Saturday, April 30, 2022

Fr. Rutler on Feminists, Transsexuals, and Pachamama

Fr. George Rutler wrote a book The Seven Wonders of the World A Meditation on the Seven Last Words of Christ.  (Ignatius Press, 1993)

There are dozens of gems in that volume.  Here, Rutler ruminates on the poison of feminism.

..."From the Cross Our Lord addresses the Woman before the Mother, ['Woman, behold your son.  Son, behold your Mother'] rooting her significance in primeval categories as prelude to historical categories of biological and spiritual maternity.  ....In His distress, incarnate Wisdom defies the neurotic human urge to go back to the womb; he reverts instead to the source of the human story, where the Woman cancels the loneliness of the Man even before she gives birth to others.  Before calling Mary by the Aramaic "Imma", "Mother", Christ addresses her as "Itta", "woman", as He had addressed the mother of a sick girl..., the invalid,.....the bigamist,......and the penitent.  [Citations omitted]  Mary is the Woman even before she is the Virgin Mother......

Sinful woman's pagan temptation is to hide from the objective reality of the Creator, the God Without, and to console only herself with the autonomous illusion of the nurturer of life as the initiator of life; the temptation to hide from God by 'unleashing the Goddess Within'.  Ordinary human sentiment may find that lush cultic fantasy comfortable and controllable and outside the challenges of the order of justice.  Thus paganism, as a type of immaturity about creation, readily appeals to women suffering from arrested psychological development.  And the 'unleashed goddess' seeks equally immature men as agents.  In the modern pseudo-pagan revival, all sorts of cries circle in the hysterical whirlwind:  identity crises, sexual liberation, gender confusion.  The Crucified One crushes the pagan temptation with his cry 'Woman!'  Eve fell in order to become a goddess.  The New Eve kicked off the dust of Eve and got up to become a woman....."

Rutler nailed it, placing the disorders of identity crises, sexual liberation, and gender confusion (in 1993!) as the results of confusing What is First with What is Second, and connecting it to modern paganism.  

This is the real problem with Pachamama, beloved of Pp. Francis.  The idol pushes the cultic/pagan 'mother' image and places 'woman' far in the background, rather than in the proper order.  But that idolatry is not limited to mysterious South American jungles; it is enthroned in the lights of Hollywood and New York--and, worst, dominates black society, where 'mother' is ALL of 'parent.'  (See below post.)

Do not wonder what is wrong with America.  It's in your face.



Evangeline said...

Brilliant. We truly need the wisdom of our leading lights, and it is a tragedy Fr. Rutler has diminished himself or been diminished, by circumstances. In 1993, imagine that.
This makes perfect sense, a rejection of God and installment of Pachamama is not only for Rome, but for the feminist/wiccan culture.
And whatever black society does, white society does, because it is a completely false notion that white society does anything outside of black society. It is the opposite. Whatever black society does, white society immediately follows. Black society leads all of white society, which no longer has an original thought, but only seeks to please.

Dad29 said...

You probably know that Fr Rutler's accuser recanted ALL her charges. So yes, by circumstance.

Since Rutler is a very prominent deep thinker on Catholicism inter alia, it's likely that his smearing was not accidental.

Patrick Coffin said...

Link, please.

Anonymous said...

How excellent!

Dad29 said...

Sorry, Pat--no link available. It's a quote from the book which is not on-line.

Anne Asgard said...

Since Rutler became a priest ... some lucky woman didn't marry him!