Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Longer Range: Gasbag Trump Loses

Well, The Donald got shellacked in Wisconsin.  Gasbaggery failed.

But that's not his biggest problem.

...What possible reason could a billionaire candidate have to slash staff at a moment when he’s desperate for people to help him organize his battle for delegates with Cruz? Even if he had the nomination locked up, why would he want to shed staffers in states like Ohio and Florida for which he’ll have to fight tooth and nail in November? One of the biggest worries among political pros in having Trump as nominee is that Democrats will run rings around him organizationally, given his strategy of trying to beat Cruz’s superior GOTV operations through sheer media muscle. Now here he is stripping his already mediocre organization down further. Why the hell would he do that?...

This guy claims to be the Smartest Man In The World--yet if he actually wins the (R) nomination, he is likely to lose the general.  And if the Politico reports are true, he could lose the general to Barney Fife or Vlad Putin, or None-of-the-Above.

As any war veteran will be happy to tell you:  you cannot win the war without boots on the ground.  Gasbags don't cut it.


Anonymous said...

Trump is cutting dead wood. Pinching pennies. That's smart.

and Cruz, is going to give us more of the getting in bed with establishment

Dad29 said...

Penny how he builds buildings?

He's playing the short game, which is fine for TV shows.

If one wants to govern a nation, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Lots of others don't think Trump is wrong, and they go into more detail as to why than you do.
One can reach the others by clicking on many of your very own links located on your sidebar......

It's not Trump vs Cruz at this point, it's Trump vs Ryan.

Donald Trump’s Loss In Wisconsin Sets The Stage For Carnage In The Republican Convention

Is Trump Right About NATO?

The Cruz' "winning streak" is about to end, and in a big way. Wisconsin is the just latest and of the nutter contingent that puts offshoring their own jobs behind "being anointed"

Trump: "I said the solution is simple: Cut off remittances."

20% of the working-age people are unemployed.
Any current trade deal that resulted in an increased trade deficit with that nation is ripped up.

Trump’s nonsensical claim he can eliminate $19 trillion in debt in eight years

Cruz Not Only Won't Seal Border, He WILL Shower With Gifts

Trump's deportation plan is cheap at the price.

Flip flopper Ted Cruz has voted for Obamatrade before
Flip flopper Cruz originally backed TPA
It is expected that TPA will be used to approve the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
You can't trust Cruz. He will screw over the middle class.

Trump Wins, Our Constitution wins

Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right

Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right:

National Border Patrol Council: Trump, Please

Finally: Latest Polls New York

Liberty Research Poll (24-26 March) Margin of Error 3.0% Sample Size 1796

Donald Trump 55%
John Kasich 22%
Ted Cruz 19%

Quinnipiac Poll (22-29 March) Margin of Error 4.6% Sample Size 457

Donald Trump 56%
Ted Cruz 20%
John Kasich 19%

In New York 95 delegates are available and it is a winner-take-most state.

Dad29 said...

A few quick notes:

1) If Gasbag wins NY and CA, it is proof positive that he is just another Lefty. QED.

2) Read all of Grim's post: he opines that Trump would be impeached.

3) Ticker has gone anarchist; did that about 90 days ago.

4) VoxDay is a smart guy. So is Barack Obama.

5) Until you understand the history on Cruz' Senate actions--which you don't--then you may as well talk about the fine points of harmonics. You don't know what's going on.

I'll give Trump credit for this: he DID open a wider path for Cruz. There. Happy?

Anonymous said...