Saturday, April 30, 2022

2,000 Mules: Why Robin MUST Continue the Investigation

Robin Vos is now between a rock and a hard place.

He and Fitzgerald (R-WarWar) licensed what turned out to be Election Fraud, proven beyond a doubt by True the Vote and demonstrated in the movie 2,000 Mules.

So if he shuts down the Gableman investigation, he looks guilty as Hell.

If he lets it continue, he looks stupid as Hell.

Who needs Robin?

For that matter, who needs Fitzgerald (also stupid as Hell)??

John Taylor: Fed Funds Should Be 6.5%

Yes, that would be a 600 basis-point jump from where they are now.

Fed Funds are money(s) lent to banks by the Fed or by other banks.  The Fed Fund rate is set by the Federal Reserve, and it's the "wholesale" cost of money.  High cost of money=less inflation.

John Taylor is considered to be THE Milton Friedman monetarist--and that's his conclusion.

Here on the War Room, start at minute 30 or so.  Dave Bradt runs through the numbers and has charts.  You can't see the charts, but you'll understand what he's saying.

This will not be fun.  Jacking Fed Funds that much will put a lot of banks out of the lending business because they won't be migrating their customers to 6.5+++% territory.  That's how the inflation is killed:  no more easy money, serious reduction in demand, and 'fewer dollars chasing goods.'  Some banks may have to disappear, as will some thin-margin businesses.  Ugly.

Will the FRB have the guts to do that?  Biden and his coterie of America-wreckers will scream.  If you think the Musk/Twitter thing caused heads to explode, wait until you hear the screech from Goldie, Chase, and BofA.

This will require a new President.  Let's hope it's not too late.

Minister-ette of Disinfo? A Ukrainian Asset

Well, as it turns out, the horny minister-ette babe has a past.

...So, what was the testing lab Dobriansky tweeted about and Chalupa wrote about? The products of SCL-IOTA Global’s work in Ukraine that Nina Jankowiciz helped to sell to the American public.

This included:

  1. The Russian collusion narrative
  2. All of the Trump Russia saga
  3. The DNC hack narrative
  4. The ODNI stolen election narrative
  5. The Manafort Black ledger narrative
  6. The George Papadopoulos narrative
  7. The Trump Tower narrative
  8. And so on. And so on.

Jankowicz was the (S)strategic communications expert for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Relations (MFA) spokesperson through this period. The MFA was limited in statements to what the Ministry of Information Policy (MIP) was putting out. ...

Yes, she has experience--in disinformation, too!!

PoopyPants Taking Us to War

The Commander-in-Chief 's brain is Swiss Cheese, but never mind that! 

Let's have a WAR!!

That's the conclusion drawn by a Lefty, Michael Brenner, whose brief bio is this:   

...professor of international affairs emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh, a fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations at SAIS Johns Hopkins; he’s written a number of important studies, books, academic articles; he’s taught at every place from Stanford to Harvard to MIT...

"...So we have to understand that the Donbass is not just Russian-speaking but a highly concentrated Russian region of Eastern Ukraine, which tried to separate itself after the Maidan coup—and by the way, Russian speakers in the country as a whole represent 40% of the population. Russians, quite apart from intermarriage and cultural fusion, are not some small, marginal minority in Ukraine.

I believe there is growing and now totally persuasive evidence that when the Biden people came to office, they made a decision to create a crisis over Donbass to provoke a Russian military reaction, and to use that as the basis for consolidating the West, unifying the West, in a program whose centerpiece was massive economic sanctions, with the aim of tanking the Russian economy and possibly and hopefully leading to a rebellion by the oligarchs that would topple Putin.

Now, no person who really knows Russia believes that it was ever at all plausible. But this was an idea which was very prominent in foreign policy circles in Washington, and certainly the Biden administration, and people like Blinken and Sullivan and Nuland believe in it. And so they set about strengthening even further the Ukrainian army, something we’ve been doing for eight years...."

I cannot understand why Fitzgerald and Johnson think positively about this exceedingly dangerous venture.

How's your supply of iodine pills?

Fr. Rutler on Feminists, Transsexuals, and Pachamama

Fr. George Rutler wrote a book The Seven Wonders of the World A Meditation on the Seven Last Words of Christ.  (Ignatius Press, 1993)

There are dozens of gems in that volume.  Here, Rutler ruminates on the poison of feminism.

..."From the Cross Our Lord addresses the Woman before the Mother, ['Woman, behold your son.  Son, behold your Mother'] rooting her significance in primeval categories as prelude to historical categories of biological and spiritual maternity.  ....In His distress, incarnate Wisdom defies the neurotic human urge to go back to the womb; he reverts instead to the source of the human story, where the Woman cancels the loneliness of the Man even before she gives birth to others.  Before calling Mary by the Aramaic "Imma", "Mother", Christ addresses her as "Itta", "woman", as He had addressed the mother of a sick girl..., the invalid,.....the bigamist,......and the penitent.  [Citations omitted]  Mary is the Woman even before she is the Virgin Mother......

Sinful woman's pagan temptation is to hide from the objective reality of the Creator, the God Without, and to console only herself with the autonomous illusion of the nurturer of life as the initiator of life; the temptation to hide from God by 'unleashing the Goddess Within'.  Ordinary human sentiment may find that lush cultic fantasy comfortable and controllable and outside the challenges of the order of justice.  Thus paganism, as a type of immaturity about creation, readily appeals to women suffering from arrested psychological development.  And the 'unleashed goddess' seeks equally immature men as agents.  In the modern pseudo-pagan revival, all sorts of cries circle in the hysterical whirlwind:  identity crises, sexual liberation, gender confusion.  The Crucified One crushes the pagan temptation with his cry 'Woman!'  Eve fell in order to become a goddess.  The New Eve kicked off the dust of Eve and got up to become a woman....."

Rutler nailed it, placing the disorders of identity crises, sexual liberation, and gender confusion (in 1993!) as the results of confusing What is First with What is Second, and connecting it to modern paganism.  

This is the real problem with Pachamama, beloved of Pp. Francis.  The idol pushes the cultic/pagan 'mother' image and places 'woman' far in the background, rather than in the proper order.  But that idolatry is not limited to mysterious South American jungles; it is enthroned in the lights of Hollywood and New York--and, worst, dominates black society, where 'mother' is ALL of 'parent.'  (See below post.)

Do not wonder what is wrong with America.  It's in your face.


Her Parents Must Be Proud of Her.....

Apparently the new Minister-ette of Truth is a horny little twit.

