”...

So much for 'weak Putin' crapola.

Wauck found another item which antecedes the 'revolt.'  The WaPo ran a story based on the Pentagon papers leaked by the Air National Guardsman.  The story said that the Pentagon knew about the Wagner 'revolt' several weeks in advance.  Putin is no dummy; his people read the WaPo, too.  So if from no other sources, Putin knew something was coming. 

...Given what we know now about Prigozhin's rebellion - particularly that some 3/4 of Wagner refused to participate - it's likely Putin knew about the plot well in advance and, ever the judoka, allowed it to go forward for reasons of his own....


So he could humiliate Prigozhn in two ways:  1)  dragging him off to solitary in Belarus; and 2) offering Wagner troops the choice of signing up with the Russian military or going home, no questions asked.

But go ahead.  Convince yourselves that Putin is on his last legs, that the Russians hate him, that another 1917 is at handThat "thinking" did wonders for Prigozhin, ain'a?

The Insanity of Biden's Government

 Ticker notes that the Biden Government will spend a bunch of money for 'CO2 sequestration' as part of its quest to:

create a 100% carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035.

The goal is impossible to achieve.  When I used the term "INSANITY" referring to Biden's Government, I was not kidding, nor exaggerating.

 ...The EPA was never intended to be able to regulate carbon in any form.  CO2 is not a "pollutant"; it is plant food.

It is also the inevitable emission generated by every living animal on Earth.  It thus cannot be a "pollutant."

Carbon is also, I remind you, the entire basis of western society and our economy....

Yes, really.

...Without carbon-based fuels you have no wire insulation thus no wiring in your house, you have no PVC drain pipe thus your crap cannot be taken out to the septic system or sewer, you have no tires irrespective of whether your car burns gasoline or uses a battery, you can't produce batteries, you can't re-roof your house, myriad essential items in the medical industry disappear immediately including syringes, the plastic tubing used for IVs and their bags, every piece of electronic equipment is utterly reliant on carbon to be manufactured, your food which cannot be grown, harvested and transported to your grocery store without carbon based fuels and carbon sources used for fertilizer and more.  Modern water mains and feeds which have replaced the lead pipes formerly used (remember those?) require carbon as they're HDPE or, for smaller runes (e.g. your service drop) PVC or PEX, all of which are made from carbon-based feedstocks -- specifically, petroleum....

Of course, there is the possibility that they are NOT "insane" but actually want all of the above to happen.

That's even worse.

Legal Pot? Read the Fine Print

 And--as a public service--here IS the fine print.

...Colorado in 2009 became one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use. Since it legalized pot, the frequency of E.R. visits for “cyclic vomiting” in the state more than doubled. Over time, patients, especially adolescent patients, were presenting with increasingly bizarre symptoms. In 2018, a boy was admitted to an emergency room with a strange set of symptoms and was described as “scromiting”—simultaneously screaming and vomiting—for hours on end.

The boy was experiencing cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, a condition first identified by researchers in 2004 as a side effect of frequent marijuana use.

Researchers hypothesize that “scromiting” symptoms stem from marijuana’s interaction with users’ brains. When a person smokes pot, the euphoric sensation they experience is caused by delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive compound in the drug that binds to receptors in the user’s brain associated with thinking, pleasure, and movement. 

While limited use of the drug in cancer patients has been shown to reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea, extended exposure to marijuana can weaken the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors and lead the user to lose control over nausea and vomiting altogether. It has become increasingly common in emergency rooms around the country, particularly in states that have legalized pot. ..

Sounds like fun!

...Beyond the extreme vomiting symptoms, marijuana use among teenagers has been linked to spikes in the onset of schizophrenia—triggering a psychotic break in those who may otherwise never have snapped, and exacerbating the timeline of those already disposed to psychosis. It also permanently affects the teenagers’ brains, diminishing their ability to experience pleasure and stunting their intellectual development....

That last part explains why Democrat politicians really, really, really, want to legalize potThe brain-dead vote!

Summing it up:

 ...In 1979, Keith Stroup, the founder of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), said his organization wanted to reclassify pot as a medical substance to use “the issue as a red herring to give marijuana a good name.” Oklahomans found out the hard way that the legalization of medical marijuana can be a Trojan horse for later efforts to legalize the drug for recreational use. 

