Wednesday, December 18, 2019

FISC CYA. Deep State Stench

Nunes is not wrong here.

...Devin Nunes (R-CA) is ringing alarm bells about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court [FISC], saying that it is culpable, along with the FBI, for the improper wiretapping of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, and needs to be dismantled.

...Tuesday night, Nunes argued that it is somewhat disingenuous for Collyer to claim today that she has concerns about fraud upon the court when the House Intelligence Committee notified the court of the substantial errors almost two years ago.
“I’m glad to see the FISC court come out and make a statement but your viewers need to know that the FISC court is also culpable in this madness, and I say that because we sent them two letters—very specific letters,”...
Either FISC was colluding with the sedition, or it has the dumbest of the dumb Fed bench members.  Or both.  Judge Collyer sent a Big NastyGram to the FEEBS demanding that the FEEBS construct a protocol to prevent lying.  Noteworthy:  she sent it to the lying Wray, who succeeded the lying Comey, who supervised the lying HotPants, HornDog, McCabe, .......(etc. ad infinitum

Does this Intellectualoid Hack-in-Black really expect us to be impressed with her finger-wagging "orders"?  


Dump it.  Start over if necessary.  Too bad Jim Sensenbrenner voted for this travesty, eh?

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