Three.  Different.  Videos for proof.

Bet her Mom and Dad are really proud of her, eh?

Wisconsin's Unemployment Computer Problems

The Daily Pravda (Milwaukee branch office) ankle-bites Kleefisch over the computer problems at DWD which became a disaster under Evers.

Almost at the very bottom of the story, we find this:

...The state recently began a yearslong program to overhaul the computer systems. It is expected to cost $80 million and is being paid for by the federal government. The work comes after the state abandoned a similar project in 2007 because of delays and cost overruns....

Who was Governor in 2007?  Diamond Jim Doyle, a Democrat. 

That's not to say that Walker/Kleefisch are blameless.  We've noted countless times that Walker was just terrible on spending for maintenance for Milwaukee County and for the State.  So yes--he should have addressed the DWD computers.

But it's also clear that the ankle-biter bureaucrat that Walker selected is now playing politics and may also be embellishing his story.  (That reminds me that Walker was also terrible on personnel selection.)

The larger lesson:  no matter the "who" in politics, they ain't gonna solve the problems.  They may get one or two right, such as Act 10 or School Choice, but that's about it.  The rest?  Oh, well.

Crime? It's All Trauma's Fault!!!

More psychobabble about criminals.

There's something called the "ACE Test".

...Most versions of the test ask 10 basic yes-or-no questions. When you were growing up, did a parent or adult in the house beat you? Touch you sexually? Ignore or humiliate you? Were any of them alcoholics? Drug users? Imprisoned? Suicidal?

A person scoring four or more is at "high risk" of struggling with depression and addiction, and enters adulthood with less ability to manage stress, navigate relationships and maintain employment. For those who score six or higher, life expectancy drops 20 years....

Note well:  'parent or other adult in the house'.  That's the Evasion Game at work.  It's been known for decades that single-parent homes produce problems at a far greater rate than two-parent homes.

...Youths are more vulnerable to trauma because they lack the power to respond and lack the understanding and maturity to know how to cope with the wrong done to them, said Yael Danieli, a psychologist who founded and directs the International Center for Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma. 

“These traumas are passed down from generation to generation, and unless the cycle is broken through a resilient person or through counseling, then the person being abused will continue this behavior,” she said in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel interview. ...

You forgot an option, Yael:  life in prison.

 ...Black youths are more than four times as likely than their white peers to be detained or committed in juvenile facilities, according to nationwide data released last year and reported by The Sentencing Project....

Maybe that's because SEVENTY-TWO PERCENT of black children are raised in single-parent households. 

Maybe the J-S reporter and her psychologist pal should spend a couple of years on 'ride-along' with the 5th District cops.

They might learn something, assuming they survive.  Then they could go on the lecture circuit and promote marriage before children, kinda like what God had in mind.

The FBI Is Watching You. Yes, They Are.

Let's remember that this all started with George W. Bush (the Dumber) and was approved by such luminaries as James Sensenbrenner (who never moved back to Wisconsin) and Paul Ryan (who couldn't get away from Wisconsin fast enough.)  Abuse of the system commenced immediately.

The FBI may have conducted millions of warrantless searches of Americans’ electronic data last year, U.S. intelligence officials acknowledged in a report released Friday.

The report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence revealed that the bureau conducted up to 3.4 million searches of U.S. data drawn from the National Security Agency. Senior Biden administration officials told The Wall Street Journal the number is likely inflated due to the way individual queries are tabulated, but the number was still nearly triple that of the prior year....

And of course, all those searches are strictly for "national security" and "foreign terrorist influences," not to mention RUSSIANS RUSSIANS RUSSIANS.

If you believe that, I have really nice lakefront property for you in North Africa.

Garland's Bedfellows

Not that this is a surprise, but Garland's DoJ plotted with Every Lefty/Commie Bunch Under the Sun to take down Georgia's voting-integrity law.  They were in bed together.

The Biden Justice Department coordinated its legal assault on Georgia's election integrity law last year with several liberal advocacy groups, and is now trying to conceal the content of their communications by claiming they are covered by legal privileges.

Emails and memos obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and reviewed by Just the News show extensive communications between DOJ officials and some of the biggest names in the liberal legal advocacy world, including the NAACP, the ACLU, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The communications also include the Perkins Coie law firm...

Perkins Coie, the social disease of election fraud!!  Trace back and you'll find them, just like public health departments do with syphilis.

And, just like someone with syphilis, DoJ is trying to hide it!

...The topics for the meeting were redacted by DOJ, claiming they are covered by deliberative privilege and attorney work product secrecy....

Georgia's Secretary of State has an observation.

...Raffensperger said Thursday the redactions and the privilege claims smack of political favoritism, since DOJ should consider the American public and not one-sided political allies as its clients.

"In effect, what they are doing is invoking client-attorney privilege," the Georgia elections chief said in a television interview. "And it clients, apparently, are these liberal activist groups, instead of being the American people. The Department of Justice works for all of us. I believed that this case was politically motivated, and now we have proof."...

The only way they win is by lying and cheating.  Nobody votes for their real agenda.


Jim Jordan, the Hopeless Optimist

Here's the 'fighting words' from Jim Jordan regarding the Ministry of Truth proposal.

... Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated that if Republicans gain control of the House or both chambers of Congress they should “write into the appropriations bill, no money in the appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security can be used for the Disinformation Governance Board” and refuse to pass appropriations legislation unless that language is in the bill....

Uh-huh.  If there's one thing the Totalitarian administration knows, it's "lying."

Does Jordan think for even 2 seconds that de-monetizing this 'Governance Board' will stop them from running such an op under a different name in a different department?  Does Jordan know about the NSA's capabilities?

Really, Jim?

Scott Fitzgerald Pushes Toward War

Scott Fitzgerald (GOPe-WI) planted a big kiss on "lend-lease" legislation for Ukraine.  We are now formally supplying weapons and equipment to Ukraine; under some interpretations of international law (not Globaloney "rules-based" bullshit), Russia can look at us as a formal enemy.

...The bill, which revamps FDR’s lend-lease program, passed 417-10 in the House and now proceeds to President Biden’s desk for signature.

“It is vital that the U.S. does everything possible to get the necessary weapons to Ukraine and our eastern European partners to defend against Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression,” said Texas Rep. Michael T. McCaul...

 ...The updated bill for Ukraine lifts some reimbursement requirements and allows military equipment to be leant or leased for more than five years....

