Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Dear Don Surber

Since I don't charge you to read this blog, I won't pay Surber to read his.  But I will tell you that his is a great read, even though he is a Cleveland fan.

Anyhow, this is from his offering of today.   He refers to Kevin Williamson, an idiot:

...I get that some loser lefty who spent his adulthood posing as a conservative does not understand capitalism, but Chairman Xi sure does. He plays the game well. Slave labor allows him to undercut competitors. His R&D is a network of honeypots and spies who steal corporate and military secrets....

 All of that is true.  But Xi has many other cost-advantages; we've mentioned them a million times.

No Social Security.  No EPA.  No OSHA.  No health-care insurance.  No FLSA.  No worker's comp.  No unemployment comp.  No restrictions on cheating the specifications by using cheaper materials (ask Bud Selig about his "bargain" Chinese structural steel.)  No zoning restrictions, and building codes?  Don't make me laugh.  Paid vacations?  Holidays?  Nope and nope. Clean water?  First-rate sanitation?  C'mon, man!

If the ChiComs had to compete on a level playing field with US industry, they would lose, lose, lose.  Exactly what Donald Trump proved.

End rant.  Maybe Surber will catch this and update his column.

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