Thursday, October 17, 2019

Brazilian Bishops Take Ford Foundation Money

Instead of saying "Ford Foundation gives money to Brazilian Bishops' entities," let's put the truth this way:  "Brazilian Bishops Take Ford Foundation Money."

Better perspective, I think.  Now to the news!!

...A missionary council for indigenous peoples run by the Brazilian bishops’ conference has received almost $2 million from the pro-abortion Ford Foundation since 2006, a Brazilian journalist has revealed....

...[Ford Foundation] is also well known for its overt support for abortion rights and gender ideology. In 2016, for example, it supported a rally outside the Supreme Court opposing Texas legislation that required abortion facilities to meet specific medical standards, which would have resulted in the closing down of state abortion facilities if the Supreme Court hadn’t subsequently struck down the law. The foundation is also a vocal supporter of gender ideology and LGBT activism....
It's also well-known in Detroit that if one intends to advance within Ford Motor Company, one damn well better be a member of the Masons(And yes, I know that Ford Motor is not the same as Ford Foundation.  But I'll go with 'fruit of the poison tree.')


There is NO SUCH THING as a FREE LUNCH.  The only question here is "what did the Brazilian Bishops give to Ford in return for the money?"

By the way, it appears that a Brazilian Cardinal is waaaaayyyyy too friendly with Communist revolutionaries, and has been for 20 years or so.


And he's not the ONLY Brazilian Cardinal with extreme Lefty pals.


Pray for Bolsonaro, the NOT-Communist President of Brazil, and pray for the ordinary Catholics in that country, that someday their Cardinals will be actually Catholic.

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