Friday, June 16, 2023

Schlichter Is Right: They'll Kill You

 Col. Kurt Schlichter (USAR) sums it up:

Chairman Mao, the unspoken hero of our garbage ruling caste, understood that power flows from the barrel of a gun, and it’s not unreasonable to wonder whether the institutions in America that carry guns – law enforcement and the military – and who are supposed to protect us will turn those guns on us if commanded to by the ruling elite.

Stop wondering....

We've mentioned this possibility a few times.  Schlichter's reasoning is dead-on:

 ...Sorry kids, but the logic of their hate and desperate grasping at power leads to blood, ours. And the leftists would cheer our governmental deaths as just and necessary and beautiful just as they did those amateur atrocities.

Remember Ashli Babbitt? Remember how they delighted in her murder? Remember how her killer is free and unpunished? . . .

. . . Why do they do it? Human weakness. Most have invested in their shabby careers. Most are eying pensions. They go along. They follow orders. And if you think that, given the order and the chance, they will not pull a trigger for the ruling class, well, I have a burnt patch of Texas dirt to sell you. Cheap.  HT:  AOSHQ

Ask yourself this:  why are there only four whistleblowers from the entire, horribly corrupt FBI?

Salaries, benefits, pensions.  And the now-ridiculous belief that "FBI" stands for 'fidelity, bravery, integrity.' 

You can see that integrity thing every day with Comey and Wray, bubba.


Anonymous said...

We do remember Ashli, the lawbreaker who chose to ignore several police orders to vacate the premises and willingly chose to enter a restricted area, again after being informed by law enforcement. Actions have consequences. Had she decided not to go through the door window, she would be alive today.

Anonymous said...

Yup Bill Gates wants to kill you, but not necessarily with a gun.....

(Good Video from Fathers day.)

Rand Paul: “Bill Gates Is Largest Funder Of Trying To Find Viruses In Caves And Bring Them To Big Cities”

Anonymous said...

Let’s use a little bit of imagination and think what Bill Gates could do with this type of gene therapy on humans…..

Gene Therapy Spays Cats Without Surgery