Saturday, April 02, 2016

The Poison of Progressives

By co-incidence, both Rick Esenberg and George Marlin published essays today on the Progressive poison which afflicts this country.

Marlin's essay includes a few examples of how Progressives think.

...the modern Progressive movement has been dominated by a self-anointed elite, like several of the justices, who had contempt for the common people. In the early 20th century, they even promoted social and economic policies driven by anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic impulses....

...These experts denied inalienable rights. Their hero, Woodrow Wilson, called them “nonsense.” The editors of the progressive journal, The New Republic, spoke for the movement when it ridiculed individual liberties as “quaint and retrograde.” The leading progressive legal scholar, Roscoe Pound (1879-1964) author of Social Control Through Law, argued the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights “were not needed in the [founders time] and they are not desired in our own.”

Believing that the State superseded even God, progressives encouraged government officials to embrace eugenics...

Note the red-highlighted portions; Esenberg's essay follows on that thought while commenting on judicial elections, and Esenberg exposes the "SJW" soul of the Progressives, voiced by Kloppenburg.
...Early twentieth century Progressives – in many ways the antecedents of today’s American left – came to be frustrated with our Constitution. Our Founders mistrusted power and created a lattice of branches of government and dual sovereigns in which each checked the authority of the others. Power in the federal government was divided among the executive, judiciary and legislature. The respective spheres of the state and federal governments limited each other....
...the project of the American legal left became two fold. One was to remove barriers to the authority of the state, particularly the federal government. The other was to intervene where the political branches had “failed” to “address” social problems in an acceptable way. Thus, over the years, we have seen the authority of Washington and the courts expand dramatically.......Broad constitutional principles like equal protection and due process became malleable and protean enough to justify substantial judicial interventions in the political and governing process. Litigation became an important tool for making policy....

Thus we have Ms. Kloppenburg advertising that she believes it is the role of judges to interpret the Constitution to create “a more equal society.” ...whatever THAT may be in Ms. Kloppenburg's mind.

That "SJW" instinct, in irony which is extreme, would demolish family and church to attain its Perfect World.  In opposition stands the Catholic Church's teaching on social justice, which requires strong families and strong church(es) as the primary and irreplaceable foundations of social justice.  So are you surprised that the Progressives are both anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic?

This poison has spread, even to Churchmen and others 'of good will,' who don't know the history and dark reality of the Progressive Project.

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