Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Racist, Sexist, Liberal": The Donald We Know

Apparently there's some Leninist across the pond who has The Donald's number.

...Read Trump closely – it is difficult to do, I know – and if you extract his total racist and sexist stupidities, you will see that here and there, where he makes a complete proposal, they’re usually not so bad,” said Žižek. “He said he will not totally dismantle universal healthcare, raise the minimum wage, and so on.” “Trump is a paradox: he is really a centrist liberal, and maybe even in his economic policies closer to the Democrats, and he desperately tries to mask this....

Caught by PowerLine, quoting The Guardian

Why Target's Stock Is Bombing

Appears that Starbucks is going to follow Target's lead.  Fits right in.

HT:  Warrior

A Shiny Object From RoJo

Look!!  Over there!!!  November's Coming!!!!

RoJo finds himself in another campaign.  So he has a shiny object to distract you.

...Hoping to continue the legacy of former budget hawk Tom Coburn, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson this week introduced an ambitious government reform package aimed at greater accountability, security and transparency.

The suite of bills aims to “strengthen inspectors general, curb improper payments and improve anti-fraud controls,” according to a statement by Johnson, R-Oshkosh. The reform package also would “expedite the disposal of unneeded federal property, improve government transparency, and enhance whistleblower protections.”...

Six years ago it was "I'll stop ObamaCare."  Now--after six years of nothing--RoJo suddenly has ideas.

We've heard that this year may be the last for the national (R) Party.  Huh.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Say WHAT, Gov'nor?

Sykes & Co. report this:

...Speaking to a statewide audience of educators in January, Walker said, "One of the things we're looking to do is put additional resources into public education over the next two years of this budget, in a variety of ways.”...

The litter-box-liner clerks have been pushing teacher-union and superintendent-guild stories about teachers "fleeing" Milwaukee Public Schools in the last few weeks.  Educationists are pushing huge spending referendums which often are admissions that the schools have NOT performed due-diligence maintenance on their buildings.

So, of course, Walker says he will shove more money into the money-pit.


Read the linked essay.  Be informed, not propagandized.  Then contact Walker's office and suggest that he 'may have mis-spoken.'

Wisconsin Leads the Way

It is reported that eight percent of Wisconsin adults hold a concealed-carry permit.

Naturally, the bedwetters.......ahhh........wet their beds.

...University of Wisconsin journalism and mass communication professor Michael Wagner said concealed carry impacts almost every Wisconsinite. He said 8 percent is a large enough percentage to enter into almost every social situation.

“If you’re in a room of 30 people, somewhere between two or three are probably armed,” Wagner said. “That’s just something that might give people pause when they’re out in the community.”
Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, said she believes the number of permits that have been issued is significant and “alarming.”...HotAir quoting Badger Herald

Happily for both of us, Ms. Taylor is not a member of my family.  Our rate is about 40%.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boehner Endorses Cruz!!

Coming from the most miserable son-of-a-bitch traitor who has ever served his country himself (aside from his predecessor, the boy-raper Hastert), this constitutes a VERY solid endorsement.

Thanks, John!!  Now go suck on the taxpayer's teat for your pension and STFU.
The former Speaker of the House called Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh” and swore that he would not vote for Ted Cruz should he become the Republican nominee.
“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life
- See more at:
The former Speaker of the House called Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh” and swore that he would not vote for Ted Cruz should he become the Republican nominee.
“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life,” said Boehner,
- See more at:

Paul Ryan Voices Common Sense

We've been very tough on Ryan.  So we'll be fair; on this topic, he's (mostly) right.

...“I just can’t understate how concerned people are about national security — how concerned people are about the fact that the borders are not being secured. This is about heroin and opioid. This is about ISIS. This is not about a demographic. It’s not about Latinos. It’s not at all about that,” said Ryan during a millennial town hall at Georgetown University. “It is about the rule of law. It is about this country knowing who is coming and who is going and then getting these laws right so they work.”...

...“We don’t know who is coming and going in this country, and in a day of heroin and ISIS and drug cartels it’s a real threat to our national security,” he said. “We’re in the middle of writing all this opioid legislation because of this problem coming from our borders. And if we can fix the root cause of fixing our immigration laws, and I’m a person who believes the undocumented – we have to come up with a solution that doesn’t involve mass deportation, that involves giving people the ability to get right with the law, to come and earn a legal status while we fix the rest of legal immigration.”...quoted at PJMedia

Yah, he voids his own "rule of law" flapjaw with the underlined smoke-and-mirror stuff.  But he gets what Trump (!) has brought to the table:  a nation without borders is NOT a nation.

On another topic, he displayed even more common sense:

...A Georgetown University graduate student asked Ryan what the GOP plans to do about student loan debt....

