Saturday, December 16, 2023

"Cleanest Election in History"? Bee Ess.

Georgia, where the (R) Governor (a dirtball) is accusing the (R) Sec/State (another dirtball) of false certification of 17K votes in only ONE county....

Georgia Governor @BrianKempGA’s Legal Team has formally notified Georgia SOS Brad Raffensperger@BradForGASOS of Recording and Publishing Factually False Results concerning the 2020 Presidential Election, to include 17,852 INVALID “VOTES” recorded from @FultonInfo County, ALONE! 

17,852 INVALID “VOTES” were more than 4,000 “votes” MORE than necessary for @realDonaldTrump
to have won the State of Georgia in 2020....

Georgia is only the first.  Many more to come, including Wisconsin.  Pennsylvania, however, is so historically dirty (like Illinois) that it will take another 20 years to unravel the fraud.

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