Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Abp Listecki Issues Flim-Flam Evasion

Recall that Abp. Listecki is a lawyer, and then recall the old lawyer joke about ".....lips are moving...."

...In a statement to WISN 12 News, Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee said, “Pope Francis is talking about a pastoral blessing that a priest may give to anyone who is seeking God’s help, not a blessing of a marriage itself. The Church’s teaching on marriage remains the same, that it is between one man and one woman.”...

So then, Excellency, why give that blessing to COUPLES?

You must think that pew-sitters are really, really, stupid, Excellency, and that our children will not see images, nor learn from what they observe.  Many of us have been through the Clinton Parse games and frankly, you don't play as well as they did.  But you tried!

Turn in your resignation to Cdl. Cupcake.  Then grow a spine and join Bp. Strickland on the Catholic side of things.  Please!

 ADDED:  Notorious Left-o-Wack "Catholic" Ed Morrissey tries to run the ClintonParse, too.  Obviously he doesn't think much of his readers' intelligence.


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