Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Gaffigan, the "Catholic"? Really?

Gaffigan, who claims to be "Catholic" can't understand why there are Trump voters.

Help me here. I'm being sincere. This is STILL your guy? Forget the news source. Forget that this part of a pattern. Forget the lies & the bluster. Forget the impeachment stuff. I'm curious why you are still behind someone who consistently behaves like this? Help me.
Somebody named Christian Toto responded here.  Good letter.

But not what she should have said to a Catholic.

See, Catholics (not CINO's) know that Trump is the most Pro-Life President since Roe v Wade.

Economy, nice.  Borders, nice.  America First trade policy, nice.

Pro-life:  EXCELLENT. 

Note:  Gaffigan and his wife are seriously charitable, coming to Milwaukee around the holidays to prepare and serve meals to the homeless and poor.  Kudos.  Of course, those poor and homeless were not killed before birth.

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William said...

Good letter. I always wonder if these Trump is Immoral hand-wringers would have demanded King David or King Soloman step down, or how anyone could support them. No, Trump is neither of those men but the point is legitimate. I didn't vote for him in '16 but will this year.