Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Wisconsin "Conservative" Opines

A well-known Milwaukee-area Republican activist who puts his money where his mouth is, has given up and declared Trump the nominee.  Well, that's his privilege, but ...

That may be a reality check, but the rest of his newsletter is really a sad testimony for someone who declares themselves to be 'conservative.

He carries on about the wonderfulness of Tommy Thompson who--for the record--perfected the "Bond-It-and-Spend-It" method of aggrandizing State gummint while (temporarily) lowering taxes.

He then tells us how wunnerful Ron Johnson is because Ron Johnson is concerned with National Security.  But only a few years ago this 'conservative' was telling us to elect Ron to get rid of ObozoCare.  Apparently he has a very short memory, as did Ron, who forgot all about his campaign promises within 12 months of arriving in D.C.  (But Ron has a new shiny object for you to see.)

This 'conservative' also loves Kasich.  'Nuff said there.  And he says that Paul Ryan 'saved' Congress.  Yah, but Paul Ryan has yet to "save" a taxpayer dollar in, say, the last 3 budget cycles.

Our 'conservative' also likes ROADS!!  and having the State "fix" the K-12 education system, which used to be a local governance issue.  But maybe he doesn't remember how well that actually worked.

Hard to digest this 'conservatism,' but that's what we have today, eh?

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