Sunday, March 14, 2021

Chicago Seven? "Hold My Beer!" Sez Nancy, Queen of the Dark

 How about the DC Three Hundred??

The obvious plan for the Dems--and, yes, I do think this is entirely politically motivated--is to turn this into the biggest trial circus in US history--they say so themselves:

"The investigation and prosecution of the Capitol Attack will likely be one of the largest in American history ...

A massive show trial that will somehow induce the country to forget about November 2020, vote for the Zhou Baiden regime's radical agenda, for Eric Swalwell on the Intel Committee, and all the other Leftist circus acts (Closed Schools, Masks as far as the eye can see, BLM, Antifa, Open Borders, the list goes on ... and on). Think of the Russia Hoax and the first Impeachment Hoax and the role they were put to--they're going for a Threepeat or a Fourpeat, or wherever we are in this process. "Deeply corrupt" says Mahncke, and I won't gainsay him.  This time what they're aiming for is to essentially put half--or more--of the entire population on trial--Domestic Terrorists all

Their evidence is falling apart or is Un-Obtainium; they are holding outright political prisoners without substantial charges (what's "conspiracy"?--arranging a trip to DC with two pals???) and other grievous offenses like having purchased guns.

This is Stalin-grade Show Trial crap, supported by the likes of Ron Kind and Stylish-Glasses Moore.  Kind is a testosterone-free blob with no principles at all; Moore is a far more dangerous race-baiting near-Communist.

Think Moore would put up with this crap if it were HER pals?

So where's the Wisconsin Republican delegation's vocal denouncement?

Or is it--as a wise wag puts it---the RepubliCAN'T delegation?

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