Thursday, April 07, 2016

Breitbart Totally Mis-Reads "New York Values"

Breitbart, the house-organ for TrumpCult, errs (again.)

...During the January 14 debate, Cruz tried out his “New York values” taunt, seeming to assume that most Republicans would understand what he meant. They didn’t....

Wrong.  We read it loud and clear.  See almost ANY caucus or primary in "flyover country."

Yes, we expect that Cruz will struggle in NY and CA, where "New York values" prevail, just as those values did with Nelson Rockefeller, GHWBush, Dole, and Romney. 

There's a reason that all those campaigns failed:  New York Values.


Anonymous said...

But Zorg is so real!

Dymphna said...

When you say New York most people think :sleazy. You'd have to undo 100 years of history to remove the image.