Saturday, December 28, 2019

CIA Thinks It's Better Than You. Surprised?

A few months ago, I mentioned that I had run across a former Company guy.  Actually, I knew where he could be found and made it a point to see him.  Our encounter was brief; I told him what I thought of the CIA's sedition and treachery vis-a-vis Trump, and he gave me a baleful stare, not saying a word.

This fits right in to that pattern.

Intelligence community veterans say the Durham probe could force Haspel [current CIA director, appointed by Trump] to choose between protecting her agency from Trump’s wrath and bowing to Barr’s wishes; they point to FBI chief Chris Wray, who has found himself at odds with the president in recent weeks over a watchdog report about the bureau’s conduct in the Russia probe.

And they say the Barr-Durham probe represents overreach by an attorney general who seems to have already made up his mind and is bent on imposing his own skeptical view of the Russia investigation on the intelligence community…

“It is unprecedented and inappropriate to do this via Justice department prosecutors who will tend to apply the standards of a courtroom to the more nuanced, and often more challenging world of intelligence analysis,” said John McLaughlin, who served as both deputy director and acting director of the CIA from 2000-2004…

“I find this troubling and I suspect many inside the intelligence community do as well,” [CIA veteran John] Sipher said, specifically pointing to the CIA’s Brennan records review. The inquiry “was initiated and sold in a partisan manner and this news only highlights that concern,” he said...-
--Politico, quoted at Hot Air
So.  What Jackwad One and his butt-boy Jackwad 2 said above is this:  You don't and can't understand how dirty we have to be, especially when taking down a candidate/President who will not protect us from know...........justice.  You are stupid.  We are smart, and ABOVE 'justice.'  Now STFU and sit down.

Remember those old movies about The Mob, and how a debt-collector for them would chop off a finger as a reminder of Who's Who?

Bet you're thinking about that now, eh?

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