...“I would be [wary] of empty promises that aren’t paid for, just saying,” Ryan responded.
Ryan pointed to inflation and the rising cost of tuition.

“What we have found is when the government pumps more money in the system then the college winds up cranking up the price and sticking you with the debt,” he said....

We would add that a lot of college graduates are incapable of constructing sentences, linear thought, and using simple math.  So beyond "sticking you with the debt", a lot of colleges are also guilty of fraud.

On Gunfights


HT:  Grim

Tales From the Loony-Bin/Huffpo Division

Caught by AOSHQ:

...The main problem with the notion of self-defense is it imposes on justice, for everyone has the right for a fair trial. Therefore, using a firearm to defend oneself is not legal because if the attacker is killed, he or she is devoid of his or her rights. ...

-- Justin Cormi in the Huffington Post

Where to begin?

OK, I'll take the easy one.  The twerp confuses "legal" for "constitutional."  That's a Trumpian error, but not significant in this case. 

And don't be downhearted if you have to read the quote twice.  It's impossible to believe someone actually wrote it the first time around.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Wisconsin "Conservative" Opines

A well-known Milwaukee-area Republican activist who puts his money where his mouth is, has given up and declared Trump the nominee.  Well, that's his privilege, but ...

That may be a reality check, but the rest of his newsletter is really a sad testimony for someone who declares themselves to be 'conservative.

He carries on about the wonderfulness of Tommy Thompson who--for the record--perfected the "Bond-It-and-Spend-It" method of aggrandizing State gummint while (temporarily) lowering taxes.

He then tells us how wunnerful Ron Johnson is because Ron Johnson is concerned with National Security.  But only a few years ago this 'conservative' was telling us to elect Ron to get rid of ObozoCare.  Apparently he has a very short memory, as did Ron, who forgot all about his campaign promises within 12 months of arriving in D.C.  (But Ron has a new shiny object for you to see.)

This 'conservative' also loves Kasich.  'Nuff said there.  And he says that Paul Ryan 'saved' Congress.  Yah, but Paul Ryan has yet to "save" a taxpayer dollar in, say, the last 3 budget cycles.

Our 'conservative' also likes ROADS!!  and having the State "fix" the K-12 education system, which used to be a local governance issue.  But maybe he doesn't remember how well that actually worked.

Hard to digest this 'conservatism,' but that's what we have today, eh?

Fed Sentence "Reform": You're Going to be a Victim

If you REALLY think that Federal sentence-reform (S2123) is about letting a one-toke college kid out of the graybar hotel, you are an idiot.

Hint:  a couple of posts down, I mentioned that the FedGov and politicians generally are liars.  Nothing changed since then.

Should "Trumpism" Prevail? What Cruz Must Do

Let's forget all the noise about the NY and I-95 Trump wins.  Everyone expected them, including Trump's opponents--and the fat lady hasn't begun to warm up, much less sing.

Let's instead look at a very cool and careful dissection of Trumpism.  Cutting to the chase:

...Opponents of Trump’s views on immigration, trade, and a ban on Muslims’ entering the United States often use individual-based arguments to justify their views. Immigration is needed because individual employers need to contract with individual workers. Free trade is good for individual companies and consumers, and for the (often foreign) individuals with whom they trade. The rights of individual Muslims in America outweigh the concerns of native-born Americans about their safety. The implicit understanding conveyed by many in the “never Trump” movement is that the country is little more than a land mass containing individuals rather than an entity with obligations to, and capable of imposing obligations on, those who belong to it.

Trump voters disagree with this view. The America they want to “make great again” is not a land mass, a large, rules-based network that lets individuals coordinate with minimal transaction costs. It is instead a place, a people, a nation. Trump voters believe that they have upheld their side of the American social contract, while others — businessmen, politicians, journalists, professors — have violated it....

Yes.  (The quoted essay has other valuable insights; you should read it.)

My "yes" does not change my #NeverTrump stand.  His laughable, and often utterly ridiculous statements on the place of the FedGov demonstrate beyond question that the man has never read such things as "the Constitution."  To him, that's a foreign language that he won't bother to learn.

But understanding the essence of Trumpism as described above IS important to Ted Cruz.  And I suggest that Ted must begin to reflect that in his final primary-campaign moments.  Properly done, that will put the silver cross through the Hildebeeste's heart.

Yes, Indeed: The Government Lies.

Yah, I know:  you're shocked--shocked, right?

This vignette has to do with Waco:

....The House Committee on Government Reform hired Carlos to examine the tapes. Unfortunately, he died from a heart attack (a weakness that ran in his family). The Committee thereupon issued statements that he'd never given them a report, that they were about to fire him, and essentially disavowing everything to do with him.

There was one problem with that story. Carlos had faxed me the report right after he gave it to the committee and briefed its staff. He found there were indeed gunshots....

 So not only did the FBI lie like Hell--so did the House Committee.