At the heart of the marijuana dispute, in Oklahoma and around the country, is a dispute between two cultures: one predicated on order, and another on degeneracy....

Speaking of "degeneracy" how's that Homosexual Grooming, Free Sex, and Tranny stuff going?  

Was Evers' War-Chest From Red China?

During the last Governor's race, we took a quick look at the Evers donor list and found a remarkable number of donations made by "unemployed" out-of-state people.  The donations were very small,  usually less than $25.00 each.

A noticeably strange pattern.  What resident of the State of Washington cares so much about Tony Evers that they would send $9.95 to his war-chest even though the donor is 'unemployed'?

Time marches on, and then James O'Keefe comes up with a tantalizing bit of information.

...“The FEC investigation into money apparently laundered from various addresses through Act Blue Election Watch will be filing a complaint with the FEC in DC over the discrepancies and apparent fraud that has taken place with all these donations, many of which are done through the home addresses of the elderly.”...

 ...“Election Watch will file the complaint with the FEC, wait the required 120 days, and then file a lawsuit in the Northern District of Virginia.

Now included in that lawsuit will be evidence that over 60% of the money involved in this is apparently coming from China. The ACLU is feeding a lot of money to other PACs, like Emily’s List, Color of Change PAC, just to name a few....

And then a familiar name:

... “There is also receipts of a large amount of monies on the FCC website to financial processors like Amalgamated Bank, particularly the Washington DC branch of an automated bank....

Amalgamated Bank is wholly-owned and operated by labor unions; it has Board-level connections to the infamous SEIU.

Maybe some enterprising TeeVee station will run their own investigation of Tony's campaign donors.  We're not holding our breath.

On the other hand, this could be one of those 'too good to be true' stories, too.  Stay tuned.  

Monday, June 26, 2023

You Never Hear the MKE Cop Shop Talk About This

There are lots of pontifications, harrumphs, and social program eye-washes put out by the Milwaukee Police Department brass and the craven little idiot-Mayor of that city.

But you will NEVER hear about this little item.

...Your car insurance, required by the State, has ridiculously high uninsured motorist premiums.  Why?  Because 30% of the people on the road are driving without it, a huge percentage are illegal aliens who have no money, and they drive like crap.  Your state formally claims it will revoke the registration and license of anyone driving without insurance but you can't revoke something that a person doesn't have and they won't throw anyone in jail for doing it nor impound their vehicle to force it off the road.  As a result you are forced to pay for the illegal acts of others which your state and locale will not enforce the law against.  You, however, having both assets and money, will be hammered if you try the same thing since you have a license that can be suspended or revoked....

There is no question in our mind that MPD arrests hundreds of illegals for traffic offenses every year.  Many of those arrests follow a pattern of DUI-and-manslaughter or DUI-and-grave bodily harm.

But the MPD doesn't mention the 'illegal' status, and what passes for "news" outlets here never asks the question.

So pay.  And STFU.

About 'The Silence' in DC

 Z-man raises a question leading to ugly answers.

...The credible charges against the Biden family are piling up, but so far, few are speaking out about it. Fringe bomb throwers like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are making noises about it, but people with status have been slow to say anything. Chuck Grassley is the most soberminded person to raise the issue, but he was mostly ignored by his fellow senators when he raised the issue last month....

After a recitation of the (growing) litany of offenses, most with "treason" implied, Z-man gets around to it:

... What matters here is the weird cone of silence around this story. Regime media mentions it in passing, often shaping these revelations as partisan bickering. Senior Republicans are trying hard to ignore the whole thing. One reason for this wall of silence is that this sort of corruption is so common that no one knows who is clean and who is dirty. Like the corrupt police precinct, the culture of corruption breeds a culture of silence.

The Hunter Biden stuff strongly suggests that this is not an isolated thing. Everyone in Washington knew that Hunter Biden was a crackhead. The only reason anyone would do business with him was to gain favors from his father. Everyone in Washington knows how things work, so no one can claim ignorance. It is a small town and everyone knows what everyone is doing. They may not have the nitty-gritty details, but they know the general outlines. There are few secrets in Washington.

The other thing that points to a widespread culture of corruption is the outlandish nature of the crimes. Biden bragging about threatening the Ukrainians never raised any alarms in Washington, because it was the new normal. Hunter getting a no-show job at a foreign company raised no eyebrows because everyone was doing it. Hunter being a crackhead doing deals with foreign companies should have raised alarms, but official Washington looked the other way....

