Thursday, December 19, 2019

WaPo: Nancy's a Liar on Guns

Well, yah, she lies all the time; that "devout Catholic" one is extraordinary, no?  (Wouldn't it be nice if some Actually Catholic Prelate gave her 4 Pinocchios on that lie?)


 This Lying Nancy Lie was called out by the Washington Post.

...Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly and knowingly lied about the rates of child gun death to push an agenda. Consider this tweet from the California Democrat: “100 people die every day from gun violence — 47 of them children & teenagers.”...
...this isn’t true. It’s not even close. In reality, “seven children or teenagers are killed a day — not 47.” The Washington Post even reached out to the speaker's office, which claimed she “misspoke.” But then, Pelosi kept repeating the fake statistic. In response, the newspaper's fact-checker awarded her "Four Pinocchios," the highest rating saved for lies that are truly "whoppers."...
"If you don't like this Big Lie, I have others!"--Nancy Pelosi

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