Remember that the next time some Congressman or Senator opens their pie-hole.  Remember what the scorpion said to the frog:  "It's what I do."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trump Ain't Gonna Make It

Hewitt knows from the 'ground game,' having been in several of them.

...Hewitt said he went state-by-state and gave Trump very generous amounts of delegates in his projection, including 51 of 59 of Indiana’s slate. Trump needs 392 delegates to clinch the nomination. Hewitt said Trump probably wouldn’t get any delegates in Nebraska, South Dakota, or Montana, which means in 14 out of the 15 contests left, the billionaire would only get 273–and it’s doubtful he will do well in California, in which he would need to win 119 of the 172 delegates in that contest. He added that it’s doubtful that Trump would get any more than 100 by the time Cruz, Trump, and Kasich duke it out in The Golden State, unless a “political asteroid” occurs....

Trump promised to disappear from public life if he doesn't get the nomination on the first ballot.  That's probably as good as his 'promises to pay' preceding his four bankruptcies...but it's enough to give us hope, anyway.

That will leave Coulter, Hannity, and Limbaugh exactly where they should be:  in bed, alone, when the one-night-stand specialist takes a powder.

Monday, April 25, 2016

"Absolute Power Corrupts...." at Waco

Let's remember that Hillary was a big part of the massacre at Waco.  So when we examine the records, consider yourself warned.

The only mystery is "Why hasn't Obama tried this?"

Hey, Paul Ryan!! Notice Austria's Results??

Paul Ryan, who is as close to a "no borders" kinda guy as a nominally-(R) politician can get, has probably noticed the Austrian election picture.

...Austria’s government was licking its wounds Monday after a historic debacle that saw the opposition anti-immigrant far-right triumph in a presidential ballot two years before the next scheduled general election.

According to preliminary results, Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party (FPOe) came a clear first with 36 percent of the vote, while candidates from the two governing parties failed to even make it into a runoff on May 22…--HotAir quoting Yahoo News

The (current) ruling coalition has been in power for FORTY YEARS.  Now they won't even make Round Two in the Austrian election cycle.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Donald's Disinformation Campaign

If you're not familiar with the term "disinformation," here's the brief:  it is propaganda not put out directly by the enemy, but by 'legitimate' press (or other) outlets--but the 'information' is fed to them by the enemy.  (Think, e.g., the Russian-inspired 'disinformation' campaign against Pius XII alleging that the Pope was a Nazi sympathizer.)

The Donald knows about disinformation, and perhaps he has a very practiced teacher.

...[Analysis provided to Examiner] revealed that the following pro-Trump propaganda sites sprung up in only the past several months from Macedonia, a nation bordering Greece. Using the website ICANN WHOIS, John Daniels [editor-in-chief of] was able to determine the registrar, origination date and location of these websites:

Articles about fake voter fraud in Wisconsin and claims that Ted Cruz will be dropping out of the presidential race (he is not) were posted at all of the above sites. They linked back to other pro-Trump sites such as, and

The curious fact that pro-Trump websites are originating from a Russian-leaning Slavic outpost in southeastern Europe raises questions, particularly considering the strange alliance between Donald Trump and pro-Russia conservative outlets such as InfoWars and Michael Savage....

Since Trumpbots believe anything they're told, they may well believe that Ted Cruz was actually a Nazi lieutenant general in command of the gas chambers.

Friday, April 22, 2016

What Part of "NEVER" Do You Not Understand, Reince?

According to Reince, all Republicans must unite behind whoever is nominated.

So the meaning of #NeverTrump is not really clear to Reince.

It will be, if The Donald--who has brought all sorts of (D) folks into his peculiar land of mirrored and bendable-prismatic "positions"--gets 1237.

But then, Reince presided over the (R) debacle during the last few years, so there's a LOT that isn't clear to Reince.

Target Stores and The Donald

Another reason for Dads to carry concealed.

HT:  Moonbattery

Hey, Donald: With YOUR Daughter, Not Mine!

Weathervane Trump thinks it's just fine that men go potty with little girls.

 More Noo Yaaawk Values, I suppose.

Can't wait for the Trumpkin comments and spin on this one....

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Reality of Mohammedanism

There are very few political scientists in the US who 'get it.'  Fr. James Schall is one of them.

Schall does not begin in the 20th or 21st century,  His vision encompasses far more than our 'time' and 'place.'  Thus, he is a realist in the most accurate sense of that word.

...Allah’s mandate to Islam is progressively to subject the world to his will and to the law based on it. Terror will end and true “peace” will result only when all are submissive to Allah and live under Muslim law in all its details. What we outside of Islam call acts of violence are considered within it to be the carrying out of Allah’s will. Gruesome beheadings of Christians, however innocent, are seen as acts of justice. They are acts of “virtue” in this sense. The people who cannot understand this religious charge given to Islam, whether they be themselves Muslim or not, are themselves both unrealistic and dangerous. Their own presuppositions prevent them from recognizing and judging the real issue. They also prevents them from doing anything effective to hinder this expansion of Islam into Europe, Asia, Africa, and America....

