Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How It Really Works, by ZMan

The guy has it nailed down.

...Accepting the results of the election is a vital part of any popular form of rule. In fact, it is the most important element....

...This desire to make a deal [after losing an election] is why Progressives have run wild in American politics, especially over the last few decades. Their opponents in every election are white civic nationalist types, who are always willing to accept the results of the election and work with the other side on a good deal. Progressives, in contrast, use this willingness to do a deal to ram their agenda through when they win. When they lose, they use the same intransigence to bottle up any effort of the winners to push through their agenda.

If you want to understand why Buckley conservatism is headed to the dustbin of history, this is the place to start. They were always so ready and eager to do a deal; they never could walk away from a bad deal. They would win an election and then cut a deal with the Left that was a complete sellout. The joke among dissidents in the Bush years was that the greatest thing that could happen to you is to find yourself across the table negotiating a deal with a Republican. It was like hitting the lottery.
Now, the reason the Left wins even when they lose is not because they are shrewd or even that the Right is dumb. It’s that they reject that central premise of popular government, where the losers accept the results of an election and the winners reach a fair bargain with the losers. For the Left, what is theirs they keep. What is yours they seek. This is the central cause of the ratchet effect in American politics. One side exploits the rules, while the other abides by the rules....

Until Trump, of course--and even he has made some bad deals with the Wack-a-Doodles.  But you'll notice that he has marginalized Pelosi, even as she again became Speaker.  He simply won't give her anything.  (That's why she walked out of today's meeting with him--and lied like Hell about it.)

Hope they enjoy having it rammed up their asses the way Conservatives did with Paul Ryan and Dope-Smoker Boehner. 

And may it last far longer!!

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