(The Lusitania was a casualty of FDR's "lend-lease" program.  Apparently history is irrelevant to Fitzgerald.)

There's a larger point here.  Fitzgerald was a member of the Reserves.  He knows that the chain of command ends at the President's desk.  He also knows--or SHOULD know--that Biden is non compos mentis.

Why does Fitzgerald--an ex-officer--place the Armed Forces at grave risk of combat with a C-in-C who cannot think?

Takes One to Know One

The old saying 'It takes one to know one' applies to this chubby turd.

Here's Bill Barr:

...“I’ve said I don’t think [Trump] should be our nominee, the Republican Party nominee. I think Republicans have a big opportunity. I think it would be a big mistake to put him forward...."

The big mistake was you, Bill.  For a guy who talks "Catholic" you sure forgot a lot about punishment for crimes, especially those committed by your underlings in the FBI.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Zelenskiy Now Disarms the Volunteers

Waaaaaaayyyy back on March 11, (/sarc) Little Dictator Zelenskiy handed out thousands of AK-47s to 'volunteers' and gave them orders to defend the homeland.

Well, that is no longer operative.

...“Some of our regions have been liberated from the occupiers and there is no fighting. In these areas, we need to perform tasks related to the reconstruction of our cities and villages, restore the economy, return to work,” Galushkin claimed (converted to English via Google Translate). “That is why in these regions it is time to concentrate weapons in certain storage areas. You will take care of her [weapon], take her for training and, if necessary, get her to complete tasks. We will keep the gunpowder dry. Proper storage of weapons is very important so that at a critical moment it can be quickly used and used against our enemy - the Russian troops.”...

Good enough to die for Zelenskiy, but NOT good enough to keep the AK at home.

What's Zelenskiy worried about??

Has Paul Ryan Figured It Out?

Here's an interesting mid-length article featuring Paul Ryan, the man who ran away from home as soon as he left Congress.  (So much for the aw-shucks homeboy, eh?)

Ryan's analysis of Conservatism is decent; he even refers to "fusionism," but not that of Frank Meyer.

Then he gets to Trump and it's clear that Ryan hates everything Trump stood for.

...Policy rather than philosophy is the basis for “a solid fusion” as Ryan understands it. After George W. Bush the conflicts that had divided the right before his administration reemerged. Over the last three decades, continued Ryan, “I think we’ve had pauses, we’ve won some White Houses, but we’ve never settled into a posture of a majoritarian center-right movement that is capable of racking up consistent majorities, presidencies, and putting in place a governing agenda for the 21st century.”

Instead, there has been “churn,” and “right now it’s dominated by Trump. Which is populism, just pure rank, untethered-to-principle populism, cult of personality populism, which is really not an agenda, a theory; it’s a person. So I think we’re still in this churn, and I think underneath that is the kind of fight we had in the early ’90s, is the kind of fight we’re having now, but with digital.”...

Right at the top you can see Ryan's problem.  He doesn't care about a philosophy of governing; he cares only about policy.  A true Wonk!!

Then Ryan claims that Trump's populism is "untethered-to-principle" and that it's a personality cult.

I suspect that Ryan is wrong, and is whistling past the graveyard.  He acknowledges that in passing:

 ...Ryan described how he had hoped the Tea Party would give rise to “supply side 2.0,” an agenda of “pro-growth economics, limited government, get the debt and entitlements under control, and a robust foreign policy.” That was the agenda he wanted to pursue in the House of Representatives, though “on the issues of trade and immigration there was a fight, but we sort of pushed that to the side, and then we really tapped the Tea Party movement. We got the majority back.”

Trade and immigration would not remain off to the side, however: “In hindsight, this is just me looking back, we didn’t understand…the potency of those issues, the power of those issues, and [what] I think the establishment Republicans, people like me included, missed was just the effects of issues like trade and immigration on the forgotten man. And how that really played into not just policy but people’s thinking and perception.”...

Yah, Paulie, you'd be amazed how being jobless and hungry to go Global can focus one's attention on Wonk Fails.  See, e.g., Cleveland, Milwaukee, Detroit, Flint, Northern Indiana, Pittsburgh, and the mills and furniture makers of the South.  For starters.

It's not Trump, Paul-boy.  It's America First.  You've been fighting against that ever since Pat Buchanan, and you're losing that fight, so you now call it "unprincipled" and "a cult."

No, Paul.  You forgot who you were supposed to be working for in Janesville.

And pretty soon, they'll forget you, too.

The article's conclusions are dead-on, by the way.  Worth the read.

The Blob's Moving. Clean the Weapons

JJ Sefton assembles facts and uses logic to conclude that the Cloud People (the Blob) are making their move.

First, he mentions the new "truth police" function arrogated to itself by DHS, which happens to be the largest Fed arms-and-ammo buyer outside of the Pentagon (!)  It's run by a dogmatic ditz, of course, and she's merely a cat's paw for Mayorkas/Garland/BidenšŸ¤”.

Then he mentions the FISA scam, under which Fed snoops and cops obtain (often) illegal warrants, few questions asked (if any.)

Then there's the "white supremacist/insurrectionist-terrorist" fable being pushed by Garland and FEEBWray.  Sefton on that:

...Let me state this as clearly as I can: There is no mass white supremacist movement in this country. Period, full stop. The Burning, Looting and Murdering that swept the nation in 2020 had one purpose; gin up hatred against President Trump and sow such civil unrest that he would be driven from office and the MAGA movement discredited. And that civil unrest culminated on January 6th, where the violence at the Capitol was planned and carried out by the FBI/DOJ, Capitol Police and cadres from the ranks of BLM and Antifa....

About that 1/6 thing, Julie Kelly has a theory of the case, quoted by JJ:

... McConnell, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser—the three leaders responsible for protecting the Capitol on January 6—still have not explained their failure to do so. Not only did McConnell’s top law enforcement officials purportedly overlook the potential for violence on January 6, he denied requests for more officers days before and delayed sending guardsmen to Capitol Hill that afternoon. ...

So, perhaps there is a darker explanation for McConnell’s giddiness on January 6. What unfolded that day on McConnell’s watch ended Republican demands for an election audit; criminalized criticism of the 2020 election, which McConnell still describes as “fair” and legitimate; vilified Republican lawmakers; and prompted Trump’s second impeachment. McConnell also believed the protest would spell the end of the Trump movement, something the Beltway crony long attempted to quash....

Now their quashing turns up a few degrees, with the new "Speech Polzei."  Remember that the National Security Agency can and does maintain surveillance on every single American communication using telephone or internet; Stasi on Steroids, so to speak.

