Tuesday, December 26, 2023

In Our Dreams......

 Sundance proposes Trump's next Cabinet:

...The other cabinet members would all have big jobs, and none of them can come from the traditional system within DC.  They need to be wolverines baring teeth and ready to start the “retribution phase” on day one.

Secretary of State:  Ric Grenell

Defense Secretary:  Vivek Ramaswamy

Treasury Secretary:  Ron Paul

USTR: Robert Lighthizer or Peter Navarro

Commerce Secretary:  Peter Navarro or Robert Lighthizer

EPA Administrator: Sarah Palin

FCC Commissioner:  Mike Benz

CIA Director: Robert Kennedy Jr

FBI Director: Matt Gaetz

DOJ Attorney General:  Ken Paxton

Office of the Director of National Intelligence:  Rand Paul

NSA Director: Thomas Massie

Interior Secretary: Marjorie Taylor Greene
Something like that….
You'll have to read his essay to know who he wants as VEEP.  And you will be surprised!

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