To believe otherwise is to be a fool, pace GWBush.   (It would slander Bush to discuss his successor in similar terms, for his successor is a co-conspirator with Allah, so long as one understands "Allah" correctly as "not God."  Bush can be excused because he actually does NOT 'get it.'  Obama is another problem entirely.)

Bush, and most of Western populations, are part of the problem:

...We have lumped all “religions” together as illusions or myths. They are to be defanged and wholly subject to state power. Our political, academic, and cultural leaders cannot comprehend what is going on, either when a whole Western civilization loses its faith and moral standards or when Islam reawakens to the implications of its own faith and its vision of world conquest. The two—the loss of faith and the rise of Islam—are connected. The decline of the birth rate and civil undermining of the family in the West is one thing. Muslim immigration or invasion has engulfed this same area. Muslims, especially young males, did not seek power and prosperity in other adjoining Muslim lands. The expansion of Islam was justified also by its charge of moral decadence against the West....

The ravings of libertarians encourage the Muslims, just as the delusions of more-common materialists.

The "Arab spring" has just begun.   

Curt Schilling, Good Guy

Maybe he wore red socks, but Schilling has a white hat someplace.

Disney (it's always Disney ain'a?) fired him for holding that women's rooms are for women who were born that way.  Disney began to dislike him intensely when he said he contributed to Dr. Carson's campaign, saying that the Hildebeeste belongs in the graybar hotel, and that Islamists are just Nazis with camels.

Ditka/Schilling.  Now THAT is a ticket!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

OMG!! Anti-Ryan Conservative VOTED!

The Dirt is in!!!

Paul Ryan's primary opponent VOTED in FOUR STATES!

(Yah, well---he LIVED in four states, too....)

Meantime, Nehren makes a cogent case.  Ryan is a squish; we all know it.

,....Where the Sun Don't Shine, Mr. President

The dying paroxysm of the Obozo Regime:

The Obama administration is warning states that defunding Planned Parenthood may violate federal law, in a new letter released this morning.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) sent a letter to states on Tuesday saying that, under federal law, Medicaid recipients have the right to receive services from any qualified health care provider, including Planned Parenthood....

Of course, Paul Ryan didn't bother to address this matter, either.

Truly, It's "O Tempora, O Mores" Time

You can read the story here.  Channel 6 buried the lede--that's in the seventh paragraph.  The rest of the story is just the usual stuff.

Sean the Shallow Shill Gets TrumpHuffy

I've heard this guy's radio show and--frankly--he's boring and very shallow.  And when he dumped Comrade Colmes, the TV show went boring, too.

Oh, well.  He's spending his Shallow Shill love on the Demagogue Dink these days, so he's going to crush Cruz!!

....Hannity began the interview by asking, “I think the number one question on the minds of Republicans right now is what is going on with the delegates. For example, if you can explain to people that your campaign, that you have every right, within the rules, to talk to candidates, that are pledged on a first ballot, to candidate A or candidate C, you being candidate B. And that — tell us what that process is.”

Cruz answered that isn’t what people are concerned about, and are instead concerned about policy issues and beating Democratic candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Cruz further stated that “the media loves to obsess about process. This process, and this whining from the Trump campaign is all silly. It’s very, very simple –....

Hannity is serious:  in his alleged mind, the 'number one question' is (R) delegate selection.  Not the national debt, not the 9th & 10th Amendments, not the crisis in armed-forces funding, not Iran,  not the national debt nor deficit spending.....

So after Cruz tries to point Sean the Shallow towards, ya'know, stuff that actually matters, Hannity goes full TrumpHuffy:

...“I’m on social media, with millions of people. I have 550 radio stations. And I have the top-rated cable in my hour, all across the board. And I am telling you, that people are telling me, that they find this whole process confusing.”...

The reason it is so 'confusing' to your audience, Sean?  You can't explain it.  Levin can.  Rush can.  What's YOUR problem?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fourth Circuit Fools

Hey, why not call them what they are?

...On Tuesday, the Fourth Circuit Court ruled against a Virginia school district that sought to accommodate a transgender student while also protecting the privacy rights of other students.
The court concluded that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972--which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex--should be interpreted as prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity, as a Department of Education letter suggested in 2015. The ruling allows a lawsuit brought by a transgender student to proceed.

The case involves a biological girl who identifies as a boy. The court's majority explains it this way: "G.G.'s birth-assigned sex, or so-called 'biological sex,'" is female, but G.G.'s gender identity is male."...AOSHQ quoting Daily Signal

Yes, it is now a Federal crime to make boys pee in the boys' room.