Umnnnhhhh, yes.  Yes, indeed!

Where is "Clean Jeans" Paul Ryan?  Bill Barr, the self-proclaimed 'ultra-Catholic'?  We know McConnell can't possibly come out of his Red Chinese-owned shell on this, but what about Tester?  Tuberville?  Hawley?  Or minor-league pension-seeker players like Cong. Grothman--a notorious liar?

Kinda gives a whole new meaning to the old saying "Silence is golden," doesn't it?

On That Submersible

After you read The Captain's (Certified Professional Engineer) analysis, you should not have any remaining questions.  

There is math.  And equations, and logic, and stuff like that.  So if you graduated from Publick Screwel within the last decade, may have trouble.

It's the best you'll ever see on the topic.

The Actual Picture

 What you've seen in the MSM is a sanitized version of this, the actual picture:


Trump's Thoughts on Publick Screwels

These are the kinds of things that can get one elected.

...“I will immediately signed a new executive order to cut federal funding for any school pushing Critical Race Theory, transgender insanity, and other inappropriate racial, sexual or political content on our children.”...

 ...The candidate said that he will fight for school choice and give parents more control by making the principal an elected position.

Trump said that this includes “the right to send your child to the public, private charter, or religious school of your choice. At the same time, I refuse to abandon our public school system to these lunatics because what’s happening there is terrible. That’s why I will fight for the direct election of school principals by the parents, the parents of the school. If any principal is not getting the job done, the parents should be able to fire them immediately and select someone who will.”

“I will not give one penny to any school that has a vaccine mandate or masked mandate from kindergarten to college,” Trump said....

And finally,

...  I will keep men out of women’s sports. And I will sign a law prohibiting child sexual mutilation in all 50 states. Prohibited. And on day one I will reinstate the Trump ban on transgenders in the military....

Under a Federalist system--which has been near-obviated in the US by the Federal funding game--Trump would not have any power at all over local schools.

But the Democrats created the Department of Education, knowing it would benefit them.  Trump merely takes that bull by the horns and flips it. 

Electing principals.  Now there's a fun idea!

Sweden: Not Just 'Blondes'. Sensible Blondes

Let's see whether our Left-O-Wackies still 'admire' Sweden after this.

...Sweden just dealt a severe blow to the globalist climate agenda by scraping its green energy targets. In a statement announcing the new policy in the Swedish Parliament, Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson warned that the Scandinavian nation needs “a stable energy system.”...

 ...Svantesson said wind and solar power are too “unstable” to meet the nation’s energy requirements. Instead, she said, the Swedish government is shifting back to nuclear power and has scrapped its goal of a “100 percent renewable energy” supply to meet the nation’s energy requirement...


A Government which does right by its citizens!   

Think that could happen in the US again?

Your Church "Song Leader"?

Here's a criticism of a Guns 'n' Roses singer--but it surely applies to many "song leaders" in churches:

...Mumbling vague approximations of English words as if chronically constipated (if you’ve hit the goat curry hard enough, you’ll feel his intestinal pain), he[/she] flips between a lower register that resembles a clogged lawnmower and a higher one that sounds like Barry Gibb suffering the mother of all wedgies....

Yes, we've heard one of those at our parish church.  With a country-singer scoop, no less.

The LGBTQQIAAP2S+ Anthem vs. Logic and Christianity

Some of  you forgot about this, but there was a "Gay Anthem," (almost immediately retracted from its social media perch) sung by the San Fran Gay Men's Chorus. 

The anthem, re-posted today by Breitbart and Ace, features a diabolical logical fallacy.  See if you can find it:

You think we’re sinful. You fight against our rights. You say we all lead lives you can’t respect. But you’re just frightened. You think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. It’s funny. Just this once, you’re correct.

…We’ll convert your children. Happens bit by bit. Quietly and subtly, and you will barely notice it. You can keep him from disco, warn about San Francisco. Make him wear pleated pants. We don’t care. We’ll convert your children. We’ll make them tolerant and fair.

"Tolerant and fair"?

That's Satan's own wordsmithing; he was the one who made "tolerance" a virtue.  It is not.  

He was clever enough to make you think that refusing to tolerate homosexual/lesbian sexual practices, tranny psychiatric disorders and butchery, and Queer "Marriage" is the same as refusing to tolerate homosexuals, lesbians, and trannies.  That is the logic error.

