Thursday, December 28, 2023

Home "Backup Battery" System? Think Twice

We already know that you should NEVER park your EV in the garage.  Those lithium batteries are a serious hazard.  (Dealers may not park battery-cars inside the dealership, nor inside the service department; their insurance will be cancelled if they violate that rule.)

So what about 'backup battery' systems for your home?


...When the batteries overheat, they produce explosive gasses, such as hydrogen. If the gasses are ignited, such as when water contacts electricity and causes a spark, the building can explode. As more homes install battery systems, the problem is growing....

Responding fire departments cannot easily tell if a fire is caused by a lithium-ion battery and not knowing can result in serious injuries--or death.

You might consider a standby generator hooked to your natural-gas line instead.

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