Sunday, December 10, 2023

Straws in the Wind

French farmers are spraying government buildings with liquid manure.

Earlier, Dutch farmers drove a tractor-protest, blocking major highways.

Canadian truckers jammed Ottawa near the Capitol complex.

Now this:

...The violent clash between local residents and the infamous Familia Michoacana drug cartel took place in a small agricultural community, according to ABC News. The confrontation resulted in the demise of Rigoberto de la Sancha Santill├ín, also known as “El Payaso” (“The Clown”), the leader of the Familia Michoacana, per the outlet. Among the deceased were 10 cartel members and four local residents, per the outlet. The cartel had long maintained a dominant presence in the region, per the outlet.

Video footage showed the villagers donned in cowboy hats and armed with rifles and sickles as they engaged in a fierce battle against the gang members, per ABC News. The conflict reportedly stemmed from the cartel’s demand for extortion payments from local farmers...

To understand the commonality, you must understand that the cartels are really 'the government' in Mexico.  And--of course--"extortion" is directly comparable to Government regulations and taxes.

Straws in the wind.

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