In fact, the depraved practices are intolerable. As we know, they also lead to diseases, drug abuse, and early death, often by suicide.

But the people?  They are to be loved.  That's the Judaeo-Christian imperative.  "Loving" in the fullest sense means preventing them from self-harm.  Persuasion is best; we call that "conversion."  

Restraint by force?

Maybe that has to be on the table, too.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

"Excess Atlantic Ocean Heat"

There will be an article in Little Local Pravda claiming that the Atlantic Ocean is heating.  Rapidly.  Beyond all previous heat-records.

Then they'll say this:  It is due to the Presidency of Donald Trump to man-caused global warming.

Or both.

Reality?  Not quite that simple.

At this thread, you'll see a few useful charts, the most useful of which has a notation:  it is IMPOSSIBLE for man to have caused that much 'excess warming' in NINETY DAYS.

But Little Local Pravda won't print that, because it is both "Science!!" and "Evidence!!"

Carry on.

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Questions, Questions


*Shocked!!* We Say....Garland a Lying Liar

The Lying Liar Attorney General (whose term follows another Lying Liar Attorney General named Barr) lied about whether a US Attorney had the authority to prosecute a case in another district.

Then the whistleblower who made the accusation that Main Justice stifled the prosecution came up with the names of the people present at the meeting.

Meantime, Trump's polls continue to rise!

Pp Francis To Drop the Hammer on Bp. Strickland?

An apostolic visitation in Tyler, TX?

“America’s Bishop” Joseph Strickland has received an “apostolic visitation” from the Vatican which is speculated to be a response to his outspoken criticism of Church leadership’s more controversial stances and actions, according to a new report.

Strickland, the bishop of Tyler, Texas, who is well known among LifeSite readers for his outspoken defense of Catholic teaching, is currently receiving an “apostolic visitation” from the Vatican’s Dicastery for Bishops conducted by two retired bishops, possibly Bp. Gerald Frederick Kicanus and auxiliary Bp. Dennis Joseph Sullivan, according to a report from Church Militant. Sources say they have been questioning diocese employees for a week.

The subject of the visit is unknown, as is the subsequent fallout, but it’s speculated to concern various public statements that some Vatican officials consider “imprudent.”...

What does Pp. Francis' Vatican consider "imprudent"?

That's the question to which we'd really like an answer.

The Usual DDT Lies From Pravda

 The good news?  A couple of baby bald eagles have successfully 'fledged' (flown) in Milwaukee County for the first time in 100+ years.

The bad news?  Little Local Pravda printed its anti-science, anti-DDT propaganda.  As you might expect, they printed it without evidence.

Pravda's anti-science propaganda:

 ...The population of the species was considered endangered just 50 years ago. Eagle numbers dropped to fewer than 1,000 in the United States and about 100 in Wisconsin because of unregulated hunting, poisoning and then, in the post World War II era, the use of DDT and other chemicals.

DDT caused eagles and many other birds to lay thin-shelled eggs that broke before the chick hatched. With very low recruitment rates, eagle numbers plummeted....

Here's the reality:

The alleged thinning of eggshells by DDT in the diet was
effective propaganda; however,
actual feeding experiments
proved that there was very little, if any, correlation between DDT
levels and shell thickness.
Thin shells may result when birds are
exposed to fear, restraint, mercury, lead, parathion, or other agents,
or when deprived of adequate calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D,
light, calories, or water. While quail fed a diet containing 2
percent calcium produced thick shells, a calcium content of only 1
percent resulted in shells 9 percent thinner than normal. In the
presence of lead, shells were 14 percent thinner, and with mercury,
8 percent thinner.
Bitman and coworkers demonstrated eggshell thinning with
DDT by reducing calcium levels to 0.56 percent from the normal
2.5 percent. After this work was exposed as anti-DDT
propaganda, Bitman continued his work for another year. Instead of
the calcium-deficient diets, however, he fed the quail 2.7 percent
calcium in their food. The shells they produced were not thinned at
all by the DDT. Unfortunately, the editor of refused to
publish the results of that later research.
Editor Philip Abelson had
already told Dr. Thomas Jukes of the University of California in
Berkeley that would never publish anything that was not
antagonistic toward DDT (T. Jukes, personal communication).
Bitman therefore had to publish the results of his legitimate feeding
experiments in an obscure specialty journal, and many readers of
continued to believe that DDT could cause birds to lay thin-
shelled eggs

There remains some discussion about what MAY be a difference between the eggs of raptors v. other birds such as quail--but when DDT (and its component DDE) disappeared, that discussion terminated.

