Sunday, April 10, 2016

"You Will Be Made to Care..."

Erik Ericson of RedState coined that phrase a few months ago when discussing the ascendant Perversion-Propagandist ploy of forcing bakers to make cakes for gay "weddings," among other similar incidents.

Now that ploy, in another venue, goes big-time, as the WSJ reports (relayed by McAdams):

...As the scientific case for a climate-change catastrophe wanes, proponents of big-ticket climate policies are increasingly focused on punishing dissent from an asserted “consensus” view that the only way to address global warming is to restructure society—how it harnesses and uses energy. That we might muddle through a couple degrees’ of global warming over decades or even centuries, without any major disruption, is the new heresy and must be suppressed. ...

...Assuming the mantle of Grand Inquisitor is Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.). Last spring he called on the Justice Department to bring charges against those behind a “coordinated strategy” to spread heterodox views on global warming, including the energy industry, trade associations, “conservative policy institutes” and scientists....

The Attorney General of the US, along with 20 State AG's, have begun "investigations" of those who think (and say) that man-made global warming is bullshit.  More specifically, that the Propagandist Professor's "hockey stick" is fiction.

There are umpty-$billions at stake here, which should be your first clue.  But of course, there's far more than that:  this is the beginning of the Dream of the Aging Fascists come true.

Next, the introduction of re-education camps!  (There's a lot of housing available in North Dakota, ya'know...)

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