Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Sean Hannity, MD (??)

 Once again, Sean Hannity is peddling his medical knowledge gained in his "daily, rigorous, 1.5 hour martial-arts training" (no more speculation about why his wife and he are apart....)

See, with that training, Hannity knows all about how the neck is 'the most vulnerable' place on the body and how Sean can kill you in < 12 seconds, yadayadayada.....

Therefore, says Medical Examiner Hannity, Chauvin killed Floyd.  No doubt about it.

OK, Sean.  Now why don't you create a cure for cancer and STFU until you do?


Mar said...

I listened to what Hannity said. It could be true in what he says.
But did the cops have the same kind of training as Hannity in martial arts? A lit of the case depends on the cop's training and also the autopsy.

susan said...

Chauvin was following APPROVED PD procedure. The coroner found NO TRAUMA to the neck; showing that Chauvin followed well the procedure to subdue a belligerent, problem arrest (which Flloyd was). Flloyd had enough fentanyl in his system to kill a moose, and the coroner put his level of intoxication at an "11", with a "3" being enough to qualify as a drug overdose death.

Jeeeeeze....these facts aren't hard to find....why are SO MANY people (including 'Mar') utterly oblivious to them?

So old fashioned I’m cool said...

My response is based on almost 56 years of study, practice, competition and teaching judo as well as jujitsu. I’ve trained law enforcement in defensive tactics in several different departments. Every police department I have worked with have approved the knee on the neck restraint technique. I have also authored more than a dozen vooks on the subject of judo, including some on choking and strangling techniques specifically. I don’t know how many people Sean Hannity has applied Shime Waza (chokes or strangling techniques) on, but I have used them extensively in my competitive career in judo as well as using them in numerous physical assaults (based on my line of work). A person loses consciousness when oxygen is deprived from the brain. That’s common knowledge. If the carotids are blocked or if the trachea is obstructed, a person will “pass out” and if pressure or blockage is applied long enough, death will take place. Judging by the video, Officer Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd’s upper neck and jaw area for a sustained period of time. There was no trauma or bruising to Floyd’s neck that the coroner could find. Floyd had more than enough drugs in his system to kill him. That’s also something that the coroner established. Chauvin’s mistake was keeping his knee on Floyd’s neck after Floyd stopped moving or showing any sign of response. These are all contributing factors in Floyd’s death. I seriously doubt Chauvin will get a fair trial but if it were up to a fair jury in a fair jurisdiction, Floyd’s death would be ruled as an overdose of narcotics with Officer Chauvin’s actions as a contributing factor based on the fact that he didn’t release the neck restraint with his knee when Floyd stopped responding (in other words, when Floyd stopped moving). That being said, Sean Hannity’s experience in martial arts does not qualify him as an expert in any way on this subject. I grew tired of Hannity’s arrogance a long time ago. Sean Hannity demonstrates what we in judo call “Kuchi Waza” or “Mouth Technique” meaning he talks a lot about how tough he is but that’s a out all.