Wednesday, November 08, 2023

The "Morals" of Catholic Charities

 Let's re-visit Catholic Charities and the Illegals for a moment.

The argument from them is "love your neighbor as yourself."  But when someone breaks into your home or your country, what makes them "your neighbor"?  That's a question the Bishops never answered, for good reason.

Here's what Catholic Charities is actually saying to the illegals:

"Hi!  When you break in to the USA illegally, we'll provide food, clothing, shelter, cash, and transportation to anyplace you want to go.

"We know (with certainty) that 40% of you women and girls will be raped as you make your journey.  That's too bad, eh?  But we'll replace your underwear for you!

"We also know (with certainty) that the vast majority of you are being trafficked by cartels, whether sex- or slave-labor traffickedDoesn't matter to us because we are "charitable," see?  Like Pilate, we wash our hands of you once you get on that bus. 

"Here's the best part:  that cash we give you?  The hotel?  The clothes?  The food?  The bus tickets?  It's from the people whose country you broke into!!  And the cash welfare you'll get after you settle someplace?  Comes from the same damnfool suckers!!

"We call that "charity," and people actually believe that crap."


+++U S Bishops


Anonymous said...

Oh this is good.

I’m stealing it and turning it into my parish request for Catholic Charities…….

Hopefully this pew sitter (me)will make someone uncomfortable

Anonymous said...

They are asking for Money.....alot of Money....Would you give

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Anonymous said...

Takes me back to the good old days of that great Liberal, Franklin Roosevelt, who solved the refugee problem by send a regiment of US Marines to the offending country to establish order. Today, we impoverish our own taxpayers in order to support anyone who wants to come here regardless of moral character.