Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Lindsey Graham: Confused

Lindsey Graham has always been.......ahhh........odd.  His current crusade?  Demolish privacy.

Apple is once again under fire from U.S. lawmakers, this time for designing the iPhone with such strong encryption to protect the data on the iPhone that it hampers the efforts of law enforcement....

...As reported by ArsTechnica, committee chairman Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) pulled no punches on insisting that Apple must incorporate a way for law enforcement to access any and all information stored on any iPhone that becomes part of an investigation, suggesting that Apple’s security makes the iPhone a “safe haven for criminals where they can plan their misdeeds”...
Graham doesn't mention that criminals exist on both sides of that privacy-divide, perhaps forgetting such luminaries as Comey, Brennan, Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Hotpants & Horndog, the Clap-per, and several dozen others yet to be indicted and imprisoned.

Curious that he forgot all about them, no?  I mean, what's he going to be doing nest month? 

Apple has long taken the stance that any weakening of encryption technology or backdoor created for law enforcement would weaken security for all users, and would in fact be the equivalent of software cancer. In short, the company maintains that it would be opening a Pandora’s Box that could never be closed, since no matter how many promises are made by lawmakers, such tools are all but guaranteed to eventually fall into the wrong hands, and even before they do, the security weaknesses that enable these tools can be exploited by other hackers.
Since criminal activity exists on both sides of the divide, the tie-breaker is the 4th Amendment.

Or you could trust the Government.  

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