Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The "Woke" Protest 500 Jobs in Milwaukee

Strauss Meats wants to build a new meatpacking facility on the old A O Smith grounds near 27th and Capitol in Milwaukee.

So there was a protest, of course.  Notice that the vast majority of the protesters are NOT "neighborhood residents."

The local alderman talks like he knows what's really going on here.

...The root of the issue is poverty, he said, and job creation is what's on the table.

He said he could understand the objections from someone who doesn't eat meat. But, he said, the protesters were exhibiting "selective indignation," caring about this issue but not in a rage over employment and quality of life for black people.

He said this effort is aimed at creating opportunity. The remedy for the scourge of violence in the city is a good-paying job, Rainey said. 

"It's crazy how all roads lead back to this one question: Do black lives matter? Do black lives matter or ... is more deference given to the life of livestock than it is to the black people here in this city of Milwaukee and the opportunity to pay for a living for their family?" he said....
We note that Baumann, a wack-a-doodle Lefty, referred the matter back to committee.  Let's hope the local alderman prevails and all 500 of those jobs go to REAL "neighborhood people."

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