The paranoia in D.C. is serious and dangerous to US citizens who dissent from their War-War-War/Spend-Spend-Spend/Globaloney!!/Illegal Immigrants!! creed.  It's concentrated in the Democrat and RINO ranks, of course, but it's there.  They have taken political prisoners (the 1/6 guys) as a sign:  The Blob will not countenance dissent.

Are you prepared? 

The Cost of "Green"

While the local Pravda headline would place the blame on WE Energies, the fact is that this is all "green" cost.

WEC Energy Group is seeking approval from state regulators to increase its electric rates between 5% and 6%, or about $60 to $72, for the typical residential customer, starting in 2023. 

The increase will affect We Energies customers and WPS customers. The last time WEC Energy Group asked for a rate increase was in 2019....

The relevant facts about "green" begin to show up in paragraph FOURTEEN, but not until graf SEVENTEEN do we get this:

...WEC Energy officials told the Public Service Commission on Thursday, that WPS needs to recover $290 million and We Energies needs to recover $835 million for renewable energy projects approved or pending approval in 2022. ...

Yes.  Sunshine will replace actual reliable power, and it will "save money" downtrack.  Because.  (Why?  Because you may not have electricity when it's cloudy, so you save money!!  See??)

Sunshine is also being blown  up your ass, friends.  First, there is no "typical customer."  Rest assured that you will pay a LOT more than the headline numbers in that story.  An old friend who worked at WE would break out laughing when 'typical customer' came up.  He referred to that customer as "a myth."  Second, as we mention above, steady, reliable power comes only from coal and/or natgas plants--except for the tiny bit which is hydro.

Here's a question:  what has your "conservative" rep in the state-house or in Congress done about this?

Recession coming, food costs to the ceiling, and now, "Green"!! 

Groundwork Propaganda on "GUNZZZZ"

Not hard to tell when some politician is prepping another "gun control" scam; the propaganda outlets are beginning the assault on the 2A.

Milwaukee hospitals are being slammed with gunshot victims.

There were 20 shootings last weekend alone, including three homicides, one of whom was a 13-year-old girl.

The surge in gun violence is felt on the frontlines inside the emergency room at Froedtert Hospital....

There's no 'news' there, and no real story to tell about the hospitals.  The story is the feral drug dealers, 90% of whom are known to the Milwaukee Police.

But you won't see interviews of them, nor the cops.

You'll hear about "GUNNNNNZZZZZ"

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Got a Spare $33 BILLION for Corrupt Ukraine??

This is beyond parody, and it's likely to get approved by "military man" Scott Fitzgerald* and (R-Oshkosh Truck) Ron Johnson.

...During her press briefing Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the White House doesn’t want to “define what success in Ukraine looks like,” but demands U.S. taxpayers to give them another $33 billion toward it.

A few moments later Psaki admits the money will be spent subsidizing not only Ukraine, but NATO allies who are suffering the results of inflation.

Psaki stated the Biden demand for more money “is not all for Ukraine, it’s also for some of our Eastern European partners and others to help support them during this time as well.”  Wait, now we are paying to subsidize the economy of EU countries while our own economy is contracting?...

Fitzgerald recently sent another silly-assed email all in High Dudgeon that 'Putin doesn't like me'.

Awwwww.   Wah-wah-wah waaaaaahh.

So you know where "Mr. Military" is going to be putting his vote.  

We also have concerns about Ron Johnson; the Senate vote on a "Give Them Arms" bill was "voice" only--so who knows what RoJo did?

This is clear as crystal:  the military-industrial complex's sales/profit curve went *poof* when Biden gifted the Taliban with $8 billion in armaments and abandoned the 'stan, so they're pushing Biden to have another war (which to them means "party!!!")

And what's $33 BN?  Not all that much, ya'know.  Less than the college loan balances, ya'know.  FAR less than what the US will spend on its own bureaucrats, ya'know.  Just give it up for the cause, ya'know.

And some Congressmen will do exactly that.

*He was a Major in the Reserves.  "Major" is translated REMF, in case you don't know.

'You Can't Make This Up', Kenosha Edition

This is one for the books.

The career violent criminal and felon, Anthony Huber might have a memorial tree planted and plaque installed at Kenosha’s Anderson Park. That is, if the all-democrat parks committee approves the request with at least 3 votes.. The request was made on April 5, 2022 by Huber’s girlfriend Hannah Gittings who lives in Spring Grove, IL...

...In 2012, Huber held a 6-inch-long butcher knife to his brothers neck and violently attacked him. He told his brother he was going to “gut him like a pig.” He choked his brother and dug his nails into his neck. His brother could not breath for 10 seconds. He then stabbed him in the ear. He then threatened to burn the house down and kill his mother, grandmother and siblings. Huber left on his skateboard.

In 2017, Huber was in an argument with his sister. His mother called the police and told them that “(Huber) has a history of abusive behavior.” He Karate kicked her and she fell down in pain. He told the police that it wasn’t “wrong” to hurt his sister....

Even Democrats couldn't possibly vote for this idea.

Could they?


"Thanks, Dummy!!"---Signed, The Burglars

Only a newspaper writer could be this stupid.

A Memphis newspaper published data on concealed weapon permit holders, itemized by zip code. Someone set out to study what happened to burglary rates in the years after the publication. Answer: burglary rates for the areas with high populations of permit-holders fell, while those for areas with low populations of permit-holders rose. The newspaper had inadvertently pointed out where the safest burglary targets in the city were located....

Now you know that you don't even have to CARRY to prevent burglary.  Just have a permit!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Paul Ryan's Girly-Man

Y'all recall that Paul Ryan--formerly of Wisconsin--hand-picked the girly-man McCarthy.

...On January 10, after Twitter's Censorious Brahmin Vijaya Gadde had already banned the sitting President from the service, Kevin McCarthy conspired with Liz Cheney about colluding with the tech oligarchs to ban more sitting Republican officials from speaking to their constituents....

 [quoting Tucker]:  "Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California told his close friend Liz Cheney that he hoped the social media companies would censor more conservative Republicans in Congress," he stated. "Donald Trump, the sitting president, had already been silenced by those companies. But McCarthy wanted the tech oligarchs to do more and force disobedient lawmakers off the internet."...

Too bad it's almost too late to primary this little pansy.

Durham Soldiers On, Traps Lying Liars

RedState explains it all.

