Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Reality: Noem Is Full of It

We all know what "it" means, too.

...Dupont noted Darling’s claim that Noem is “rounding up states to oppose biological males competing in college athletics without the fear of the NCAA making an example out of one state.”

“This would perhaps make sense if South Dakota was the first and only state pursuing such legislation. But in reality, two states have already enacted such laws (Idaho and Mississippi), one has passed a similar law awaiting a signature from its governor (Arkansas) and dozens of others have had legislation introduced,” Dupont noted. “Noem doesn’t need to start a new coalition — there’s one that has been building already for quite a while now. What that coalition needs most is for Noem to join with these other states in standing up to the NCAA’s threats.”...

That includes Wisconsin, where Tommy Thompson will be doing his damndest to kill the bill here.  Maybe Amazon will leave the State?  Will Facebook block all Wisconsin users?  


...Kristen Waggoner, general counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the law firm that has been at the forefront of the battle to protect fairness in women’s sports from transgender activism, also countered Noem’s claims.

Not only is Governor Noem late to the game, she’s pretending to be the coach,” Waggoner quipped. “ADF, along with a large coalition of athletes, legislators, governors, attorneys general from 14 states, and many others have been working in courts and legislatures to protect every female athlete—from kindergarten to college—from being forced to compete against males.”

“Gov. Noem has never taken any interest in this coalition, but we invite her to join this effort,” Waggoner added. “No need to reinvent the wheel. We have a website and everything.”...

Well, so long as female politicians are involved, what does Kleefisch and her thinly-disguised political advertising outlet, the 1848 Project, have to say about this?


Mar said...

I wonder why the US Women's soccer team doesn't have any trans women on their team?
Because maybe they would be out of jobs?
The women couldn't beat a decent community college men's team, much less a higher level team.
So, let the US Women's soccer team set the example.

Dad29 said...

Good idea!! Write them a letter....