Friday, April 29, 2016

Wisconsin Leads the Way

It is reported that eight percent of Wisconsin adults hold a concealed-carry permit.

Naturally, the bedwetters.......ahhh........wet their beds.

...University of Wisconsin journalism and mass communication professor Michael Wagner said concealed carry impacts almost every Wisconsinite. He said 8 percent is a large enough percentage to enter into almost every social situation.

“If you’re in a room of 30 people, somewhere between two or three are probably armed,” Wagner said. “That’s just something that might give people pause when they’re out in the community.”
Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, said she believes the number of permits that have been issued is significant and “alarming.”...HotAir quoting Badger Herald

Happily for both of us, Ms. Taylor is not a member of my family.  Our rate is about 40%.

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