...Do you see the issue? In one case, Hillary for America is saying: “Oh, Sussmann was just giving us legal services.” In another case, on the exact same payments, they are admitting: “Oh, Sussmann was not actually being paid for legal services.” You would think the judge overseeing Durham’s prosecution wouldn’t find that tactic very cute.

Sure enough, Durham is now springing his trap. On Saturday, he issued subpoenas before the jury to elicit open testimony on the issue of claiming attorney-client privilege....

They'll never get the old bag herself.  But all I want to see is Marc Elias in a striped suit for 30, no parole.

The Stuff They Put Into Newspapers

Horrible event in Chippewa Falls; pray for the little girl's soul and for her family.

This is how the Daily Mail sub-head looks:

Police arrested a juvenile male in connection to the murder of Lily Peters, 10 

Peters' body was found in woodland near close to a walking trail in Chippewa Falls, northeast of Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Monday morning

Fourth-grader had gone missing on Sunday night after being at an aunt's house

Father reported his daughter missing at around 9pm

Her body was found along with her bike close to a walking trail in the small town 

Police will not say how she died; they also haven't revealed the gender or age of the boy charged with her murder 

Sometimes it causes me to tremble.

Union Keeps Death-Grip on Mke Public Schools

Given the track record, it's possible that ZERO MPS grads will be able to read in 10 years.  So the Teachers' Union lackeys keep their slots.

...Board members on Tuesday also voted to keep Bob Peterson as their president and Sequanna Taylor as their vice president for another year. ...

And they rewarded themselves with a raise for their total failure!!

Milwaukee School Board members are getting a 4.7% raise — the first increase after keeping their compensation flat at $18,667 each for over 20 years. ...

In Democrat-run areas, rewarding incompetence is normal.  Too bad for the victims/students, eh?

Gonna Drive Trucks? Not So Fast, Pal!

Is this a valid signal, or just the temporary result of supply shortages?

...A Tuesday analyst note from Ken Hoexter, the managing director of Bank of America's trucking research, shows that shippers see rapidly softening demand for trucks, with a gauge tracking truckload demand falling for the fourth consecutive month to its lowest level since June 2020.

That is "near freight recession level," Hoexter wrote. On an annual basis, the gauge has plummeted about 23%....

..."Respondents noted a softening demand outlook, loosening market, deteriorating rail service, and pricing softness in the market," the analyst note said. "Shippers' short-term positive outlooks fell to 39% from 50% last survey, neutral outlooks jumped to 43% from 39%, while negative outlooks were 18% from 11%."

A different indicator that measures shippers' views on truck rates, meanwhile, collapsed to its lowest level since May 2020, when the U.S. economy was still in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. About 36% of shippers now expect rates to fall in the coming months, a significant increase from the 17% recorded in the last issue. ...

Truck pricing, like anything else, is subject to the same Iron Rule:  if something cannot continue, it won't.  

Can Bidenomics cause a recession?  You damn straight it can!!

Buttplug and the Nature of Bureaucracy

The nature of bureaucracy is to protect and expand itself.  In the last 20 years or so, every Wisconsin governor has added full-time equivalent employees to the State's payroll.

That's the case in D.C., in spades.  IRS wants to add 85,000 new employees, and even Mama Buttplug is looking to swarm us with more "help."

...Buttigieg has failed to avert supply chain woes that have impacted American daily life. Under Buttigieg’s leadership, grocers are unable to adequately stock shelves, massive amounts of container ships are stalled off California’s coasts while the trucking industry is short drivers.

The ad shows Buttigieg slow walking through the DOT among a diverse group of supposed employees. Walking toward the camera, Buttigieg said the DOT “is undertaking one of the biggest investments of transportation in our history.”

“And that means we are hiring,” Buttigieg explained while he continued to walk with background elevator music. “I hope you’ll consider becoming one of our colleges here at the DOT.”...

Note to Trump:  Promise to reduce every Fed agency's headcount by 10% in the first year of your next Presidency.

Otherwise, who needs you?

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

PoopyPants' Hidden Big Bucks

Had to come out sometime. analysis by of the president's financial records shows $5.2million is unexplained

The 'missing millions' and emails on Hunter's abandoned laptop suggest Joe would have a 10% share in Hunter's blockbuster deal with the Chinese

The revelation ties the president even closer to Hunter's overseas business dealings, despite the White House's denials...

One question:  where's the other $25 million??

Joe Sanfelippo's Evasive Rhetoric

The local rag is desperate to shut down Gableman's investigation of the Election Fraud of '20.  They think that using Trump's name automatically smears the effort and will put it out of business.

Maybe, maybe not.

They even found an ally of sorts in Joe Sanfelippo (who will quit "representing" soon.)

...The committee's vice-chairman, Republican Rep. Joe Sanfelippo of New Berlin, said he and Brandtjen have different views on what election matters the Legislature should be targeting.

"Brandtjen has been focused on Gableman's review, in looking at the past, and to me, I'm not happy with what happened in the past but the past is the past — I'm not looking in the rearview mirror anymore," Sanfelippo said in an interview.

"I'm looking forward to make sure that in future elections, we don't have situations arise that lead to people having concerns and not having confidence in the election."...

Here's the thing, Joe:  CRIMES were committed.  Would you want your local cop shop to "look to the future" and skip finding and prosecuting murderers?  Rapists?  

Nice little rhetorical evasion, Joe.

Your 'who cares?' attitude sucks.  Maybe your retirement is a little late.

Monday, April 25, 2022

We Win; Biden Loses

Title 42.  Louisiana Fed judge will issue a temporary restraining order forcing BidenšŸ¤” to keep Title 42 in place.

We win.  He loses.

Ukrainian Military Fables

Vox points out a flat-out lie from Ukie propagandists (paid for by the US taxpayer!  see below.)

...The latest statistics, published by the Ukrainian Land Forces this morning, suggest 21,800 Russian fighters have been killed amid bitter resistance from Ukraine’s armed forces and territorial defence units – though this figure could not be verified....

It would be very difficult to 'verify' that material unless you're in a cow-pasture.

...According to the same article, “On February 24, Russia’s land army consisted of 280,000 full-time active soldiers compared with Ukraine’s 125,600.”

Now, the number of casualties in war is always a multiple of the number of fatalities. For example, the USA lost 407,316 KIA during WWII and 671,846 WIA out of 16.4 million troops, for a Cas/Fat ratio of 1.65. As medical science improved, this ratio increased over time, to 2.6 for Vietnam, 7.2 for Iraq, and 8.6 for Afghanistan.

