Friday, April 01, 2016

Cruz Moves to FAIR Trade

When the RadioMouths carry on, and on, and on, about "free" trade, what they are actually pumping is ideology which is 'free' of facts.

Ted Cruz figured that out, albeit a little late.

What the RadioMouths (including the Madistan woman) should do someday is look up the word "mercantilism" in the dictionary.  And even though it's hard to do so, they should think for a bit about the reality:  "free" trade creates a race-to-the-bottom for entire populations.  (Maybe they could even understand the term 'currency devaluation', but that would really require thought, ya'know)...

Let's put this another way.

When "free" traders loudly advocate the complete repeal of Federal and State wage-and-hour laws, all Fed/State safety laws and regs, all Fed/State EPA regs, and all Federal/State corporate income taxes....

....and when they loudly advocate stripping 401(k) plans, pensions, unemployment comp, and healthcare from all employees....

THEN they can talk about "free" trade.

Meantime, as Ms. McKenna found out, even Donald Trump can run circles around her 'free' trade yap.  As Henry Ford knew, the only way to SELL stuff is to pay workers enough to BUY it.  But maybe "free" trade people are smarter than Henry Ford.

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