Sunday, October 20, 2019

What's Romney Hiding?

It occurs that the A.G. investigations are getting too close to someone Romney loves.

...What set [Romney] off was my recitation of an argument I’ve heard some Republicans deploy lately to excuse Trump’s behavior. Electing a president, the argument goes, is like hiring a plumber—you don’t care about his character, you just want him to get the job done. Sitting in his Senate office, Romney is indignant. “Are you worried that your plumber overcharges you?” he asks. “Are you worried that the plumber’s going to scream at your kids? Are you worried that the plumber is going to squeal out of your driveway?”...
And on and on, into the night.

He's being far too Puritan--and now, frustrated, because nobody but nobody offered to toss cash at him for a run against Trump.

Poor baby.  After dis-employing thousands with his finance-schemes, he has to carpetbag to get back on the stage, and nobody really gives a damn.

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