Sunday, October 20, 2019

"Childhood Lead Exposure = Gun-Violence" Is Pure BS

So, yah, the headline is click-bait and thinking about the "study" for.......oh.......5 seconds......well, you'll get it.

Yup.  First the authors determined the conclusion.  Then they set out to justify it.

A study from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee revealed a link between childhood exposure to lead and later gun violence.

According to a news release from UWM, these results suggest even greater urgency to tackling childhood lead exposure and addressing the environmental injustice of vulnerable children experiencing a toxic exposure that they cannot control.

(Note the "environmental injustice" line tossed in there to incite the rabble.  Clever!!!)

Here's where anyone with an IQ above room-temp notices the huge red flag:

...The study, done at UWM’s Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health, used public health, education, and criminal justice datasets covering more than 89,000 people born in Milwaukee between June 1, 1986, and Dec. 31, 2003, with a valid blood lead test before they were 6 years old....
So ............was nobody born in Milwaukee's lead-pipe and lead-paint area BEFORE June, 1986?

Let's remember that lead paint was everywhere--Cudahy, Tosa, Whitefish Bay, Brookfield--until the decade of the '60's, and lead pipes were used for water in near-every home built during wars.  Yup.  Steel and iron were military priorities, ya'know.

Like the headline says:  Pure BS.

We'll re-visit our opinion when UW-M "academics" show similar results using birthdates between, say, 1900 and 1960. 

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