Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Donald's Disinformation Campaign

If you're not familiar with the term "disinformation," here's the brief:  it is propaganda not put out directly by the enemy, but by 'legitimate' press (or other) outlets--but the 'information' is fed to them by the enemy.  (Think, e.g., the Russian-inspired 'disinformation' campaign against Pius XII alleging that the Pope was a Nazi sympathizer.)

The Donald knows about disinformation, and perhaps he has a very practiced teacher.

...[Analysis provided to Examiner] revealed that the following pro-Trump propaganda sites sprung up in only the past several months from Macedonia, a nation bordering Greece. Using the website ICANN WHOIS, John Daniels [editor-in-chief of] was able to determine the registrar, origination date and location of these websites:

Articles about fake voter fraud in Wisconsin and claims that Ted Cruz will be dropping out of the presidential race (he is not) were posted at all of the above sites. They linked back to other pro-Trump sites such as, and

The curious fact that pro-Trump websites are originating from a Russian-leaning Slavic outpost in southeastern Europe raises questions, particularly considering the strange alliance between Donald Trump and pro-Russia conservative outlets such as InfoWars and Michael Savage....

Since Trumpbots believe anything they're told, they may well believe that Ted Cruz was actually a Nazi lieutenant general in command of the gas chambers.

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