Monday, December 25, 2023

The New World Order vs. Russia

The NeoCon/New World Order/Open Society/WEF hatred for Russia is serious; they openly and tacitly are at war with that country, and have been for quite some time, roughly co-incidental with Putin's ascendancy.

Now, then.  Is that "just co-incidence," or is there another object of hatred common to all the poohbahs in those organizations which is resurgent in Russia?

...Russia…. Yes, RUSSIA, is the safest place for openly visible social/societal Christianity to exist [in Western Europe, as Russia did not/does not admit hordes of Muslims.]

In the former Soviet Union, cathedrals and massive places of Christian orthodox worship were essentially turned into warehouses and devalued.  Thankfully, these beautiful buildings and architectural masterpieces were not destroyed, they were just neglected.   However, in the past 20+ years something amazing has happened, and the people in almost every Russian region talk about what is happening with incredible optimism and fondness.

All of the old monuments and cathedrals are now considered as national cultural prizes.  The restoration and preservation are simply stunning, I mean drop your jaw on the ground stunning and overwhelming.   The beauty and Christian grandeur are bigger, brighter and feels more alive, cherished and respected than any place in Western Europe.

Yes, this perspective, this modern valuation, this incredible, remarkable and social celebration of Christianity that exists in Russia, far surpasses almost EVERY historic Christian monument and building in the EU in comparison to Russia.  It’s not just the building, it’s the way the social fabric of the people thinks about the values reflected within the represented imagery....

Such as?  More pix at the link.


Anonymous said...

In comparison look what they did to this beautiful old Church in Cincinnati,_Ohio)

Anonymous said...

Turned it into a Brewery

Anonymous said...

Christus Natus Est!

The NeoCon etc crowd mentioned above are largely elitist secular Jews with an axe to grind against Russia for pogroms that their great-grandparents suffered there in the 1800s. Some of the pogroms were in retaliation for a small group of Jews assassinating their Czar; there are likely other reasons for the other pogroms.

The point is that the folks involved in that conflict are long departed into eternity, and the descendants of one group punishing the descendants of the other for ancestral crimes is gravely wrong, the wrong being seriously added to by the use of American and Western European resources and lives of Ukrainian men.

Domina Nostra de Guadalupe, adiuva nos!

Justin Nelson said...

It’s nice to see some positive comments about russia. We moved our family here last month to escape the evils of the United States. It may not be a perfect place, but they are doing the basics of what the government should, outlawing things contrary to nature and promoting the natural law so grace can grow upon it.
Her conversion seems well under way. What has happened here in the last 20 years is north int short of miraculous. Praying for all those Church’s to be Catholic soon!