Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Nuland/CIA Overthrowing Another Government

The Globaloney Bunch is attempting to overthrow another duly-elected Government in Europe.

Government institutions came under attack in Belgrade as globalist forces, orchestrated and funded from abroad, attempted to violently overthrow the legitimately elected government of Serbia. After an overwhelming victory over the globalist coalition in parliamentary elections on December 17, the so-called “Serbia Against Violence” alliance has itself resorted to violence in an attempt to seize power in the country.

President Aleksandar Vučić’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won a landslide victory, receiving over 46 of the vote, while the opposition leftist globalist “Serbia Against Violence” (SPN) alliance received only 23% of the vote. Having failed to attain power through the ballot box, the globalist opposition is now trying to seize power in a violent attack on government institutions....

How do we know it's the CIA?  Easy!

...the Center for Research, Transparency, and Accountability (CRTA), which calls itself an independent, non-partisan civil society organization, but is funded by Western Embassies & Foreign Ministries, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the USAID...

Ah, yes, USAID.  That's the CIA front group which finances insurrections whenever foreigners have the unmitigated gall to elect people who reflect the country's majority, who don't want to be serfs on the American plantation.

How stupid is the Nuland/CIA bunch?

So damn stupid that they use the same techniques, tactics, and financing sources every time.  

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Grim said...

If you're interested in Serbia, a player to watch is the media conglomeration there called the United Group. They seem to be carrying the propaganda ball against the regime and for the opposition (including "Serbians Against Violence"). I have been under the impression that they were doing so for reasons of profit, however: if they can get their friends in power, they'll be able to knock out the state-run telecom and obtain for themselves a national frequency (i.e., the right to broadcast on one of the main television channels to everyone's house).

Either way, though, the usual NGOs do line up to support their claims about media freedom, which then make their way into EU parliamentary rulings and reports as well as US State Department ones.