Monday, June 12, 2023

The Reason the PRC Threw Money at Clinton? So They Win!

 It's not ancient history; it's the first Clinton campaign--in fact, the primary.

Clinton was running out of money and faced the real possibility of losing his primary race for President.  Jerry Brown of California and Paul Tsongas were competitors, although Brown was the real danger to Clinton.

Clinton's campaign began receiving cash(!!) donations from a Little Rock Chinese restauranteur; they bailed him out and he went on to become President.

As President, Clinton had a lot of very shady dealings with Chinese Communist-tied individuals.  You can read about many of them at this link.

In turn, Clinton opened the floodgates for US industry to relocate to Red China and/or to open plants there.  There was one hitch:  the Chinese demanded and got all the trade secrets and designs used by those companies in their Red Chinese plants.  China also got their hands on a fair amount of military technology due to their (apparent) ownership of Bill and Hill.

That--we remind you--was 20++years ago.

The payoff is now.  The Pentagon recently ran a few war games against Red China.  (HT:  Wauck)

...The war began in the early morning hours with a massive bombardment — China’s version of “shock and awe.”

Washington ran out of key munitions in a matter of days and saw its network access severed. The United States and its main ally, Japan, lost thousands of servicemembers, dozens of ships, and hundreds of aircraft. Taiwan’s economy was devastated.

The Chinese “just ran rings around us,” said former Joint Chiefs Vice Chair Gen. John Hyten in one after-action report.
“They knew exactly what we were going to do before we did it.”

Dozens of versions of the above war-game scenario have been enacted over the last few years,

In every exercise the U.S. uses up all its long-range air-to-surface missiles in a few days, with a substantial portion of its planes destroyed on the ground.

“The most common thread in these exercises is that the United States needs to take steps now in the Indo-Pacific to ensure the conflict doesn’t happen in the future. We are hugely behind the curve. Ukraine is our wakeup call.”

the stress [Ukraine] has put on the U.S. defense industrial base should be sounding alarms for the U.S.

the Biden administration has been slow to respond to what is minimally required

“across the board there is more talk than action,” says Seth Jones, a former Obama-era defense official

But a swift response may not be possible, in large part because of how shrunken the U.S. manufacturing base has become since the Cold War. All of a sudden, Washington is reckoning with the fact that so many parts and pieces of munitions, planes, and ships it needs are being manufactured overseas, including in China. Among the deficiencies: components of solid rocket motors, shell casings, machine tools, fuses and precursor elements to propellants and explosives, many of which are made in China and India. Beyond that, skilled labor is sorely lacking, and the learning curve is steep.

“the more you dig under the hood the more problems you see”

“We’re in the middle of a pivot … all we’re talking about is our industrial base.”...

That's the industrial base which Clinton (and Bush the Dumber) gave away at the behest of the Wall Street MoneyMen--and because Clinton was on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party.

We've said it over and over again, here and on the Free Republic forums; once you give up the manufacturing, you've given up the game.  In this case, it's the War Game(s).

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