Saturday, December 09, 2023

Robin Vos' Pubbies Described Here

Wauck quotes an Alistair Crooke essay which happens to describe the Robin Vos Republican coalition here in Wisconsin and--of course--the Republican coalition of Robin's boss, Paul Ryan.

…: the West has been sinking beneath the waves of its’ Cultural Revolution – the deliberate cancelling of virtues and legacies of traditional civilization, to be replaced by a cultural hierarchy that upends and inverts the societal paradigm that is close to conquering all.

The unanswered question: Why has western society been so supine, so unreflectively supportive to the sheering away of its civilisational ethos? This must be the first revolution in which half of society knows and sees well there is a revolution, and the other half seem too distracted, or simply have not noticed. There is no simple answer to this conundrum....

Crooke is an optimist.

...A nascent counter-revolution however, is under way – in which a segment of the electorate is driving towards the re-installation of those civilisational and metaphysical principles which gave national sustenance over centuries. They are (rightly or wrongly) not prepared to recant those values, nor prepared to assume ‘guilt’ by submitting to the demands for reparation.

The point here is obvious: The scale, complexity (and viciousness) of the problem is growing. And with it, anger mounts

First, note that Crooke's description of the situation uses this phrase:  "a cultural hierarchy that upends and inverts the societal paradigm."  That is from Nietzsche, who phrased it thus:  'The transvaluation of all values.'

Vos, and Ryan on a larger scale, have not only allowed the Left to rip up the social fabric institutionalized by the Declaration and Constitution; they have defended the Left's actions, whether actively or passively.  The "mask and Vaxx" craziness was the most notable (although we can grant them some leeway for their ignorance at the very beginning of the false "plague.")  Beyond that, Vos will not move to eliminate mail-in voting, the single largest vehicle for election fraud.  In addition, Vos has failed to bring about over-ride votes on child mutilation and men in girls' showers.

We could go on, but it would be tiresome.

Vos and Ryan, like Cruz, McConnell, McCarthy, Haley, Pence, Romney, and dozens of others, are the cause of the counter-revolution Crooke mentions.  Their smug satisfaction with their position is not going to serve them well in the next few years.

Too bad, so sad.

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