The revolution cannot come soon enough.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Rhine/Tiber Sewage Pipe

Following the Second Vatican Council, a book entitled The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber appeared, which was a history of that Council.

The author demonstrated how the German/Austrian/French/Dutch Bishops influenced the Council's work product.  It's fair to say that that "work product" remains controversial to this day, in no small measure due to the articulate and continuing resistance of orthodox prelates and theologians both inside and outside the Curia.  (See, e.g., the "Ottaviani Intervention.")

The Catholic Church, under the current shepherd, Pp. Francis, continues to take its cues from the Rhinelanders--specifically Cdls. Kasper and Marx.

Thus the "Sewage Pipe" moniker.  It's that bad, folks, and it will get worse.

The topic was explored here (and no, I didn't steal the idea; I found this post after doing Google).

...It seems that post war Germany asserted a lot of influence on the Catholic Church over the last several decades, including many Germans holding high ranking positions at the Vatican, and one who even served as pope for eight years. However, the influence of German bishops has been a mixed bag. German clergy apparently only come in two flavours: uber-orthodox and uber-liberal. For example, Joseph Ratzinger, who became Pope Benedict XVI, fits into the uber-orthodox category, as does Cardinal Gerhard Muller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. There are others too, both inside and outside the Vatican. Meanwhile, examples of the uber-liberal faction include Cardinal Walter Kasper and the current head of the German Bishops Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx. Both have a significant following in the Catholic Church in Germany....

Umnnhhhnnnn, yah.  Those names are familiar, eh?

The proposal, Jesuitically circumlocuted by Pp. Francis, is this:  there must be some way for divorced/civilly re-married and/or homosexual couples to be allowed to receive the Eucharist, regardless of their worthiness to do so.   In preparation for this revolution in praxis, the Pope declared a "Year of Mercy" which is in force as we write.

That "mercy" has been carefully and deliberately overlaid with smoke, such as the 'acceptance of refugees' and some tactically-smart babble creating (and then destroying) straw-men such as 'confessors who turn the confessional into a torture chamber' and 'legalistic [jerks] who are actually Pharisees,'or  'the Eucharist “is not a prize for the perfect but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak”'.

And all along you thought that "mercy" was a good idea and the Christian thing to do, eh?  Suckers.

At a very granular level, the Pope did not change doctrine, nor dogma.  He cannot, and knows it; that's why he did not derogate nor abrogate Canon 915 which governs the question.  But it would be a mistake in judgment to accept that non-change as the Final Word, for that Final Word will be spoken by various Bishops around the world when they instruct their priests on 'penitential practice,' which is "what to do and say in the confessional."

There's a reason for locating that "Final Word" with the various and sundry Bishops, of course.  Just as the US Bishops (and, dutifully, their priests) have managed to completely shut up about artificial birth control, the other 'regional' Bishops (particularly in the majority of Germany) will shut up about "living in sin with NO intention of ceasing extra-marital intercourse."  This variegated moral picture will be defended as 'the fruits of Vatican II's "synods" approach' as though there were no actual truth (or Truth, when you get right down to it.)

Hogwash.  It's sewage, no matter the perfume and lipstick.

Be careful which water you choose to drink.  Find the stuff from the right side of the Temple and stay with it.  Alleluia.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Shaking the West, North, and East Pacific

Getting kinda nasty over in Japan--but also around the entire Pacific semicircle beginning near Australia, then running WNW through Japan, over to Alaska, and down to California.

USGS has a nice comprehensive map.  It ain't pretty.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Marquette U. v. FrancisChurch

Marquette University doesn't seem to "get" the direction of the Church under Pp. Francis.

See, in his latest letter, Pp. Francis implies that 'a firm purpose of amendment' is not a pre-requisite for "mercy" and forgiveness.  In fact, there may not even be a need to say "I'm sorry."

Marquette--in the case of McAdams?  Not so much.

Little Annie Coulter (Needs Friends)

With absolutely no sense of irony, Little Annie Coulter begins with a denigration of the State of Wisconsin.

...can we stop referring to Wisconsin as “Midwestern nice”? That’s all we’ve heard since Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump there: Wisconsinites are just so nice, they couldn’t abide Trump’s rough style.
Does anyone remember the whole taking over the capitol thing? How they nearly recalled a sitting governor a few years ago? Remember the protesters fighting with cops, rounds of arrests in the rotunda, the drum circles and chanting? How about the midnight raids on citizens for supporting the “Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill”?....

Yes, we remember that, Annie, and Ted Cruz stomped all over Trump precisely because the grownups in Wisconsin rejected the Trump-tactics you describe above.  Whining is for children, Annie.  Grow up.