So, if the most recent US war is a reasonable comparative, the Ukrainian claims would indicate an additional 180,600 wounded Russians for a total of 201,600 Russian casualties, which would mean that the Russian casualty rate of 72 percent exceeds that of the German, Japanese, and Soviet militaries during the entirety of World War II. And at 7.5 percent, the fatality rate is three times the US WWII fatality rate of 2.5 percent in just two months....

Since we're paying the Ukies in cash (see below) the least they could do is tell reasonably-credible lies.  Like, say, "Russia stole the election from Hillary."


US Pays Pensions for Ukraine Govt Workers

 This is very nice of BidenšŸ¤”, don'cha think?

...notice how [Ukie] Prime Minister Shmyhal is not the least bit bashful about saying cash is important because American taxpayers, the working American people, have a duty to fund the pensions and retirement accounts of the Ukrainian people, including govt politicians. [03:37] Indeed, much of the financial assistance Joe Biden has been sending to Ukraine (beyond the weapons to support the proxy war) is going toward paying the wages and salaries of corrupt Ukranian leadership. Let that first point settle in deeply, as we consider how working Americans are being financially destroyed by U.S. monetary/fiscal policy, yet the same U.S. officials wiping out your bank account are funding the bank accounts of people in Ukraine....

PoopyPants must have a HELLUVALOT to hide in Ukraine, eh?

JCPenney to Buy Kohl's?

This is noteworthy.

Simon Property Group (SPG) and Brookfield Asset Management (BAMR), the new owners of JCPenney, have allegedly made an offer to acquire department store retail chain Kohl's for $8.6 billion, New York Post reports, citing sources close to the talks. ...

Yah, well, Hudson's Bay Co. is also interested as are a couple of private-equity company shredders.

GOPe in WI: Pay Attention!

Michigan Republicans smashed the GOP Establishment picks for Sec of State and AG at convention.

Hey, Robin!

Jus' sayin'

Arms Dealers ALWAYS Do Well

This is somewhat infuriating.

...the UK newspaper The Telegraph has reported European capitols are selling Russia weapons for use in the Ukrainian conflict, taking advantage of loopholes in sanctions to hypocritically accomplish.

Despite a 2014 EU decision on an arms embargo to Russia after it invaded Crimea, between 2015-2020 10 EU member states continued to supply it with 346 million euro’s worth of military equipment, 44% of which came from France and 35% from Germany, a March 17 report by the independent European news agency Investigate Europe found, reported The Telegraph.

The other countries were Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Spain and Croatia....Quoted at Ace's Place, of course.

So BidenšŸ¤” sends $$$$several hundred million in howitzers, shells, and ammo to ONE side, and Europe deals $$$$$several hundred million in weapons, too.

Raytheon.  THE stock to buy!!

GM Walks Away From Some EV's

 This is interesting.  Is it a harbinger?

General Motors will reportedly no longer provide battery replacements for the all-electric version of the Chevy Spark, according to a report from EV-Resource (via InsideEVs). The Chevy Spark electric vehicle (EV) was first released in 2013, and GM continued to make new models until 2016.

A GM district executive confirmed to EV-Resource that the company is “no longer going to supply that [the Spark EV’s] battery.” GM’s inventory of Spark EV battery packs has reportedly run out as well, and the company doesn’t plan on making any more. The Verge reached out to GM with a request for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.

With the oldest model of the Spark EV reaching almost 10 years old, vehicle owners may find themselves without a working car if their battery pack fails. GM offers an eight-year / 100,000-mile warranty specifically for the battery pack in its Spark EVs and other electric vehicles, which means the warranty has already run out (or is very close to running out) for Spark EVs released in 2013 and 2014. It’s unclear if GM will continue to honor its warranty and somehow replace the battery pack in broken-down Sparks, or as EV-Resource points out, if GM will offer to buy back the vehicle instead of replacing the battery.  --quoted at Ace's place

Not a particularly attractive lawn ornament, either.  So........boat anchor??

A "Make Law" Blackrobed Insurrectionist

There's no other way to describe "Judge" Totenberg.  She's an insurrectionist revolting against civil authority.

How can that be?  Easy!!

...As the country braces for the midterm elections, the left seems to be rallying behind three D’s: Democracy, Disinformation and Disqualification. The latter effort just received a huge boost from [Judge Totenberg] in Georgia who has allowed a challenge to knock Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) off the ballot as an insurrectionist. Nothing says “democracy” like preventing others from voting....

Well, duh.  The Eminent Sociopath LawProf  Laurence Tribe agrees with Totenberg.  Q.E.D., right?


 ...To the extent that a person can be disqualified under the 14th Amendment, it requires action from Congress, not a local board of election. Despite an otherwise long, careful opinion, Totenberg blithely set aside such details, including an 1869 decision by then-Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase. The case in question challenged the right of Hugh W. Sheffey to hold a Virginia state court office, given his support for the Confederacy. Chase ruled that Section 3 did not disqualify Sheffey because “legislation by Congress is necessary to give effect to” Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, and disqualification from office “can only be provided for by Congress.”

Congress later passed the Amnesty Act of 1872, which overrode the Disqualification Clause except for “Senators and Representatives of the thirty-sixth and thirty-seventh Congresses.”...

The Amnesty Act, Chase's decision, and the text of the 14th happen to be "civil authority."  So not only is Totenberg an ignorant jackwad blackrobe (a low bar, yes), she's committing insurrection.

Crucify her!!

The War!!War!! State Department

Yovanovitch, Obama's ambassador to Ukraine, admits that were Trump re-elected, Putin would most likely have NOT invaded Ukraine.

But that would be a bad thing, see?

War!!War!! is preferred in the alleged 'mind' of this Globalist dame.

Another useful tidbit:  if Trump is re-elected, the US will pull out of NATO.  

Leads one to speculate that the Great Election Fraud of '20 may have had international players.

Election Fraud Complaint Filed Over Green Bay Acts

Took long enough, and it's not yet a "go-to-prison" matter, but the ball's rolling.

The city clerk of Green Bay, Wisconsin, participated in illegal absentee ballot harvesting in the local election on April 5, a new legal complaint filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission claims.

Several voters reported seeing City Clerk Celestine Jeffreys accepting multiple absentee ballots from the hand of a single person several times, according to Erick Kaardal, special counsel with the Thomas More Society, a not-for-profit public interest law firm. Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, a Democrat, appointed Jeffreys to her current post.

“This is ballot harvesting and it is illegal,” Kaardal said in a statement.

