Monday, December 18, 2023

Meloni v. Bush the Dumber

Italian Prime Minister G. Meloni, she of 'famiglia, ecclesia, patria' fame, is leagues ahead of Yale graduate GWBush (the Dumber.)

....Giorgia Meloni raised a contentious issue about the compatibility between Islamic culture and European civilization.

Emphasizing her views, Meloni declared that these cultural systems are not compatible, specifically highlighting the challenges of integrating Sharia law within European societal norms.

“I think there is a problem of compatibility between Islamic culture or certain interpretations of Islamic culture and the rights and values of our civilization,” Meloni told the reporters....

If only the last 5 US Presidents had the same grasp of culture as does Meloni!

That includes Trump, who has very few, if any, clues about 'culture.'

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