Reality check:  Little Annie couldn't draw a crowd here a few years back, so her appearance was cancelled.  That has more to do with her histrionics than any election, anyway.

Next, Little Annie appeals to the mob.

...what people mean by THE RULES is that there is no RNC rule specifically prohibiting a state party from giving all the delegates to a single nominee, even if that is demonstrably at odds with the will of the voters....

Little Annie stamped her widdle feets, and contradicts her theory in the next sentence:

...The state parties are given a lot of discretion...

Yup.  That's to keep mobs from running the Party, which is actually a membership organization.

Finally, Annie:  this is no Student Council election.  This is serious business, not a beauty contest.  Those who "think" that the President can order troops to violate their oaths, or who "think" that education and housing are Federal functions, or that "making deals" is what the Presidency is all about need not apply.

Blowhard egomaniacal TV stars have to obey the rules, Annie.  Get over it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hiring the "Very Best," Donald??

Maybe The Donald should go back to being a complete twit on his own TV show.

Oh--wait--he's still a complete twit!!  But now it's on everyone else's TV shows!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Cooler Look at Pp. Francis' "Joy of Love"

The current Pope is inclined to write with maximum un-clarity, except when he puts up straw-men. 

But he hasn't changed a thing with his letter on the joy of love.

Ed Peters, a very good Canon lawyer, starts at the beginning:

Holy Communion is to be withheld from divorced-and-remarried Catholics in virtue of Canon 915 which, as has been explained countless times, does not require Catholic ministers to read the souls of would-be communicants, but rather, directs ministers to withhold holy Communion from those who, as an external and observable matter, “obstinately persevere in manifest grave sin”. The Catechism of the Catholic Church 2384 describes civil remarriage after divorce as “public and permanent adultery” (something obviously gravely sinful), so, if Francis had wanted to authorize the administration of holy Communion to divorced-and-remarried Catholics (and he did not want to repudiate CCC 2384, 1650, etc.) he would have had to have wrought a change in the law contained in Canon 915....

Pp. Francis did not do so.  Of course, Canon 915 is ignored by most parish priests, Bishops, and (US) Cardinals.  That's their problem--and the problem of those who are in a state of adultery and still receive Communion.

"You Will Be Made to Care..."

Erik Ericson of RedState coined that phrase a few months ago when discussing the ascendant Perversion-Propagandist ploy of forcing bakers to make cakes for gay "weddings," among other similar incidents.

Now that ploy, in another venue, goes big-time, as the WSJ reports (relayed by McAdams):

...As the scientific case for a climate-change catastrophe wanes, proponents of big-ticket climate policies are increasingly focused on punishing dissent from an asserted “consensus” view that the only way to address global warming is to restructure society—how it harnesses and uses energy. That we might muddle through a couple degrees’ of global warming over decades or even centuries, without any major disruption, is the new heresy and must be suppressed. ...

...Assuming the mantle of Grand Inquisitor is Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.). Last spring he called on the Justice Department to bring charges against those behind a “coordinated strategy” to spread heterodox views on global warming, including the energy industry, trade associations, “conservative policy institutes” and scientists....

The Attorney General of the US, along with 20 State AG's, have begun "investigations" of those who think (and say) that man-made global warming is bullshit.  More specifically, that the Propagandist Professor's "hockey stick" is fiction.

There are umpty-$billions at stake here, which should be your first clue.  But of course, there's far more than that:  this is the beginning of the Dream of the Aging Fascists come true.

Next, the introduction of re-education camps!  (There's a lot of housing available in North Dakota, ya'know...)

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Facebook Blues

Maybe people are learning that when it's "free" the product is YOU.

Or maybe they're just tired of this horsecrap.

Breitbart Totally Mis-Reads "New York Values"

Breitbart, the house-organ for TrumpCult, errs (again.)

...During the January 14 debate, Cruz tried out his “New York values” taunt, seeming to assume that most Republicans would understand what he meant. They didn’t....

Wrong.  We read it loud and clear.  See almost ANY caucus or primary in "flyover country."

Yes, we expect that Cruz will struggle in NY and CA, where "New York values" prevail, just as those values did with Nelson Rockefeller, GHWBush, Dole, and Romney. 

There's a reason that all those campaigns failed:  New York Values.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Race-Baiting Obama Supremacist? Just Another FedJudge

The Ninth Circus, again.

A three-judge panel tramples State sovereignty and--while they're at it--the Constitution.  Arizona is the current victim.

Since when do US Constitutional (14th Amendment) rights apply to illegals?  I'm sure there's some sort of FedJudge ruling to that effect, but I think it remains a very good question.

