Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Pp. Francis to "Normalize" Homosex Teachings?

Another straw in the wind....

Pope Francis announced the next revolutionary "resolution" for 2020: to "normalize" the relationship of the Catholic Church to homosexuality. On this point, too, he appears to be a compliant, driven man of the Church in Germany. 

Pope Francis gave to understand that the "normalization" of homosexuality is in his program for 2020 on December 16th, the day of his 83rd birthday. The President of the German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich-Freising, immediately followed and announced the revolution as an early "Christmas present" in 2019:
"Homosexuality is normal". 

The sequence confirms what insiders have long said: The pontificate of Pope Francis is not an Argentine pontificate, but a German one - albeit a completely different "German" than that of his predecessor Benedict XVI....

Note well:  Francis does not define the terms (nor will he, ever), so as to make the German demi-apostate Cardinals happy but at the same time, Francis doesn't step over the cliff.  Very clever Jesuit, he is!

The author of the article goes on to highlight Francis' apparent obeisance to (some) German Bishops and Cardinals.  There's a way to explain that:


The German Church, propped up by the German 'church tax,' is a major contributor to the Vatican.  The only other nation in that league is the USA.  And since many US Catholics are NOT happy with Francis' smoke-blowing and happy-dancing on matters of marriage, sexuality, and capital punishment (for starters) Francis has to tippy-toe a very fine line, indeed.

So you've noticed that Francis makes it a point to whack away at Americans, the Capitalist Pigs/Racists/Brain-Dead-Hidebound 'rigorists'.   He's hoping that the common pewsitters will like him and his Fonzie "Aaaaaaaaay!!" toward morals.  The idea is to limit the loss of US support to only a handful of mega-donors, thus preserving most of the cashflow.

Good luck with that, Francis.  Watch the next election and you'll see just how conservative the US really is.  Read 'em and weep.

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Kathleen1031 said...

Every Catholic should be withholding from financial contributions to the diocese and especially special collections. There is no reason for Catholics not to understand at this point what they are contributing to, the destruction of their own Catholic faith.
Give them NOTHING.