The complaint (pdf), cited as Roeser v. Jeffreys, against Jeffreys was filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission on April 21.....

Genrich is as guilty as Hell, too.


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Learn to Code, Part 13,685

We're not raving fans of Gov. Noem, but here she presents a real gem.

Why the Food-Processing Plant Problems?

Sundance presents a very, very good theory on all these food-processing plant malfunctions.

(First, the disposition of the 'airplane accidents.'  They ARE accidents, and food plants are often near airports due to logistics.)

As to the rest?

...When the restaurant, hotel, cafeteria, school lunchroom, food trucks and hospitality venues were shut down by government COVID mitigation, they represented about 60% of all food consumption.  That pushed everyone into the retail side, grocery stores and supermarkets for food purchases.

When 60% of the demand shifted into the system that represents the other 40% of total food delivery, the processing side of the total food supply chain went into maximum stress and overdrive.   CTH warned about the limits and capacities of this sector and the potential future problems that would surface.

Commercial food operations, industrial kitchens and massive food processing organizations were forced to increase food production on a scale that is almost unimaginable.  Empty store shelves were the immediate result of massive increases in demand.  The entire supply chain was pushed beyond capacity and remained beyond operational capacity for well over 18 months.

Two shift processing operations added a third and fourth shift for workers.  Unlimited overtime with everyone working round the clock was the outcome. The food processing and distribution supply chain went into 24/7 emergency operations to try and compensate for the extreme demand.

What we are seeing now is likely, in large part, a downstream consequence from industrial kitchens putting preventative maintenance on the side in order to keep the processing going....

Makes sense, especially if you include "operator error" which is a natural result of heavy overtime and poor or non-existent training due to the pressure to make and ship product NOW; and the generally declining talent in the available recruitment pool.

We don't need a reduction in food-processing capability, but paranoia will NOT be helpful.

WISN RadioMouth Dislikes This (!!???)

Last week, the early-morning RadioMouth on WISN (Weber) disparaged the person who sent this series of tweets:

To the Social Media staffer writing tweets for President Butter Beans:

To decrease utility bills, we must build more nuclear plants, increase clean coal for energy, drill for US oil & gas, and stop the Green New Deal.

You don’t see our enemies worshiping your climate gods.

Prescription drug cost will drastically decrease when we cut out the middle man.

Obamacare should be repealed and real market competition should return to the healthcare industry.

And we must make critical medications here in the USA, not buy them from China.

And to decrease inflation, Congress must stop spending TRILLIONS paying people to stay home and not go to work, bailing out big corporations, and NEVER AGAIN SHUTDOWN PRIVATE BUSINESSES.

Stop printing money and flooding it into the economy.

Stop enslaving the American people in debt to China, Japan, and other foreign countries who own our national debt.

Stop all foreign aid and funding foreign wars and foreign regime change.

Stop your stupid ideas like $10 billion to vaccinate the world to enrich big pharma.

Stop wasting a fortune of American’s hard earned tax dollars on twisted ideology like gender studies in Pakistan.

Oh and how about stop funding biolabs that create bio weapons.

Stop giving grant money to politician’s kids and friends for their businesses like Metabiota.

While we are at it, we should shrink the size of the federal government that is really the problem in the American people’s lives.

Slash useless agencies like the BOE, ATF, and fire all lazy gov employees that stay home all day in their pajamas bc of the covid scam.

Make some money for a change by charging foreign countries for our military presence in their countries that keep them safe and allow them to not have to heavily fund their own military for their own national defense.

Like Germany.

Seems Germany’s government (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) funds attacking our citizens like @libsoftiktok. (Rep. Greene linked to a story about the matter; this is a link to Sister Toldjah’s story.)

So why are US tax payers paying for our military base in their country defending them?

@libsoftiktok pays taxes.

How about we just bring our troops home and place them at our southern border to stop the illegal invasion that you Democrats are fueling?

Bc the drain on American taxpayers paying for illegals being let in our country is outrageous!

Just a few ideas to start.

Perhaps Mr. Weber could pick out which of these ideas he thinks is "radical extremism."

Weber likes to play 'wise old man' and 'moderate' conservative.  Really, he's playing with Wisconsin Republican Establishment rules:  Patty-Cake, rather than full-bore Culture War.

He'll be one of the first ones to be sacrificed by the Lefty pagans.


Israel vs. Christians, Again??

Only a couple thousand years ago, the Israelis saw to the execution of Christ.  Christ--from the cross--forgave them, 'for they knew not what they do.'  Following that day, the Jews were very unfriendly to Christians, but only killed one that we know of:  St Stephen.

While not a persecution (and no martyrs here, either), we find the State of Israel being unfriendly to Christians all over again.

Dreher was in Jerusalem during Holy Week, and found that the Israeli (Jerusalem) police were NOT allowing Christians into the Old City for Holy Week services.

...I’m staying at a hotel inside the Old City, where I was advised to book a room out of fear that the Jerusalem police would not let Christians into the Old City on Holy Saturday. This turns out to have been very good advice.

After an early breakfast in our hotel, a Christian friend and I decided to go over to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to pray. We got to the end of our street, which opens onto the plaza at the Jaffa Gate, and two Jerusalem police officers told us we couldn’t pass. Then she said we could leave, but there was no guarantee that we could get back in....

...The police officer at the gate said we could leave the Old City, but when we returned, to tell the guards at the bottom to phone her, and she would tell them to let us in. She was polite, and tried to be accommodating, but I told my friend that I didn’t want to risk not being able to get back in. My friend, who lived in Israel for years, told me that he doesn’t blame these cops. “They’re all Israeli millennials,” he said. “Many of them don’t like this any more than we do. These are their orders.”...

Apparently a group of Israeli 'zealots' is behind all this; they intend to 'purify' the Holy City by keeping all non-Jews OUT, thankyouverymuch.

 ...There is a broader controversy here that the worldwide Christian community should know about. It involves the activities of a radical Israeli settler group that aims to “redeem” Jerusalem by cleansing it of non-Jews....

The group is called 'Ateret Cohanim' and they invited John Bolton to speak at one of their gatherings.


What's old is new again, just like it is in the post immediately below this one.


The Old (Fables) Are New Again

Met a fellow at the office who is a member of a very large West Suburban parish--and in fact, sits on the Parish Council.  Since that parish's early history was well-known to me, we had an enjoyable conversation until he mentioned that 'one of our priests...I forget which one.....said that priestly celibacy would not be required in the future, just as it was not required until the Middle Ages, and that women priests would be coming within the next several years.'