Among the many stories you won’t read in the mainstream media today is that the Ninth Circuit has just taken judicial amnesty a step further.  It has ratified Obama’s amnesty by forcing Arizona to grant driver’s licenses to recipients of the DACA amnesty – a complete violation of both national and state sovereignty. - See more at:
Among the many stories you won’t read in the mainstream media today is that the Ninth Circuit has just taken judicial amnesty a step further.  It has ratified Obama’s amnesty by forcing Arizona to grant driver’s licenses to recipients of the DACA amnesty – a complete violation of both national and state sovereignty. - See more at:

(D) Jackboots in California Same as Wisconsin

David Daleiden crossed Planned Parenthood and the California AG raided (yes, RAIDED) his home.

The California AG is a Democrat.

Daleiden was foolish enough to think the First Amendment applies even when a Democrat is in charge.

That ought to sound very familiar to Wisconsinites.  After all, John Chisholm is a Democrat, as is the supercilious, obnoxious twit named Kevin Kennedy.

(Let's not forget that Kennedy is a very close friend of another infamous jackboot-queen named Lois Lerner.  Lerner is also a heavy (D) contributor.)

What About US Jobs? Check Your Currency!

Romano makes a case for paying attention to the US dollar's value.

...Taken alone, there’s only so much tinkering around the edges of tariff reductions via massive trade deals like the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact can accomplish, when the real tariff on U.S. goods and services is foreign currency devaluation, which naturally is not addressed by the trade agreement.

Consider, starting in about 2001, the U.S. dollar was being devalued but the whole time, China’s yuan was pegged below the dollar. The more we devalued, the cheaper Chinese exports got, and the larger our trade deficit became. By 2008, the dollar had dropped almost 37 percent against major currencies, all to the benefit of exporters that wisely had pegged below the dollar. Our own attempt at currency manipulation had backfired....

That, argues Romano, caused manufacturing to leave the US.  I have argued elsewhere that there are other contributing factors, but they simply amplify the effect of Red China's mercantilism.  (That USD devaluation also raised the price of petroleum, by the way.  There are a few other good reasons that oil has become cheaper lately--but the increase in value of the USD since 2011 is certainly a part.)

Romano has little use for TPP and tariff-tweaking:

...That is why the tariff reductions contemplated under the Trans-Pacific Partnership for example are very much laughable. Whatever reductions are agreed upon may just be offset by exporting nations devaluing their currencies below the dollar once the agreement is in place. What a joke....

It's about time that someone takes this seriously, no?

Longer Range: Gasbag Trump Loses

Well, The Donald got shellacked in Wisconsin.  Gasbaggery failed.

But that's not his biggest problem.

...What possible reason could a billionaire candidate have to slash staff at a moment when he’s desperate for people to help him organize his battle for delegates with Cruz? Even if he had the nomination locked up, why would he want to shed staffers in states like Ohio and Florida for which he’ll have to fight tooth and nail in November? One of the biggest worries among political pros in having Trump as nominee is that Democrats will run rings around him organizationally, given his strategy of trying to beat Cruz’s superior GOTV operations through sheer media muscle. Now here he is stripping his already mediocre organization down further. Why the hell would he do that?...

This guy claims to be the Smartest Man In The World--yet if he actually wins the (R) nomination, he is likely to lose the general.  And if the Politico reports are true, he could lose the general to Barney Fife or Vlad Putin, or None-of-the-Above.

As any war veteran will be happy to tell you:  you cannot win the war without boots on the ground.  Gasbags don't cut it.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Still Arming Up, America!

Shoulda bought Ruger at the IPO, folks.

The FBI performed 2,523,265 firearms-related background checks between March 1 and March 31...

...The March record is the eleventh straight monthly record for background checks. The unprecedented streak, which began in May 2015, has included all-time records for both monthly and yearly sales. With 7,682,141 checks processed through the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System, 2016 is currently on pace to set another all time yearly sales record...

Ammo, while still a challenge, is becoming available.  Time to BUY SOME!

Trump Cannot Get 1237

Here's the reality. 

Cruz is acting like a front-runner for a very simple reason:  Trump cannot get to 1,237 on the first Cleveland ballot.

Wisconsin will be the end for Trump.

Mercer School Perversion Class

Think you've heard it all?

You haven't.

A teacher in the Mercer (WI) school rented "Fifty Shades of Gray" as the in-car entertainment for the Mercer girls' volleyball team on their trip to a tournament.

The sadomasochist perversion is part of the volleyball curriculum?  Common Core? 

Whatever.  It's Mercer, Jake.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Trump In Bed with Journal-Sentinel Editors

It is reported that The Donald called Charlie Sykes a 'lowlife.'

This was a line fed to him by Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel executives. 

And no, there is no need for proof of this assertion; I know a lot.  A VERY lot.  A lot about this.  I know yyuuuuuge about this.  And I have very large hands.

Trump, the April Fool

So The Donald thinks that the national debt is a function of trade treaties.

Perhaps that's just an April Fool joke.

