Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Servicemen Deserve Honor, But Not Worship

This will prolly be a bi-partisan post.

Today, Sean Duffy appeared on Clinton News Network and mentioned that Nancy's latest leaker was extremely concerned with getting arms to Ukraine, and that perhaps that priority overshadowed the priorities of the President.

Under the Constitution, the President sets foreign policy, not State, not CIA, not FBI, not the Pentagon.


Duffy was immediately attacked by a bunch of people on Twitter--which only has about 6% of the population as subscribers--screeching that the latest leaker was in combat and was awarded a Purple Heart.  Therefore, questioning his advice, competence, or priorities IS WRONG.  REEEE REEEE REEEE.

The attitude that ex-servicemen are god-like and inerrant is unhealthy, friends.

Let's grow up a bit.  See also this post at Ace HQ.

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