Wednesday, April 06, 2016

(D) Jackboots in California Same as Wisconsin

David Daleiden crossed Planned Parenthood and the California AG raided (yes, RAIDED) his home.

The California AG is a Democrat.

Daleiden was foolish enough to think the First Amendment applies even when a Democrat is in charge.

That ought to sound very familiar to Wisconsinites.  After all, John Chisholm is a Democrat, as is the supercilious, obnoxious twit named Kevin Kennedy.

(Let's not forget that Kennedy is a very close friend of another infamous jackboot-queen named Lois Lerner.  Lerner is also a heavy (D) contributor.)


Dad29 said...

Hey, Anony Trumpkin: post what's relevant, not your unz-fired unhinged (and quite ignorant) rants about Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Its fun to get your goat! So easy to do. and entertaining too!

I'm really not a Trumpkin because I did vote for Cruz in my state primary because he was the best of the worst offered. and Trump is fun to watch, and sometimes he makes good points. Sometimes.

But to change the subject.

What are your thoughts on the Motley Monk's Interpretation of Scot Walkers reforms of higher education in the Badger state ?

Dad29 said...

Don't care.

And you're still quite ignorant. Go ahead, relish it!!