Speaking of "termination," that's also what happened to the lives of millions of people worldwide who died of malaria because DDT was no longer available to kill malaria-carrying mosquitoes.  But, in the famous quote of an Enviro-Wack to a Senate hearing, "They're only little brown people."

The abortion culture is not restricted to killing babies, friends.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

The Silly Synod

It's a good thing that we have Fr. G. Murray to read the documents for us.  His Purgatory time, if any, will be exceptionally short because he certainly has suffered.  Take this example of 'Wall of Words turgidity-without-meaning' found in the working document (IL) which will be used as a springboard for discussions:

...[s]ome of the questions that emerged from the consultation of the People of God concern issues on which there is already magisterial and theological teaching to be considered. To give just two examples, we can note the acceptance of remarried divorcees. . .or the inculturation of the liturgy. . . .The fact that questions continue to emerge on issues like these should not be hastily dismissed, rather, it calls for discernment, and the Synodal Assembly is a privileged forum for so doing. In particular, the obstacles, real or perceived, that have prevented the steps indicated by previous documents from being realized should be considered and reflections offered on how they can be removed. . . .If, on the other hand, the problem stems from the difficulty of grasping the implications of the documents in ordinary situations or an inability of persons to recognize themselves in what is proposed, a synodal journey of effective reception by the People of God could be the appropriate response. Another instance could be the reappearance of a question which emerges as a sign of a changed reality or situations where there is a need for an “overflow” of Grace. This requires further reflection on the Deposit of Faith and the living Tradition of the Church....

The Ten Commandments have a smaller word-count, and they actually say something.

Fr Murray's glum summary:

...The IL lists topics that have come up in the various stages of synodal consultations. Included are: war, climate change, “an economic system that produces exploitation, inequality and a throwaway culture,” cultural colonialism, religious persecution, “aggressive secularization,” sexual abuse and “the abuse of power, conscience and money.”

It’s striking that abortion, euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide, the spread of atheism, relativism, subjectivism, religious indifference, gender ideology, the redefinition of marriage in the laws of many Western states, coercive programs to impose contraception in the global south are not listed. Neither are the crises regarding sacramental practice in the Church today: the steep decline in Mass attendance, the practical disappearance of sacramental confession in many places, the decline in baptisms, confirmations and marriages, and the serious decline in the number of priestly ordinations in the Western world. Did none of these topics surface during the lead-up to the Synodal Assembly in October?

Nowhere do we find any mention of the Church’s paramount mission: the salvation of souls. There is not a hint that what is most important in the life of the Church is the preaching of God’s gift of eternal life, Christ’s call to conversion and repentance....

Offhand, we'd say that whoever wrote that IL is in serious need of repentance, and conversion to Roman Catholicism would be a bonus.

But that's just us.

Even More Climate Bee Ess

In the following graph, the BLUE bar (far left) is the observed (actual) temperature gain over the last 50 years in the Corn Belt of America.

The RED bars are "models" and "projections" of temp-gain in the same time period and location.

As a reminder, you're giving up reliable and cheap electricity, gas stoves, and internal-combustion engines because of the lies bad guesses pushed by the red-bar people.

New Biden CDC Appointment

Just when you thought 'it cannot get worse,' you're wrong again.


Hey!! Charlie Sykes!! How's Those "Norms"?

Sykes, once a prominent radiomouth, is reduced to podcasts.  As I understand it, "podcasts" largely atract the young and dumb.


Anyhow, Charlie and his NeverTrump cohort of sneering, rapidly-aging NeoCons fought a war to get snazzy and powerful positions in the President's office and/or in the A.G.'s office, or maybe even the DoJ by electing anyone but Trump.   

They said they were fighting to "restore norms."  

Sounds better than "getting patronage slots, good money, great benefits, and a fat pension", doesn't it?

So how's those "restored norms" doin', hey, Charlie?

How Union "Educators" Think

 If you think we're kidding about TeacherThink, see this "hide the weenie" expose from a Midwestern teachers' conference.