That would have been in recent parish history because the names he dropped were at that parish within the last 5 years or so.

I reminded him of one very simple reason that there would never be (licit) "women priests," which is this:  at Ordination, a priest becomes 'alter Christi' (another Christ,) and if memory serves, Christ was a man, not a woman

(This fellow is a convert, so he can be forgiven for some ignorance, particularly when it is fueled by utterly ridiculous or despicable comments from a priest.)

Moving on......his remarks about 'married priests' included reference to 'property disputes' which forced the Church to mandate celibacy for priests around 1000 AD.  (The perfectly correct term is 'continence' early on in Church history and currently with the admission of married Episcopalian priests, e.g.--but 'celibacy' is a valid term applied to UN-married priests.)

'Property disputes' may well have happened; it's not hard to imagine a priest 'giving title' to assets of the Church when his brain-functions were concentrated beneath the belt-line; nor is it hard to imagine that some women were interested in getting the 'title' to a church and all its fixtures.  The priest had no legal right to 'give title' to anyone, and the women had no 'right to marry' a priest, but the value of the prize was significant, right?  Anyone here surprised?  No?  Then let's move on.

So that made me look up the references again.  Here's another one.

...To understand the history of celibacy from today's perspective it is necessary to realise that in the West, during the first millennium of the Church, a large number of bishops and priests were married men, something which today is quite exceptional. However, a precondition for married men to receive orders as deacons, priests, or bishops was that after ordination they were required to live perpetual continence or the lex continentiae. They had, with the prior agreement of their spouses, to be prepared to forego conjugal life in the future....

 ...In the early Church, as already indicated, ordination of married men was the norm. Sacred Scripture confirms this; St Paul prescribes to his disciples Titus and Timothy that candidates for ordination should only have been married once (cf. 1 Tim 3:2.12; Tit 1:6). We know that Peter was married and perhaps others of the Apostles. This seems to be implied in Peter's question to Christ - 'We have left our homes and followed you'. And Jesus replied, 'Truly, I say to you, there is no man who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive manifold more in this time, and in the age to come eternal life' (Lk 18:28-30; cf. Mt 19:27-30).

Here we see the first obligation of clerical celibacy, that is, continence in relation to the use of marriage after ordination. This was the original meaning of celibacy - the lex continentiae or absolute continence in relation to the generation of children. This is how it is defined in all the first written laws about celibacy, dating from the fourth and fifth centuries. Candidates for ordination could not commit themselves to live continence without the prior, express agreement of their spouses, since as a consequence of the sacramental bond they had an inalienable right to conjugal relations.

For several reasons, practical as well as ascetical, a preference developed in the Church for the ordination of celibate, unmarried men, a preference which subsequently became the normal requirement for all candidates for the priesthood in the Western Church. Hence, as has been pointed out, in the first millennium of the Church, celibacy meant either of two things: that ordained ministers did not marry, or, if those chosen to be ordained were already married, after ordination they had to commit themselves to a life of perpetual continence. The failure to distinguish between the lex continentiae and celibacy as we understand it today has given rise to a number of misunderstandings and misinterpretations about the history of this charism....

Obviously, those 'misunderstandings' and 'misinterpretations' were handed out as "learning" in the fabulously un-orthodox Milwaukee Seminary under the reigns of Abps. Cousins and Weakland.

There is plenty more at the link, and books by Albert Cardinal Stickler and Mgr. Conchini both elaborate on not only the history, but the canon-law involved. 

These are the fables which never die.  Be prepared!

Friday, April 22, 2022

You Kinda Expected This

In the "not-really news" section of the Daily Dismality:

A large organization that drives the training of U.S. librarians and their use of public funds has chosen a self-described “Marxist lesbian” as its next president amid growing concern about libraries actively connecting children to sexually explicit activities and materials.

Emily Drabinski was elected president of the American Library Association last week by the organization’s members. She will take office in July 2023....

Inquiring Minds want to know what's the excuse for textbook publishers?

The Old (and New Again!) Question

Back during the VietNam war---the one fought for market-share of Cat, A-C, and Deere--and for the benefit of Raytheon, Chrysler Tank Division, Lockheed Martin (et. al.), some wise-assed anti-war folks posed the question:

"What if we gave a war an no one came?"

BidenšŸ¤” and his Pentagon may find out soon.  Think young people will be flocking to enlistment offices to help Zelenskiy by dying in a nuclear explosion?

Your Last Dollar to Ukraine, Part Two

A couple posts below we mentioned Zelenskiy's demand for $SEVEN BILLION/MONTH to support his country.  That's just the cash.

Who's helping him out with arms and weapons?  Here's a revealing chartApparently the Big Guy is determined to protect his investment:

Infographic: Where Military Aid to Ukraine Comes From | Statista

Vaxxed Unto Death

When the history is written.....

More than 61,000 Millennials and record numbers of Gen-Xers died in 2021 alone, after the Covid vaccines hailed as miracles were rolled out, leaving an unprecedented wake of mortality in the last quarter of the year.  

The Millennial generation, aged about 25 to 40, experienced a staggering 84% increase in excess mortality in the fall of 2021, former Blackrock portfolio manager Edward Dowd told Breitbart’s Steve Bannon in an episode of his War Room in March. Dowd described it as the “worst-ever excess mortality, I think, in history.” ...

...The peak of deaths during the past two years of emergency pandemic health policies occurred in January 2021, and nearly doubled the scale of the supposedly serious “first wave” peak of deaths during April 2020...


Fight to the Last Ukrainian--and Your Last Dollar!!

Zelenskiy has more chutzpah than the entire State of Israel.

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday that Ukraine needs $7 billion per month in financial assistance to make up for the economic losses from the war

In a virtual address to a World Bank forum, Zelenksy also said that it would take “hundreds of billions of dollars” to rebuild his country later. 

He said every country must be prepared to break all relations with Russia and that Moscow should “immediately” be excluded from all international financial institutions including the IMF and the World Bank.”  --quoted at Last Refuge

Zelenskiy, prodded by Nuland/Blinken/Bai-Den, will not come to terms with Putin over ending this war.  He intends to fight to the last Ukrainian life.

And while he's at it, he'll take YOUR last dollar--not to mention the entire US inventory of heavy artillery rounds.

Time to start thinking very hard about Impeachment '23.

Evers' Green Plan

Tony Evers, (D-Crazytown) wants Wisconsin to be all-green energy by 2050.

There are some who would object, if they were able to talk.