The Wharton administration must be near-suicidal by now.

This is "Philosophy"?

Libertarian 'philosophy', cadged from Althouse:

Liberty is the idea that our minds and bodies belong to ourselves.

Liberty, properly defined, is the freedom to do what is right.  The above statement is so reductionist that it begs to be called 'middle-school dorm discussion.'

Saturday, April 02, 2016

The Poison of Progressives

By co-incidence, both Rick Esenberg and George Marlin published essays today on the Progressive poison which afflicts this country.

Marlin's essay includes a few examples of how Progressives think.

...the modern Progressive movement has been dominated by a self-anointed elite, like several of the justices, who had contempt for the common people. In the early 20th century, they even promoted social and economic policies driven by anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic impulses....

...These experts denied inalienable rights. Their hero, Woodrow Wilson, called them “nonsense.” The editors of the progressive journal, The New Republic, spoke for the movement when it ridiculed individual liberties as “quaint and retrograde.” The leading progressive legal scholar, Roscoe Pound (1879-1964) author of Social Control Through Law, argued the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights “were not needed in the [founders time] and they are not desired in our own.”

Believing that the State superseded even God, progressives encouraged government officials to embrace eugenics...

Note the red-highlighted portions; Esenberg's essay follows on that thought while commenting on judicial elections, and Esenberg exposes the "SJW" soul of the Progressives, voiced by Kloppenburg.
...Early twentieth century Progressives – in many ways the antecedents of today’s American left – came to be frustrated with our Constitution. Our Founders mistrusted power and created a lattice of branches of government and dual sovereigns in which each checked the authority of the others. Power in the federal government was divided among the executive, judiciary and legislature. The respective spheres of the state and federal governments limited each other....
...the project of the American legal left became two fold. One was to remove barriers to the authority of the state, particularly the federal government. The other was to intervene where the political branches had “failed” to “address” social problems in an acceptable way. Thus, over the years, we have seen the authority of Washington and the courts expand dramatically.......Broad constitutional principles like equal protection and due process became malleable and protean enough to justify substantial judicial interventions in the political and governing process. Litigation became an important tool for making policy....

Thus we have Ms. Kloppenburg advertising that she believes it is the role of judges to interpret the Constitution to create “a more equal society.” ...whatever THAT may be in Ms. Kloppenburg's mind.

That "SJW" instinct, in irony which is extreme, would demolish family and church to attain its Perfect World.  In opposition stands the Catholic Church's teaching on social justice, which requires strong families and strong church(es) as the primary and irreplaceable foundations of social justice.  So are you surprised that the Progressives are both anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic?

This poison has spread, even to Churchmen and others 'of good will,' who don't know the history and dark reality of the Progressive Project.

The Limbaugh Pander

For years, Limbaugh held the position as the national spokesman for the Conservative/Limited Gummint gang.  Yah, there were some deviations, but by and large he was reliable.

Now?  Not so much.

Rush has descended into the Trump-pit.  He pretends otherwise, but hey!  Ratings are money, ya'know.  Yesterday he spent at least an hour yammering about 'why Trump supporters support Trump.'  He attempted to mix that with "defeat the (D)" noise, but--in reality--he protests far too much.

And I'm not the only one to notice.

Too bad.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Mo' ObozoConomy = Less Money

The happy-face slapped onto today's jobs report?

It's a low-paid, part-time happy face.  Just like the jobs added recently in the ObozoConomy.

Cruz Moves to FAIR Trade

When the RadioMouths carry on, and on, and on, about "free" trade, what they are actually pumping is ideology which is 'free' of facts.

Ted Cruz figured that out, albeit a little late.

What the RadioMouths (including the Madistan woman) should do someday is look up the word "mercantilism" in the dictionary.  And even though it's hard to do so, they should think for a bit about the reality:  "free" trade creates a race-to-the-bottom for entire populations.  (Maybe they could even understand the term 'currency devaluation', but that would really require thought, ya'know)...

Let's put this another way.

When "free" traders loudly advocate the complete repeal of Federal and State wage-and-hour laws, all Fed/State safety laws and regs, all Fed/State EPA regs, and all Federal/State corporate income taxes....

....and when they loudly advocate stripping 401(k) plans, pensions, unemployment comp, and healthcare from all employees....

THEN they can talk about "free" trade.

Meantime, as Ms. McKenna found out, even Donald Trump can run circles around her 'free' trade yap.  As Henry Ford knew, the only way to SELL stuff is to pay workers enough to BUY it.  But maybe "free" trade people are smarter than Henry Ford.

Another Crying Need: National Sex Police!!

If you think that the small-government Revolution has had an impact on the BozoBrigades in DC, you're wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Six (D) Senators have discovered a need for a national Sex Police force on college campuses.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "mission creep,", ain'a?