Friday, December 08, 2023

FBI Spying on Milwaukee Catholics PLUS: S. 702

 Congressman Tom Tiffany (R-WI), who sits on the Judiciary panel, reported that the FBI is spying on 'a Milwaukee [Old Rite] Catholic church.'

Tiffany was not able to specify which Old Rite church.......but the big one in town is St. Stanislaus, run by the ICK, with Masses attended by 1,000 or so faithful every week.  Two FEEBs and their families are registered "members" of St Stan's.

While there are a few much smaller Old Rite churches (none of which have an official Archdiocesan stamp of approval), a FEEB spying on a smaller congregation would be very noticeable.


Later in the podcast, Tiffany stated that Section 702 will be re-authorized with a few new restrictions on FEEB spying on Americans.

A few.

And the FEEBS will lie like Hell (they have a lot of practice) about 'dire necessity.'

Act accordingly.

Here's Sundance's post on the 702 extension.  It ain't pretty.


Sancte Alphonsus said...

What's a feeb?

Anonymous said...

A FEEB is a DWEEB That is amoral to the core and you can tell when their lying because their lips move. Hope this helps


Dad29 said...

Greg's right. But that's also slang for FBI agent