Monday, March 22, 2021

Wack-Doodle Captured!

Finally!!  A genuine wack-doodle "Q-Anon" is found!!  Blue-Anon press rejoice!

The line about "armor-piercing" bullets is scary, ain'a??

That's why they use it.

Green-tip ("armor-piercing") AR ammo is designed to go through "soft" body-armor which is used by most police departments.  It will NOT penetrate "hard" body armor, even if the green-tip is .30-06.

But to most people, 'armor' means the 1" plating on a tank.  That's misleading, of course, and that's the intent.


Mar said...

Umm, while I am not a gun owner, I never thought armor piercing bullets were to be used against tanks. I always thought they were mostly meant for cops.
If anyone thinks they can take out a rank with a rifle us a fool.

Dad29 said...

You must be a youngster. In my day, they were called "bullet-proof vests," not "body armor."

Mar said...

Watch out. There was a mass shooting in Boulder CO, with at least 6 dead. Shits going hit the fan now.